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What's it like: NW Portland near Chapman?

Oh, the search for the right neighborhood can be exciting but tough!  An urbanMama emails:

We've recently moved to Portland and we've been in the midst of house hunting. We had our hearts set on the Sellwood/Westmoreland/Eastmoreland area, based on the things we'd heard from other parents about the area and our own impressions of the place. But we just found a wonderful house in the NW right near Chapman school off of 23rd that is perfect for us. Though it's obviously pretty darn different than Sellwood, we do like the amazing offerings all within walking distance or easy streetcar access in that area, and we've heard good things about that school cluster. But I'm a little concerned that we'll be the very rare family with small kids in that neighborhood.  Does anyone else live around there or have thoughts about moving there as a growing family?


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We live on NW 18th. Our son is 15 months. We love it. However, we are always looking to move up closer to Chapman. There are a lot of families in the neighborhood. Check out Wallace Park on a sunny day. I hope that helps.

That's our hood and we love it. In fact, we are currently saving up to add on to our little house so we can stay in the area. We have 2 kids, 2 1/2 and 5 months and in our immediate area there are tons of kids. In fact, a group of neighbors recently hosted a new baby party for all the kids born this fall and there were 7 or 8 families involved.
Child-friendly amenities include our library, which is small, but has a great staff and very active kids program; friendly house for play group / music together classes; Laurelwood brew pub for the ultimate in kid friendly dining; wallace park; Sydney's; just a quick ride to the zoo / children's museum; forest park for hiking; ride the trolley from 23rd to Jameson park / sip and kranz; etc. etc.
Really, the only downside to this neighborhood, from my perspective, is the cost of housing. We bought here a few years ago, but can't at this point buy anything bigger because the prices are so high (hence, the remodel plans). But, if you are fortunate to be in a position where cost is not prohibitive to you, I'd say go for it.

Two of the parents of children at our school have small children in that area. Sounds like it's a nice place to live.

We live near Chapman and we love it. There are tons of kids in the neighborhood and we run into people we know all the time when we are out and about or at the park.

The best part is that I can go for days without getting in the car.

we left the area after a battle with city. they planned to build a massive parking garage in the surface lot behind out house. nw is a great area, but it's worth checking out the city's (and nob hill bus assoc) plans for the garages. at the time they were planning for eight exceedingly tall structures with little to no reagrd for the neighbors. the nw neighborhood association will have the scoop as does the Examiner

We have lived here for almsot 4 years and love it. The access to everything, ease of getting downtown, and not having to drive are key reasons why we have stayed. In addition, being big runners we LOVE being close to the trails at Forest Park and by Washington Park. Wallace Park is wonderful and my 4 year old daughter calls it "her park" since we are there sometimes 2-3 times/day. There are a lot of kids and we wish we could stay here permanently. Unfortunately, with the cost of housing, we are priced out of the neighborhood we love so much and in due time will have to move.

I have not lived in the area, but I really love what I see of the neighborhood right near Chapman. We are there often in the summer, as our daughter has been going to summer camps at Friendly House (which, btw, is a great community center). I love the walkability of the neighborhood, and I also love the stretch of NW Thurman between 26th and 23rd with a nice selection of amenities. The Food Front is a great market. The library is nearby too. Plus, the commercial stretch on NW 23rd is just a bit of a longer walk away. We can't afford the housing in the neighborhood. But, if we could, we'd love to live there!

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