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Sunday Parkways: Ciclovia Portland-Style

Rebsbike_2The city of Bogota ciclovia is inspiring. Every Sunday over 70 miles of city streets are opened up to promote and encourage biking, walking, skating and physical activity.  On June 22, 2008, Portland is hosting on it's own mini-ciclovia with 6 mile circuit in North Portland closed to traffic.  We'd love to try to organize some type of urbanMamas event in conjunction with Sunday Parkways.  Should it be a urbanFamily ride and parade?  Should we help to organize a demonstration of family-bike set ups?  What should we do?  What would help you to ride more as a family? We'd love to hear your ideas. And if you want to help us coordinate, that would be lovely as well!

[Photo Jonathan Maus, published under Creative Commons license]


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ooh, I'm all for that! I like the idea of doing a parade of different family bicycle contraptions, from bakfiets to the famous tagalong + trailer contraptions to family members all on vanilla bicycles...

if I were to have a pie-in-the-sky "what should we do," it would be to take donations to sponsor lower-income mamas and papas to purchase bike gear and to organize trailer & tagalong & bicycle work donations.

One idea for the sponsorship proceeds on Activistas is to donate some of it. Not that there's any $ yet, but worth thinking about.

I definitely agree that family bikey gear can be really onerous. I would love to do some kind of bike swap / consignment / barter in conjunction with a big urbanFamily bike parade on June 22nd for Sunday Parkways.

I'll be there. If anyone needs to borrow some bikey equipment for the parade, I can probably share a double trailer and *maybe* the Xtracycle (which could carry up to three kids!). shoot me an email at olivia dot rebanal at gmail dot com. I'll definitely ride in any urbanFamily bikey parade, especially if that hot papa in the Wheaties jersey is riding.

Planning for the Sunday Parkways on June 22 is in full-effect. From their most recent annoucement:
Sunday Parkways, Coming to North Portland on Sunday, June 22nd...
Imagine four great parks connected by a 6 mile traffic free route.
Find out how you can join the fun!
*** *** ***
Thursday, April 17th, 12:00 - 1:00 pm
Portland Building Room C
1120 SW 5th Avenue, 2d floor
(bring your lunch!)

I am from Bogota and miss the ciclovia so much!! the ciclovia is not only in bogota but also in many other cities around the country. I remember going for a walk, going to just see people and enjoy the city without cars...let's do it here.

Great idea, Sarah! Maybe we could get 'The Recyclery' or other bike shops to sponsor...

I'm already plotting a "costume" for my trailer.

Definitely help to organize a demonstration of family-bike set ups and if you can help low-income families to afford them, more power to it. We happen to be there right now and hope that it doesn't last long but I know for us... we can't currently afford to figure out a contraption that would allow just one parent to take both kids to school on bike at the moment but would love to!

I would love to see a demonstration of family-bike set-ups. We want to set up a bike to ride around with our baby in the next few months but could really use some advice from experienced families about what really works best. I know a lot of other parents with babies who are currently in the same spot.

Sorry about the lack of planning for a coordinated urbanMamas activity for the Sunday Parkways. It's hard to believe but our paid work has really taken up much of our time these days. Anyway, a good number of us will be meeting up at 10 am at Queens Mab Baby and Maternity store @ 1920 N Killingsworth St (by Campbell Ave), 503-804-3788, ella@queensmab.com

"Decorate your bike/trike/wagon for free in the backyard of my baby and maternity store. Will provide balloons and streamers and kraft paper and markers for signs. Free lemonade. 10 am - 1 pm"

Come join us for the fun!

hey um- when is the bike decorating on Sat? I definitely want to bike on Sunday and would love to join in with the UM effort.

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