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TV Turnoff Week Starts Today: Got Plans?

Aen_108 Wow, that snuck up on me.  Today is Day 1 of what could be a l-o-n-g week for kids and families alike.  This year, TV turnoff week runs from April 21st through the 27th, Sunday to Sunday.  We've discussed the TV or no TV issue before, but this is just a week, so (thankfully) doesn't require so much philosophizing! 

Do you plan to turn off your TV this week?  Gonna be hard?  Or are you looking forward to it as a chance to get outside more in the balmy (?!) Spring weather?   Have you warned the kids,  planned fabulously captivating replacement activities, or are you just gonna wing it?  We're a video family, and since the DVD player broke a few weeks back, we've got no choice!  If you need back-up support, there are a bazillion places to turn.  To name a few: the Center for Screentime Awareness (they cooked this 'holiday' up - so love 'em or hate 'em), LimiTV, and, for the hardcore, AdBusters.  And there's always the uM calendar, packed with exciting things to do in Pdx.

This one doesn't happen to be a hard one for our family, but what really worries me is when somebody asks me to avoid the computer at home for a week.  I know my kids would sign our family right up.  We're plugged in but they're not?  Oh, mama, how unfair.


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It's Passover this week. We have enough going on in our house with that, so I have no plans to intentionally cutting back (cut off?) the TV at all.

My family is attempting to turn off our television with the exception of Thursday night. My husband and I love "The Office." Last night, we read. Today, I have gotten more chores done. Hopefully, the weather will improve so we can be outside.

We really watch so little TV... I let myself watch one show per season and lately it's been LOST, which resumes this week, drat the timing. Curse you scheduling gods. Unfair!

i'm trying to keep the kids away from the tv most of the time anyway, so we're working on nothing for them this week. but something in me feels a teensy bit offended by the idea of an organization having to make a frickin' holiday to get us to turn off the tv. as if we can't possibly have the willpower to do it without a national guilt trip.

but maybe i'm just being sensitive... anyway. my much-reduced tv habits continue unabated. we'll probably watch an adult hour or so each day this week. shhh.

I'm not above bribery. I told my kids that if they went a full week without TV, they could invite over any friend they want next week. I've been lame about organizing play dates and it's something I've been meaning to work on, anyway, so it's kind of a win-win situation. Now, how to keep them from bickering and generally driving one another crazy (and keeping me from getting any work done) . . . ? I'm hoping to use this to wean them back/off TV in general, even after the week is over.

My husband has been working with a group of other parents at one of our schools to plan a whole week of events to celebrate non-TV-centric stuff. Today was play time at Wallace Park. Wednesday is a big book swap at school Friday night is a square dance at the school. Sunday culminates with a bike ride from OMSI down to Oaks Park, which is donating half-off rides for all the kids that ride down.

When our first daughter was born, we were a TV-reliant family. We just couldn't get ready in the morning without plopping her in front of Seasame Street for 30 minutes every morning. In the evenings, a "baby einstein" video was part of the nighttime ritual.

With our second daughter, we waited a long time to phase in any screen time. And, even now, we have somehow gotten ourselves down to screen time only on non-school nights (Friday or Saturday nights). Depending on the weekend, screen time can range from none to maybe 3 movies.

For us, I think it will be harder. We often end the evening with some screen time, maybe with the news or "The Office" on Thursdays or some "American Idol". It'll be interesting to see how our time to unwind will be affected by Turn Off TV Week, if we also plan to practice it as adults.

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