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Mayoral Candidate Forum: LOCATION UPDATE

Thanks to all who weighed in on the time and place for mayoral candidates (Sam 'n' Sho) to talk family.  Majority of responses suggested Close-in Eastside as the preferred geography for the event, scheduled for Saturday, April 19, at 1PM.

Now: we're scouring for ideas for an easily accessible close-in eastside location that can hold up to 100 of us mamas & papas & our kids of all ages.  Some suggestions have included Milagros, Kennedy School, Kaiser Town Hall, Multnomah Building.  We're looking for more suggestions.  Ideas, ideas?  Anyone, anyone?


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IFCC on Interstate, Acadian ballroom on Alberta, Melody Ballroom off SE Grand (in the past they've offered a discount for non-profits - not sure if UM would qualify), Bosco-Milligan Foundation on SE Grand has meeting rooms for rent as well. Their web site is www.visitahc.org. The Hollywood Theatre also rents their various theaters www.filmaction.org and I think their rates are pretty reasonable.

Unfortunately we can't get more than about 40 folks squeezed at Milagros and about 50 in the Community Room at the Kennedy School.

But as I posted before, I would be happy to arrange either venue gratis for this event.

As Hau noted over on the neighborhood schools = neighborhood places post on Activistas, PPS rents out space, so what about, say, Buckman? Or another close-in school?

If the PPS close-in eastside schools don't work out, here is a link to all of ther library meeting rooms around town, some of which cn accomodate 100+ people - No Portland (115) and Midland (113) & downtown (120). http://www.multcolib.org/services/meetingrooms.html

How about The Lucky Lab off Hawthorn? They are family friendly and have lots o' space.

On behalf of NE PDXers and my sistren in North Portland, I would like to suggest the Village Ballroom at 700 NE Dekum, or the North Star Ballroom, just south of Killngsworth near PCC Cascades Campus.

Also, Portland Parks facilities are an option: http://www.portlandonline.com/parks/index.cfm?c=38302. Alladin not avail and too large. Possibly Mississippi Studios. We'll see who's available! Thanks for the ideas, keep 'em coming!

I've been talking with our PTA president (Richmond Elementary) about trying to organize this sort of forum. Richmond would definitly be able to handle the amount of people mentioned, and would like to support this type of event. We haven't confirmed witht he pricipal yet, but we will if you decide that you would like to have the forum at our venue. We are centrally located in the Hawthrone area between Hawthorne and Division. And, I'm pretty sure that there is no charge.

I might try to contact you directly to get the ball rolling.


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