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Think Out Loud: Clinton and the Generational Gender Divide

Join in on the conversation NOW on-line or via phone.  Lisa (Activistas) and Honorable Betty Roberts are special guests on Think Out Loud on OPB radio. The discussion is focused on "talking more about how your own experiences (at the workplace, at home, on the ballfield, in the supermarket aisle) have shaped your political and social views. We might circle back to talk about the election, obviously, but you shouldn't feel that the show is limited to a Clinton-centric discussion." Lisa, you're sounding great!


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I find it interesting how many times I have heard. "I'm voting for Clinton because I am a feminist." I think if you're a true feminist, then you shouldn't take the sex of a candidate into consideration, only his/her qualifications.

I'm a feminist and I'm not voting for Clinton because I think she's the wrong woman for the job, for a variety of reasons. I think a poor female leader does more damage to the feminist cause than a good one and I'd rather wait for a good one to arrive.

IMO, Diane Linn and the "mean girls" did a huge disservice to women in politics with their nastiness to each other. They certainly didn't "play well together" and as a result, were poor leaders. There are many that have used their leadership as a way to rally against women in politics.

If you think Clinton will be a good leader, that's a reason to vote for her but if you have reservations and think voting for her *just* because she's female, I'd think about the potential damage she could do to women in politics for years to come. The same goes for Obama. If you think he'll be a good leader, vote for him but if you're leaning towards him *just* because he's black, think about the damage he might do to the future of black leadership in this country. I happen to think he's the better candidate but IMO, the "rule" applies to both of them.

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