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The Maternal is Political: Read It, Hear It

Imagedb_3We've discussed before how becoming a mother transforms us.  And as I recently overheard, it does so instantly, completely, and forever. Agreed, mamas, agreed.  And we've read Guestivista Kristin's article on the important role of women  - most of whom are mamas - in politics.  Now we have another opportunity to read the impressive words of a local mama on this topic:  Shari McDonald Strong's upcoming book, The Maternal is Political.  You might know Shari's writing from Literary Mama and Mother Talk.  We're  planning to review it and interview her over on Activistas in the coming weeks. 

But if you're like me with far too little time to read, head over to Powell's on Hawthorne Thursday 5.29 @ 7:30 for a reading. Shari and four of her contributors will be there to read excerpts from the book.   I can't wait to dig in - even if it takes me 40 weeks to get through the 40 essays!


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Come on out! It'll be a great event! Hope to see you there . . .

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