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Mama seeks Personal Trainer

How do you get your body back after baby?  Sunny wants to find a personal trainer:

I've finally decided I need a personal trainer in order to get back into shape.  After 3 children and absolutely no time to myself, I need someone to "kick my butt."  I figure if I'm paying for it, I can't make an excuse to not work out.  I think a female trainer who has children and understands the difficulties of getting our bodies back would understand my situation best.  And considering I've been recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism, someone who understands how much this affects the body would be a bonus.  Any recommendations?


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I used a trainer at Extreme Training all of the way through my pregnancy and afterwards (actually, I'm still with my Extreme Training trainer - I'm addicted!).

located in NW Portland on 10th & Davis.

They are fantastic. Not at all like the usual trainers that try to sell you various supplements or diet products. Instead, they encourage you to eat properly and if you need a supplement (I need more protein) will suggest it but since they don't sell them, you can be sure that they are making that recommendation to benefit you, not their pocketbook.

They rely on back-to-basic workouts, changing your workout to keep things fresh and in tune with your goals and providing enthusiasm and energy when you don't have any.

I've had a few trainers before and none of them compared to my experience at E.T. I'm actually a size smaller than I was prior to my pregnancy and I have more muscle tone and am more defined. I've never felt stronger, more powerful or happier with my body and I really do owe that to my trainer. I worked out before but my drive and knowledge weren't able to get me to the place my trainer has. (Can you tell I'm a huge fan?)

After baby #2, I felt the same way... My body somehow rebounded well after #1, but not AT ALL after #2.

First of all, if you're nursing, sometimes you just can't force it. I had no ability to lose weight or keep up while nursing. Be sure to give yourself a break -- 9 months to make your body that way, give yourself at least that long to get it back.

Anywho - For the past 18 months, I've been with Will at 24Hour in Hollywood. LOVE HIM! He got me to set a fitness goal. It took me a few weeks to figure one out (all the while we were working on basic core stuff)... Triathlons. I'm now a mom of a 2yo & 4yo & training for FOUR triathlons this summer. I have enjoyed the 'butt whoopin' process the entire time.

During this process, I have entered a few running races, and now my 4yo runs them, too! How great is that? Anyway, you'll really enjoy the side benefits. Congrats on the decision.

Jessica Gale!
She used to be at 24Hour in Clackamas, now she's at a new gym called Premier Sport and Fitness, next to the New Seasons in Happy Valley.
She is an educated and experienced personal trainer, with a fantastic personality to boot. My husband and I have both used her, and we really like her. She will tailor a plan to meet your goals...diet modification plus exercise (and she can show you easy workouts to do while you're at home).
If you want someone who knows their stuff, and will give you that push you need, then she's your woman!
I highly recommend her.

I was wondering if you could give an idea of the prices for Extreme Training- I checked their site and didn't see any $ info. Thanks!

I'm not sure exactly what the rates are right now (I'm on an old contract) but I think $65 - $75. The first session is free and they have packages.
Hope that helps!

I'm a huge fan of Susanne, the owner of Miss Fit (www.missfit.biz). I've had many trainers in my life and she's by far the best. Incredibly knowledgeable, and she also makes workouts fun and varied, not to mention tailormade for you, of course! She really keeps you inspired and on track month in and month out. She has her own studio but makes a lot of use of the great outdoors, too. You can also do yoga (private or group) and other classes at her studio. She has a massage therapist on staff, too!

How do you mothers afford all of this?

A personal trainer is out my range, but that's because I'm a broke ass. But really, if you have the cash, and some mamas do, it's cheaper than a talk therapist or getting your hair colored and styled. Just a bit more than a massage.

This is one sitch where if you have the money and it'll make you feel better, just do it.

ProtestMama makes a really good point.

I think about some of the "splurges" I've justified in the past and I wonder why I didn't get a trainer sooner. Not only does working out make me feel (and look) better but it makes me healthier and in the long run, that makes for a better life and lower healthcare costs. Especially since I'm prone to osteoporosis and weight-bearing exercise does help lessen your risk.

Since I started working out with a trainer, my diet has become better and I'm skipping some of the unnecessary things I might have consumed before. When you cut out ice cream and coffee drinks, it's a twofold benefit -- saving money and being healthier. Those were 2 of my top sins.

Another thing to consider if the cost is more than you feel comfortable with, buy a small package (some gyms sell as few as 5 sessions). Use them to get in the habit and learn the proper way to work out and then keep up the habit without a trainer.

Or talk to the trainer about splitting your sessions with a friend at the same fitness level. Not only will you save money but you'll have the extra incentive of a buddy to get you to the gym on the days you don't meet with a trainer.

My husband is a private personal trainer. He has multiple certifications and he will come to your home or meet you in a park come summer, a plus for us moms with no free time. He also will work with you on rates and is very affordable. He understands the process of getting fit in conjunction with nutrition and will get you into great shape and teach you to eat the right amount of calories (not diet). Let me know if you want his information.

Tricia, would you mind posting your husband's info??? even if just a contact email. I am due with my second child in July and will be looking for someone shortly after to help me out with weight loss/toning.

thank you for all of your thoughtful responses. my youngest, of 3, is 2 1/2 years and i was just diagnosed with hypothyroidism, which changes everything and keeps me 10-15 pounds heavier than usual. i've always been very active and healthy, but now need to even more so. it's frustrating and i've decided i will figure out a way to pay for a personal trainer. surprisingly i received a gift cert for misfit, but will also be checking out the other suggestions. thank you again!

Melissa- My Husband's name is Dave and he can be reached at microclubdj@hotmail.com Just let him know that I gave you his email. Best of luck on the birth of your child in July.

I enthusiastically recommend Baby Boot Camp! All of the trainers are certified and they're mamas so they know what you've gone through and are going through. Many of them do personal training outside of class so you have the option of getting to know their style before hiring them. But class itself is a treat because you get to bring your kiddo, you have fun, you get to socialize, and you lose weight and gain strength! Much cheaper than personal training too!

Gina Marchi at Strada (on Fremont and about 47th) is wonderful. Very knowledgeable, very encouraging, and completely dedicated to tailoring her workouts to deal with your body's issues--weight, old injuries, imbalances, athletic goals, you name it. She really knows her stuff and isn't just running you through a cookie-cutter workout. I've been working out with her for a couple of months and it's really helped me.

How do I afford it? Good question! It's a pricey item, and every month I decide whether or not I can swing it for another few weeks. But I need to lose some remaining baby weight for health reasons. I needed to deal with some old injuries. I finally realized that I kept putting this off and not making it a priority, but meanwhile time was passing. Like it's going to be easier to lose the weight when I'm in my 40s? For me, I finally woke up and realized that I wasn't taking my health seriously. There are cheaper ways to get fit and lose weight, but they hadn't worked for me so it was time to pay a professional to help me. I took on some extra freelance work to help a bit with the financial pinch.

The previous post on Baby Boot Camp made me think to post this here...I just started attending a great boot camp (no babies) that meets every weekday morning in Irving Park (NE 7th and Fremont) 6-7am. $10 a class gets you a good mix of cardio, work with tension bands, medicine balls, and lots of core stuff. Killer workout!

I think there's info at bootcamppdx.com.

I have been participating in Stroller Strides for two years and LOVE it! The instructors are fabulous and motivating. I just had my second and love the sense of community among the moms as well. Just got back into my pre-pregnancy jeans!!


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