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Your preferred "O"?

Cheerio0727_2We're pretty sure that most of our households have consumed some variety of the "O", Cheerios, Trader Joe's Oh's, Kashi's Heart to Heart, and there are so many others.  While traditionally a breakfast item, these cereal items are toted in our bags and the kids bags as snacks, meals, and everything in between.

What O's do you stock in your household?  What do you look for in an O?  Price?  Does nutritional content vary widely from product to product?


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While I am a fan of Trader Joe's O's, there just isn't one near us (N. PDX). I prefer to feed my daughter the Kashi ones, but she prefers plain ol' multi-grain Cheerios. I end up giving her what she'll eat.

I look for organic, no wheat (since I'm feeding them to my 7-month-old), and a good price. I found all three the other day at Grocery Outlet - Nature's Place Organic Toasted Oats! It was $1.99 a box, and the sign said that the retail price was $2.99 a box, which is still a great deal! Now if only I can find the people that sell it for $2.99 once Grocery Outlet runs out... Anybody know where it is?

I like Purely O's by Cascadian Farm--they're organic and only have 4 ingredients and NO sugar of ANY kind. I love that 3 of the ingredients are grains, too!--try them!...and try pronouncing the ingredient list of "cheerios"--yuck!

I've always been a Cheerios girl but I'm going to have to check out Purely O's based on C's comment.

I LOVE Purely O's. No joke, I eat them almost every day. My kids think they're pretty good too. My favorite way to eat them is with a handful of granola sprinkled in and sliced banana. Yum!

They're not cheap, but they have good ingredients. I sought them out when my first child was born and I didn't want to feed her GMO corn.

It's all about the Purely O's in our house too. I fell for the short ingredient list, and they are a staple. But the smell of regular old cheerios still takes me right back down nostalgia road......

We're a Joe's Os household.
They are more irregularly shaped than Cheerios. Big deal. Very affordable. I prefer to spend my Organic food budget on the items that really make a difference buying organic (meat, veggies, certain fruits, milk, etc).

We do Trader Joe's, too. Purely O's are great, but too expensive for our grocery budget.

BTW, I remember hearing about a "top 10" of foods you really *should* buy organic. Does anyone have a link to that?

DH is so anti-O's (apparently it has something to do with finding them in the couch, radiators, car seats, diaper bags...), and my older son (5 1/2 y/o), and I don't really have an opinion one way or the other.

My 3 y/o, however, LOVES the multi-berry cheerios. It's all he ever wants for breakfast. To be honest, though, he mostly loves the dehydrated berries. I had found some dehydrated strawberries at New Seasons, but they were ridiculously priced--I forget exactly, but something like $6/oz.

My third son is due any day now, so I expect in several months we'll be more in the O's loop...again. (Sorry, honey.)

We are all about Purely O's. I am always on a search for sugar free cereals which are hard to find.

Cascadian Farm O's here. :)

Those dehydrated strawberries ARE ridiculously expensive. There's a whole line called "Just ____" I thought I would pick some up the other day because DD picks the strawberries out of the banana-strawberry Gerber fruit bags (those tiny squares) but when I saw the price, I figured we'd just wait for strawberry season.

I keep meaning to ask my dad if he still has his dehydrator; maybe he can make some for me.

Ditto on the Cascadian Farm Purely O's. They're organic, and they just taste right. (We are also fans of Cascadian Farm's Raisin Bran and Multi-Grain Squares.)

Are the Purely O's wheat free? I'll have to check... We recently took our 8 month old off wheat...he was really missing his cheerios until we discovered that Trader Joe's Ohs are wheat free. But they are saltier than Cheerios so I'd be open to another alternative if they are wheat free.

Pro Purely O's here, too! (I liked that they contained no sugar). Although I'm def. going to check out the Trader Joes O's!

I don't think Purely O's are wheat free, FYI.

Our 1 yr old daughter has really enjoyed both rice and kamut puffs. Both contain just those ingredients - no salt or sugar. And they're wheat-free. I find they're a great alternative to any of the O cereals. They dissolve really nicely so we were comfortable giving them to her starting at 8-9 months old. We buy them at New Seasons.

We do a lot of CF Purely O's (despite the steep price...). However, for a while--when we could get there--Whole Foods has a comparable O that was a quick dissolver in the saliva of a new O-eater. We liked those a lot because our daughter likes to stuff in as many as she can and then just bolt. I worried less with the fast dissolvers. So, if you care about that...the Whole Foods brand did the trick. Now that she has teeth, the harder, crunchier O's are fine. I think I'll try those rice and kamut puffs, though, for a change.

This is kind of off topic, but I am wondering if anyone else has heard this. I feel weird feeding her any of this kind of cereal because my dental hygenist, back when the babe was toothless, was lecturing me about taking care of her teeth. We covered her opinions on night nursing, and then she said even worse is when children snack all day on carbs like cereal. She said that these stick to their teeth and rot them. My dentist is really laid back but this hygenist is very young, aggressive, well educated and kind of scary. Now, every time I see my husband tucking cheerios in the diaper bag, I freak.

Hah, I love how the O's topic got so many responses. The Annie's Bunny Love is nearly as low-sugar as the Purely O's, and in addition to o's it also has x's and some other vague shape that I think is arrows. Oh, I finally get it, they must be Cupid's arrows. Hugs, kisses and arrows.

I love Cheerios....and you can't get much lower in sugar than them.

We like Joe's O's the best but the box is so big we can't use it all before it goes stale. Putting half in a ziploc bag in the freezer works okay.

Like after reading the post on bread, I feel like I have so much to try now. I can't say that I can recall Purely O's.

We like Kashi's Heart to Heart as our special treat, as I think it runs more expensive. Often times, we have our eye more on price than on sugar, so we go for the lower price, higher sugar (10g per serving) malt-o-meal no-box option from Freddie's. And, when it goes on sale, we like Multi-Grain Cheerios. Part of me feels like cereal is like a vitamin for the kids, with all those additives and enrichments, so why not go for the one that has 100% of FDA recommended amounts for a ton of vitamins?

Our mainstay, however (for all cereals, not just O's), is Mother's Best. They make a plain O and a honey-nut O. My daughters are committed to Mother's Best because it's made in a plant completely powered by clean energy. The boxes have pictures of their wind turbines. They are lower sugar (4g per serving) and run under $3 at New Seasons for a "family size" box. LOVE THEM -- http://www.momsbestnaturals.com/index.html

purley o's just added sugar, no warning on new label on the box other than the ingredients list, to our surprise our son noticed it when he was eating it thought he was eating honey nut o's. no what looking for a new cereal

We just got home with two boxes of purely o's and opened both thinking it was a mistake...I can't believe it! Will new seasons take them back?

I'm so bummed about this. I called the customer service line (1-800-624-4123) and they said that after doing some market research taste tests they added sugar. They should have at least indicated some change on the box so that consumers could know before buying. Even something like "now tastes even better!" (which they don't--my toddler spit them out and refused to eat them.)

Maybe if a lot of people called the service line they might listen. I encourage everyone who cares about this to do so! Maybe if they hear from enough people they'll change it back to no sugar. You might even get some coupons out of it that could reimburse you in part for the money you just wasted.

I'm another parent bummed about the change in the Purely O's ingredients. My daughter is allergic to corn, and this was our safe, corn-free, sugar-free cereal. My husband just came home with 2 boxes, happy that they were on sale. Now I know why. I have no use for over glorified Cheerios. Maybe if enough of us make a fuss, they'll go back to the old formula? Or carry a Purely O's classic version. This sucks :(.

I also thought I was so lucky to find boxes of this on sale! Ha. Guess they were clearing out before introducing their new sugar-o's. I registered my complaint with the company. It felt good to let them know how disappointed we were. There's also a facebook group dedicated to getting the word out to fans (if they haven't already noticed!) and encouraging them to contact the company. http://tinyurl.com/y9hvo4b

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