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Our second week on the Walk & Bike Challenge

Last week, on the second week in the Walk & Bike Challenge, we learned to go multi-modal.  We were a one-parent family and felt the logistic challenge of getting two children to two different schools on the bus, foot, or bike.  We have a location near the school where we can store the bike safely.  Therefore, our week last week went like this:

  • Monday: we drove
  • Tuesday: we took the bus to the bike, biked to the schools.  After school we biked back the the bus, stored the bike, and took the bus home.
  • Wednesday: we took the bus to the bike, biked to the schools.  After school we biked to the bus, stored the bik, and took the bus to piano lessons, then took the bus home.
  • Thursday: we drove
  • Friday: we biked

This is the part of the year when we start to bike/bus more than we drive, which feels pretty gratifying.  Most of the wet and cold parts of the year, we only aim for one car-free day a week, and we are feeling really successful if we are able to have two, three, or even four (!) car-free days.

How are you doing with the Walk & Bike Challenge?  Have you gone multimodal with the family, piecing together walk, bus, and bike in one trip?  Are you noticing more families than week one participating at your school?


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Since we are riding the bus more, I was reminded of my love for and the value of riding transit with the kids. I love that they are learning to be responsible and respectful about space in public, learning to walk on the side of the sidewalk, learning to make way on the bus/street for those that need it, learning to be polite to folks on the street. I also love how generally easy it is.

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