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Got Dirt?

Seems like lots of urbanMama and Papas out there are well on their way to getting their gardens set, as Sarah recently emailed for some suggestions:

We have a new raised bed for a vegetable garden, and I’m wondering where is a good place to get top-quality soil. We’d like to fill it with organic dirt (chemical free) if we can afford it. I know some home/garden stores sell organic dirt by the bag, but we really need a trailer full. Any tips on good dirt? It would be great to find a place that delivers.


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My mother's day present was 3 yards of organic, composted manure!! If you are in SE, Mt Scott soil yard delivers for a small fee. They are on Foster and ... 69th?

Mt Scott Fuel (and soil) is the best place for organic soil. Wood Waste Management up on 47th and Columbia is fine too, but not organic. Both do deliveries for ~$50.

I had 3 yds delivered from Mt Scott. You can go online and check out their mixes & prices both delivery & pick up. they have a 3 part mix or a 4 part mix. Since the 4 part mix has manure I didnt need to buy any additional compost. Besides doing my garden planter box (16'x4'x12") I have plenty of dirt for all my pots and other planter boxes. They were very courteous and delivered exactly as I asked them to. I would use them again!

Portland Nursery has a list of other folks that deliver as well.

I also recommend Mt. Scott Fuel. Once a year about five families on our street order all of the soil that we need together and have it delivered in the middle of all of our houses. The bill is split up, it is cheaper because you split the delivery cost. Also it makes for a great neighborhood BBQ party after all of the hard sweaty work

Another vote for Mt. Scott Fuel (503-774-3241). I called for two yards of soil and it was delivered the next day!

I highly recommend Eric Kosher. His prices are fantastic and he delivers. It's all organic, from horse manure, sand, etc, and having used the soil in my raised beds, I can tell you that it's really great stuff. Whenever I sink my trowel into it, the soil is so bursting with worms that it's almost kinda repulsive.

At least call and inquire, because I think he's a lot cheaper than the big soil and rock places. Whenever I've called, he's delivered right away, too.


I like Mt. Scott Fuel as well, but I'm curious if anyone knows of a place closer to North Portland? Also, what are your favorite nurseries / garden supply stores in this area as well? I miss be a stones throw to Portland Nursery, Seven Dees, and Mt. Scott Fuel.

Hau, I have a few suggestions for North Portland places. For nurseries I like Pistils at 3811 N Mississippi, small but very cool and Marbotts Greenhouse and Nursery at 1808 NE Columbia blvd which is pretty big. Marbotts is just a block or so away from Oregon Decorative Rock which is great for sand etc. I also like going to the nopo Lowes for great deals on some plants. We have picked up both bark stuff and gravel from this place and Im just assuming they do soil, its called American Compost and Recycling and they are located at 9707 N Columbia Blvd, phone number is 503 286 0886. They also deliver. I have also heard about a nursey on Sauvie Island that carry exotic plants but I dont know their name. I would also love to hear more local suggestions.

FYI: American Compost is closed as of last November. Just called this morning to see about a soil delivery and found that out.

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