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Parenting DVD Recommendations

I've had 2 great parenting books on my nightstand for over 4 months. It's very embarrassing  really.  I started both and enjoy both, but it seems there is always something else to read -newspaper, books for my book club, emails and blogs. I try to relay the information I gather during my short reading sessions to my partner because I know he isn't going to read the whole book. Sometimes I just can't relay the information as well as the author. 

A fellow urbanmama has a similar situation. She writes:

Can tell me your favorite parenting DVD and why? I am reading a ton of parenting books and am just trying to find something that my husband and I could watch together, rather than me reading a book and trying to "summarize it" for him!  We can't afford to go to a classes right now (both time and money reasons), so I would like to at least do this much to make life a little more harmonious with our 4 year old!

My recommendation Alfie Kohn's Unconditional Parenting  (which also happens to be one of the books on my nightstand).  My partner and I saw Mr. Kohn speak last time he was in town.  Luckily, it was really affordable and my partner could come. I would highly recommend the book, DVD or seminar.  I wasn't necessarily "wowed" by his concepts, they were more like a light bulb going off. "Of course! Why haven't we been doing this all along?"  Do you have a favorite parenting DVD?


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I like the Happiest Toddler on the Block (1-4 year olds) and the Happiest Baby on the Block DVDs by Harvey Karp, MD. The library carries both DVDs. I think Blockbuster online and Netflix carry them too.

I can really relate to the initial posting. My hubby won't read the books, but he'll watch a DVD (I'm sure he'd be even more likely to watch it if I'd cave and let him get the huge flat-screen TV he's been talking about). I'm always trying to "summarize" something I read and my husband has questions I can't answer or I just feel like I'm not explaining it clearly.

the alfie kohn dvd is seriously amazing. the man is a genius. :)

I do not agree with many of Alfie Kohn's ideas and approaches, and can't understand his parent "following" of sorts.

We love Alfie's theories but it seems that he is mostly theory - we (especially my partner) are always looking for more practical ideas. Revisiting Unconditional Parenting (Alfie Kohn) often does help me to squelch my mother's voice echoing in my head when frustrated with my kids. I have comitted to not parenting the way I was parented (shame and guilt) but like many others, we struggle with not acting like our parents! I've been re-reading Playful Parenting, How to Talk So Kids Will Listen ..., Attachment Parenting and Hold Onto Your Kids. Of course they are all stacked up on my nightstand calling my name. I've heard that Hold Onto Your Kids is also on DVD but haven't seen it. I do a lot of reading and summarizing for my partner. We also try to attend classes whenever possible. I look forward to getting some DVD ideas here b/c that is hands down the best way for my partner to absorb. Great question - thanks for asking!

I don't know if he has dvd's yet, but any book by John Gottman is wonderful! I use his techniques in my couple's counseling, but he has adapted his concepts for parenting. The books of his I can think of are "and baby makes three" as well as "raising emotionally intelligent children". What's great is that they are a really easy read, and have great examples and practical advice, not just a theory of what to do.

A wonderful book for parents of young children is easy to read in small sections, no DVD yet, but it is worth checking out. "Heaven on Earth A Handbook for Parents of Young Children" by Sharifa Oppenheimer...depending on what you're looking for...she gives suggestions for creating indoor & outdoor playspaces that support developmental needs, and how to create a "family culture" unique to your own family and down playing outside influences. It is heartfelt and practical. You can read a longer book review in the Zenana Spa May on-line newsletter.

Thanks for the suggestions!

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