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Can you recommend some training pants?

Like approaching many of our babes' milestones, approaching potty training can be a daunting task.  Betsy is preparing for her biggest little gal, and seeks recommendations:

I’m wondering what other mamas are using for training pants.  We currently cloth diaper so I don’t want a training pant that feels like a cloth diaper.  I’d rather have a panty type pant (thinner material, not as bulky) that will fit a very tiny booty (she just barely weighs 20 pounds!).  I have found Nikki pants but am wondering if there is anything else out there.

(uM note: and, what, pray tell, are Nikki pants?  Has it been that long since we've potty trained?)


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My Mom found some simple cotton ones from Gerber - she had to order them online - and I'm really happy with them. They're soft, feel like real underwear, and contain pee pretty well. I mean, her pants still get soaked, but there's no puddle. I don't get nervous if we're sitting on someone else's couch, for example.

The Gerber ones were a cheaper alternative to the Hanna Anderson (sp?) training pants that also looked good to me.

Maybe you have heard about infant potty traing/EC but if not then its basically potty training from birth or a very young age. There is an online store that specializes in all things EC which includes training pants for the very young that Im sure would fit your daughter. Try them at www.theecstore.com. They have some very cute ones. I also seem to remember Milagros stocking some small training pants.

ditto on the EC site, the URL is theecstore.com

of their offerings, i've especially liked the bright bots -- they're very low profile and offer wetness protection between baby and, ahem, the floor, but it's not complete so you can still tell when they're wet, and the terry-cloth interior certainly lets them know, as well. they also have an absolutely adorable array of tiny undies. the gerbers are nice and basic, but may be a wee bit big for your lady.

have fun!

Waiting for Tony's input here, as I'm sure Milagros has something to offer and they are local!!


Try diaperpin.com for reviews of different cloth diapers and cloth training pants. We got the gerber pants and some imse vimse and both are working great for us. We do get a puddle on the floor if my son is running around wearing just the gerbers, and we don't with the imse vimse. But the gerbers are much cheaper and thinner and more panty-like.

I'm just starting in on this with my second. Remembering back to my first, I didn't use anything special. Just the undies he picked out (Thomas, of course, but he loved them. We've since phased them out) and alot of watching. Frankly, the more naked time you can get, the easier it is on everyone. The thick Gerber ones look like they would be good, but my boys have always been way too skinny for them. I tried them the first time around and they were way too big. Plus, they're boring and he wasn't interested. The problem I'm having with the second, and you might run into if she's little, is that with undies on, his pants are too big. I've only got a few pairs he can wear without a diaper and snapping t-shirt. See what happens if you just use regular undies. Once they're ready for it, it typically doesn't take that long to get.

We used the training unders from Hanna Andersson. You can buy them at their store in the Pearl and they're organic! They last many, many washes.

I bought the Gerber training pants at Fred Meyer. They seem to be working pretty well. Still get some puddles but the "undies" contain quite a bit of the pee and some times my daughter catches herself in time before they leak...

Um, thanks for the segue Melissa :)

For the record, we don't view UM - or any similar forum - as appropriate for advertising in comments (we buy ads on the sidebar for that). Yes we have a shop that sells these items but please feel free to shop around. We offer recommendations and comments based on our own experience, not what we have in stock.

We are a cloth diapering/part-time EC family, so other than overnights (we used Bumkins for those - USA made and completely free of PVC, phthalate, & vinyl) we liked training pants that were more like pants than diapers.

A couple of options we have used - and yes we do have them at Milagros - are training pants by Zoom Baby Gear and Blue Penguin.

Both of these trainers are absorbent but not too thick. They are made of only of natural fibers - cotton and/or hemp- and, most importantly the have a trim fit so they seen like pants not diapers.

The difference between the two is 1) the Zoom Baby Gear are absorbent for accidents but they DON'T have a waterproof layer; and 2) Blue Penguin have a water resistant treatment on the cotton that helps prevent leaks.

BTW - To preserve the water resistance on the Blue Penguins, you need to machine wash on gentle cycle or hand wash using a mild detergent. Most importantly, NO HOT DRYER - either tumble dry on low or line dry. So be aware of the washing routine before you commit.

I hope that info is useful.

We love, love the Nikki pants. They are wonderfully absorbant, comfortable, and sturdy. Some of the other training pants are more glamorous, but they don't hold out as well. The Nikkis have weathered all sorts of accidents and clean up without any problem. They are thick enough that the pants themselves are often unharmed, and we have never had any problems without accidents spilling onto the couch or car seat.

We used Imse Vimse training pants. They were wonderfully soft - with multiple plies of organic cotton and a water proof layer in between. They are kind of pricey, but worth getting several pairs. After our potty party, we went cold turkey and didn't use any more diapers. These provided peace of mind when going out and during naps. They feel and look like toddler underwear (well, a little thicker), but are water proof. We bought ours at Mother Natures http://www.mothernaturesbabystore.com/ on SE Clinton and 26th Ave. They're pretty popular and not always in stock. Might want to call to see if they have them in. The owner had put my name down on a waiting list and called when they arrived.

We went right to undies, but began giving her the option to sit on the potty once she was walking. Sometimes she did and sometimes not. It took awhile b4 she actually did anything though. Once she began staying dry during her afternoon nap is when I made the change to undies during the day. This occurred after one weekend of nude time around the house (we had shorter nude times b4 that) and this was shortly after her second b-day. She pretty much led the way. I just followed her queues and offered a potty break every two hours or so. I'd say she had minimal daytime accidents.

We used Gerber cotton/cloth training pants they have them at Target in Beaverton and Tigard and they make cotton and "organic" cotton one's. They are just like undies but have a little extra padding down the middle for girls and boys. No plastic liners. Yes they can make a mess in them, but putting them on the potty about every 2 hours or so seems to reduce this. A plus to these is that you can use them as underwear after so they can be used for a longtime. My son even wore them to bed and did well...luckily no messes after 2 nights.
I think with the cotton one's they feel the wetness and don't like it so they tend to use the potty rather than the "pull up" which 1. are like diapers (so they may think they are if they are used to this. and 2. absorb way too much....too many cons to list.Good luck!

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