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Finding the Perfect Fit for the Slim Middle-Schooler

Remember all that talk about finding pants for slim tots? What about for the slim middle-schooler?  Sheryl writes:

I know this question has been asked in some form in the past, but it primarily related to younger kids. 

I have a very lean and tall almost middle-schooler (barely little kids size 6 through the hips and waist, and approaching a size 12 inseam).  I am having an awful time buying long pants for her.  Size 10 slims have a lot of extra bulk and fabric in the rear end (although adjustable waist pants save the day through the waist), but are reaching the point of being way too short--thank goodness capri weather is coming soon!
However, I know the poor kid is going to want to wear long pants come next fall/winter.  Has anyone had any luck with a particular brand or store that really cuts their pants narrow through the hips/waist; have adjustable waists; and come in slim sizes?
I've had the best luck with Osh Kosh size 12Slim, but those are still not great.
We've got no luck any longer with Old Navy, Gap, Children's Place or Levi's jeans/pants.  The house brands are Target are no good either. Thumbs down to LimitedToo.  Tried the Juniors stuff at Aeropostale, American Eagle, Abercrombie, Hollister--even the Aeropostale sweats in XXS with a drawstring were HUGE on her. Gap petites are still too big.   I'm at a loss!


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You might give landsend.com a try. They offer a slim fit for Big Girls (starting size 7) and a slim fit for little girls (the inseam might be too short for your daughter, but they have all the measurements there). Their pants also have an adjustable waist. You can return or exchange their items at Sears, which makes it a little easier to buy from a catalogue. Good luck!

Yes, Lands' End is the place. My 8yo is a skinny minnie and I've been getting him the slim size from LE for awhile now. Fits just right.

I'm not facing this with my daughter yet but I just wanted to say, I feel for you & your daughter. I was one of those kids and remember having constant "high waters" and going to store after store after store with my mom in hopes of finding even 1 pair of pants that were long enough and didn't fall down.

After trying everything, including going out of town, my mom decided the only option was tailoring.

Lands' End slim might not be slim enough for your daughter. We have had to return a couple pairs of pant, because they were just not slim enough for my girl. She's 7 y.o. and could probably fit a size 5 in the waist, size 7 for length. Adjustable waist pants are great for a little cinch but get uncomfortable if pulled in too much (pinches or lumps of fabric).

Levi's slim pants have worked for my daughter. Also, pants with a drawstring waist are good. Hope that helps and good luck!

My sister has the same problem finding pants for my niece. She loves Tractor Jeans. They are on the expensive side but the "Skinny" line runs slim and long. I think they are more common on the East Coast but they have an online store, http://www.tractorjeans.com/home.html, and claim to sell through Nordstom and Macy's. I haven't had to look for them since my girl is slim but not tall (and we get hand-me-downs).

Good luck and let us know if you find the perfect solution for your problem!

Thanks for the suggestions (and please keep them coming).

A friend tipped me off to a new store in Clackamas Town Center--Buckle (www.buckle.com) that carries (adult) jeans down to a 22" waist and that offers free tailoring.

However, she left out the part that they carry Lucky jeans and the like. She just said that their selection runs a bit higher than I am used to paying. $90 and up isn't in the budget for a pair of pants for a growing kid. :(

If I shop carefully, that's two weeks worth of groceries for my family of 2. Wow.

I'm going to check out the Tractor jeans and the sizing charts at Land's End.

BTW--did you know that bottoms with "true", working drawstrings (not just decorative) are not easy to find for girls?! And when I have found them, to get the length I need for my daughter there ends up being enough fabric through the waist and butt to clothe three of her.

I haven't had this problem yet myself, but a "krafty" friend of mine (you know, the one you secretly call Martha Stewart?) has the cutest "parent hack" for this!

She takes rick-rack and ribbon and adds to the bottom of the jeans that fit around the waist but are high watered. The jeans are SUPER cute and her daughter always has the other girls asking where she got her adorable jeans. Her mom also makes hair do-dads and clip on ribbon flowers out of the left over ribbon to make a perfectly matched outfit.

I have a store called Bambini Boutique, which has a section just for "tween" girls called Bella. We have a great selection of pant/jeans for those slim girls including Roxy "Slim" jeans, It Jeans (they have a "slim" style also) and more. We go up to size 16 girls. We are located at 16353 SW Bryant Rd. Lake Oswego, OR 97035
(503) 635-7661

"She takes rick-rack and ribbon and adds to the bottom of the jeans that fit around the waist but are high watered."

My mom used to do things like this with mine when I was younger (the tailoring thing occurred in high school). I still remember this one pair of brown jeans she trimmed with white lace with a blue ribbon running through it. They were my favorites until I wore them to pieces.

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