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Face Painting Anyone?

It's party time, but who's providing the entertainment?  urbanMama Anjani writes:
My son's third birthday is approaching, and while I think he's still young enough that we can get away with a play date-style party without too many frills, I was thinking it'd be fun to have someone come for a while to do face painting for the kids (and I don't know, maybe
balloons in cool shapes).  Does anyone have any good recommendations for this?  Our budget is limited (heck, I'd do it myself, if I had any artistic skill.) so I'd also be willing to consider someone who does this recreationally; we don't need someone to put on a big show.


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This is a great idea, and I think you should just work through this with some of the other moms, dads, grandparents (whoever). Set up a "booth" with face paints or washable markers and have a mom or dad volunteer to do faces for a half hour or so. Then, set up another space where kids can go and play some sort of game for a prize (each child "wins" something). Almost like a carnival theme - but you won't have to pay anyone to come over. I personally think that other moms/dads would be happy to pitch in to help a little. Kids could also "face Paint" their own cupcakes with frosting/candies to keep the theme going. good luck - and HAVE FUN! If you're having fun, your little one will be too. :)

I agree that you can probably just do it yourself or arrange with another parent or relative. I did face painting at my daughters 4th birthday and at her friends 5th birthday. I find that kids this age are happy with a simple heart or star, or happy face or even colored stripes to make a tiger. Just get some face paints, liquid eye liner and cheap makeup sparkle dust and you are good to go. I found drawing the picture on a piece of paper and having the kids choose which one they wanted from 3 or 4 choices made it easier and kept them from asking for more elaborate designs I just could not do. A cool idea with ballons is to just draw faces on plain ones with sharpies.

I completely agree! My son's kindergarten class had parent staffed face painting at their Valentine's Day Party. I have NO artistic skill... And that's being generous. I was reminded that "In Kindergarten we try our best..." so I had to do it anyway. The kids really didn't care and just loved being painted. I bought a do it yourself kit for my son's third birthday party and I think it came with little guides on how to paint popular designs.

Good Luck!

I just had a 3rd birthday party for my daughter in February. I think very simple designs (like hearts and stars and flowers) would be plenty exciting for the 3 year olds (and even 3.5-4) year olds we know. So don't knock yourself out getting a professional.

At my daughter's party we had about 15 balloons (without helium, just air) on the floor -- this was all the fun the kids needed. They just wanted to play with the balloons the whole morning. I also made a "pin the parts on the snowman" game... it was cute and some of them enjoyed watching the moms play but most of them were hesitant to participate. We also had them build their own pizzas. They all seemed to enjoy this and it wasn't as messy as I thought it'd be. But really, these kids would have been fine if we'd left them to play with the balloons all day. Note: expect them to each take one home (so prep your child).

Hi fellow Urban Mamas:
I am an artist Mama of a 21 month old son. I am a SAHM now, but have a degree in fine arts specializing in illustration. I graduated from an art school on the east coast 8 years ago. I have taught classes for children and work well with them and would love to try something like this for fun on the side. I am a published illustrator and my experience includes painting illustrations for books and magazines for children. I do room murals as well as facilitate private and community classes with children and adults, though haven't actively worked in this field for paying clients for nearly two years, since the birth of my son. I have a very fun, whimsical painting style. I've never done parties or face painting specially. But think that it would be a fun thing to do and would consider offering my services for a couple hours. It would be fun to give it a try as something new and creative for myself. I've been yearning to do more creative things and this topic has peaked my interest. I am so focused on little ones these days that it seems like a natural an appropriate activity for me to engage in... Although, I do agree though with all the previous posters, that it's something that wouldn't be difficult to do on your own. If you are interested in getting in contact with me, feel free to drop me and email and we can chat. A small reasonable fee would be fine by me, we can find something to fit into you budget. Please indicate the timeline and amount of children attending. I can send samples of some of my artwork if you are interested. FYI,I do live close-in the PDX metro area.
Thanks, Sara

I am a face painter and I have done many corporate events over the lasts 3 years. Oaks Park, Big Als, Google, Carr Auto group and many birthdays parties. I use professional quality facepaints designed for the skin, NOT craft paints or poster board paints.

I can do some simple ballon twists as well.

I do charge a reasonable fee, please contact me if your interested and I can also send you photos of my work.

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