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Happy Tax Day!

The day is almost over!  Have you sent in your taxes?  Did you do it weeks and weeks ago and already spend your refund?  Are you deferring and extending the pain until August because you owe the government money (YIKES!)?  Did you file electronically?  Or, will you be joining me at the main post office at 11:59pm tonight?  They're postmarking until midnight just for the occassion!


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I e-filed my return at 11:09 pm! But the confirmation said I filed on 4/16, maybe because the website where I filed originates in a different time zone? Hopefully I'm not in big trouble....

UGH! After 18 hours, they are in the mail.
I'm self employed. Last year , I sent the IRS a letter to dissolve a partnership. I sent it to the right address, but ATTN'd it to the wrong department, So I had to file as a partner again this year. The computer just couldn't understand how I could be a partner and have 100% of the profit and loss. It was truly grueling. Did I mention that it took 18 hours!

So, I addressed my envelop to the INFERNAL
Revenue Service. I felt much better after that.

My husband went down to the main post office last night around 8ish. There was a long line for the one machine that was dispensing stamps. He said people were getting frustrated and antsy, but someone had the bright idea of buying a whole book of stamps and selling off each stamp for a dollar, just to expedite the process. Apparently, that worked like a charm.

Next year, we won't wait as long. We say that every year.

I love doing my taxes. Maybe because I get a refund, maybe because I really am that much of a dork. Probably both. (I considered filing taxes for my 5 y/o son this year, even though his investments didn't make enough money to require it, just for practice.) Of course, I also used to work for an accountant--I think I'm just a glutton for paperwork.

I am the one who calls HR if I don't get my W-2 by Jan. 31. I usually start my taxes in mid-Jan., electronically, and finish them whenever the rest of my paperwork trickles in.

I've filed electronically for as long as I've been able to, and usually have everything submitted by the end of Feb. I got my refund early-March this year, and needless to say, it's gone already. Some of it went to paying off my credit cards, some of it went to buying maternity clothes, and some just went. Although, to be fair, a big chunk of it went into stocks and savings, and I'm just pretending it doesn't exist.

For the first time ever, we took the automatic extension. April is the worst time work-wise for us both, and our kids both have early April birthdays, so April 15 approached with no chance of finding time to do the taxes. For some strange reason I insist on doing our taxes myself (like KMat, I kind of like doing them, actually...but I still put them off obviously)...so now I get the "reward" of doing them in May once our semester is over. Yippee?

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