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A Farm birthday party

As each year passes, we always try to make the kids' birthdays special and memorable, sometimes by hosting special and memorable birthday parties.  Debby's daughter is turning three (!) and is all about all things farm. Can you help brainstorm ideas to make the celebration a barnyard of fun?

I am looking for a great place to have a birthday party for my daughter's 3rd birthday. She is enamored by animals and all things farm. I would really like to have a place that accomodates little ones seeing (and maybe touching?) animals, and maybe a play structure, and a place to eat cake and run around, without having to pay enough to lose our own farm, so to speak! I thought of maybe a place on Sauvie Island, or somewhere else rural but not so far from the city that no one will want to drive there. Any ideas?


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I really cannot tell you the name of the farm, but we went to a wonderful birthday party last year on Sauvie Island. It was a berry picking party, and they had hay rides for the kids. Everyone had a blast!! I think this same farm has other fruit/vegetable picking parties. Good Luck!

Krugers! http://www.krugersfarmmarket.com/birthdayparties.html

I'm sure there are others out there too. :-)

I second Kruger's !

We just went to a great birthday party at Kruger's a few weekends ago with my son's pre-school. Farmer Don took us on a hayride and we got stuck in the mud...an adventure to remember for sure! All the kids had a blast. The parents cooked hotdogs and served salads and of course cake and had a few fun games including a scavenger hunt around the farm. I'm not sure what their pricing is like, but it seemed like an easy party to throw, especially since you can bring your own food and easy to clean up since it's outside. There have been times we've visited Kruger's and there were animals to visit and times the animals havent been around, so if animals are key I'd check first to see what their availability is...

we love Fir Point Farms in Canby. Their staff is wonderful, and there are lot's of animals to feed.

Not a farm with fuzzy animals, but a cool party place that someone at work just told me about - http://www.rainbowtroutfarm.com/

I think next year we'll definitely be looking into that!

Thanks you all! I booked a party for my daughter with Krugers, they were very nice. They book 3 hour parties that include hay ride and berry picking (15 containers) and an area for picnic lunch and cake, etc, for a total of $150. A little steep for me, but I am most likely going to get family to help me pay it! :) I have to recommend the Plumper Pumpkin Patch in NW Portland near Cornelius Pass and Skyline...they have a great farm with animals and a pumpkin hurler thingy that I cannot remember the name of, as well as lots of farm fun, but they only do parties in spring and fall. If I had a spring baby, I would not hesitate to go there, and it's a must-go for Halloween-best kettle corn I've had! Thanks again you guys!

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