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News to us: Measles in Portland

"Multnomah County Health department investiages measles case":

From Public Affairs and Human Services:
Measles has been confirmed in a traveler who flew from Amsterdam to Seattle to Portland on March 26, and then back to Amsterdam from Portland on March 29. State and local public health officials are investigating the activities of this traveler, and identifying people who might be at risk of becoming ill.

Apparently, Governor Kulongoski is among those exposed to measles on a Horizon flight.  For more information, see the DHS page on measles.


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Does anyone know if breast milk prevents measles in a child who has not been vaccinated? The DHS site says that a child "should receive two doses of MMR vaccine for maximum protection. The first dose should be given at 12 to 15 months of age." Are babies younger than 12 months at a significant risk?

My understanding is that if a child (or adult) has not been vaccinated against measles you need to prevent them from coming into contact with those whe have measles or have been exposed because they would have the same risk of contracting the disease as anyone else who has come into contact with the virus. It is possible that at that young of an age the disease could be more risky for them to have in that they may have more complications related to the disease than an older child or adult. They are not generally at significant risk in the US because the majority of people have been vaccinated and therefore their possible exposure is limited by the mere fact very few people contract the measles.

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