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There's a SPRING in my step!

The blue skies and the sunshine has gotten to me!  Exclamation points abound!  Giddiness all around.  Yesterday, I picked up kids early from school so that we could have ice cream sundaes for dinner!  This morning, we had fresh baked cookies for breakfast!  I feel like playing at the park and swinging with the kids all evening long.

I know it's all a tease.  The rain will come back tomorrow.  C'mon.  This is Portland.

Still, we live in the NOW and we have blue skies outside right NOW!  Has the spring weather affected you & your family's moods?  Having a little tougher time focusing on must-do items?  Taking a few extra moments to stop and enjoy the daffodils?


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ah, it has been kind'a hard to feel the spring spirit...too much rain, plenty of clouds. we are just holding it together, dreaming of sun... yes we pretend that the sun is here already and attempt to plant this lonely garden. it is sunny right here, right now..

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