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Let the Neighborhood Garage Sales Begin!

GaragesalepublicdomainthumbEvery Spring I look forward to the Annual Laurelhurst Garage Sale (this year it's Sat 6.14), and every Fall I pine for the Irvington one.  At least half of our toys, gear, and kid clothing are from one or the other of these mammoth neighborhood sales.  And to think I've never once made it to the mama of all the collective garage sales, the Catlin Gable Rummage Sale at the EXPO (!!) center (mark yer calendars for 10.30 to 11.2 this year!).  I did try once, but with a sleeping infant in the backseat and a parking fee, I hightailed it back home without even stopping the car.  In retrospect not the best move!  Just think of the deals I missed. 

Do you love these neighborhood-wide sales, too?  Find your self planning your calendar around them (who me)?  I know I am narrowing my options by obsessing about just these two.  There must be others!  Do tell - I promise not to snatch up all the good stuff at 8 AM!


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Last year, my husband and I went to the Happy Valley Garage Sale (http://www.happyvalleysale.org/)

It was fun, but kind of pricey because it's a nice neighborhood, and definitely a hike - hills galore!

The twins groups called Full House Moms is having their annual sale on Saturday, May 31st at the Washington County Fairgrounds. It is from 10-2:30, and it costs 2.00 to get in.
There will be 50+ families selling TONS of kid stuff. You don't need to have twins to find the deals at this sale! Here is the flyer for the sale--


the eastmoreland sale is pretty big and pretty good too. it is in late june, 3rd weekend i believe.

I've participated a couple of times in the eastmoreland sale and it is HUGE. My recommendation? Don't drive if you can help it! Bike, take the bus, or walk if you can... it'll automatically limit how much you can walk away with, too.

I LOVE neighborhood garage sales, but it's tough to convince my husband and/or kids to ever stop and shop. I'll plan an early saturday morning excursion a few times each summer all by myself, for sure. I have gone to the Catlin Gabel sale a few times and it's really overrated. Parking is expensive and, unless you go the first day when things are more expensive, the selection is pretty picked over. I don't know, maybe others have had better luck!

Try the Lacamas Shores Garage Sale in Camas. It is the first Sat of June every year,(6/7/2008) and I swear the whole population of Clark County shows up and there are some GREAT buys. Very upscale neighborhood, so lots of good quality items.

If you have kids, park and walk the neighborhood and bring a stroller or wagon for the kids to ride in.

I love that kind of thing. My husband hates it, so he can stay home with the girl.

Laurelhurst garage sale is this Saturday, June 20th from 9 a.m.- 4 p.m

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