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Getting Body Back After Baby

After I delivered our first baby, I just assumed that nature would take its course and the baby-weight would just drop off when it was supposed to.  I guess it did, but it wasn't too long after that I was pregnant with our second.  After I delivered our second baby, I was more anxious to get back into a fitness routine, starting on slow runs when I was 3 weeks post-partum.

So, mamas, we've all been through it.  Alicia is looking for your suggestions, thoughts, experiences:

I'd like to find out what others have done in the way of getting back your body after a baby. My little boy is now 3 months old, we've finally got nursing down and are sleeping a bit more. I'm feeling like I want to start an exercise and/or diet 'program' or perhaps even just a good a book or set of dvds? Before pregnancy, I tried some of the frozen meal weight loss plans and Weight Watchers, and randomly went to the gym. I've got about twenty five pounds to go to get back to pre-pregnancy weight--and I'm not really sure what to expect in terms of how my body will do. I've heard that the belly pooch won't go away until nursing is done--have others found that to be true? What did others do to get back to a comfortable, healthy weight and a stronger body after a baby?

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My stomach didn't go down, no matter how much weight I lost on Weight Watchers, until I did Crunches. I think my stomach muscles were sticking out farther than normal. It didn't take long, about 2 weeks of crunches every morning, and it wasn't as poofy. I think plain old diet and exercise is the answer to loose the fat. I know your not supposed to 'diet' when your nursing...but good food choices & portion control is the ticket. If you join a gym w/ daycare you can actually get a break too! Not to mention, you can get a shower in peace!

I am still totally having body issues though, 2 years out! I actually weight 10 lbs LESS than when I got pregnant. I had to weigh 10 pounds less to FIT into my pre-pregnancy clothes. I think I have extra skin or something - the fat I have kind of hangs there. I think my skin before held it in better. I hate it. Does anyone know how to fix that - without going under the knife? And I'm wondering if baby #2 messes your body up even MORE?

I recently started Weight Watchers, my first diet ever. I'm doing the online program (no time to do meetings with a 21 month old!) You can actually do it while nursing because they ask you that question when you sign up. I'd totally recommend this program, my life has changed after losing all the baby weight and then some!

I did weight watchers during the first year after my first was born and it worked great for weightloss. However, I think it messed with milk production and would really encourage you to consider not doing it during that time. I would say stick with the exercise and good nutrition choices, which is basically weight watchers plan if you think about it, and do something more structured when you're nursing less frequently. If you have to do it, just really pay attention to whether or not it is affecting nursing. Good luck to you. I took off almost 20 pounds doing it and immediately put it all back on when pregnant with number 2 and ended that pregnancy at the same place I ended with number 1! I keep telling myself I need to go back. I guess if I'm going to have my body back to myself after all these years, I might as well like the body!

Baby #2, now 6 months old, has totally made my belly flabby. The upper part is somewhat flat then the bottom just hangs. I weigh 20lbs less then my pre-pregnancy weight and all my pants are too big but there is just that extra bit-o-skin that just won't go away. I've heard from other mamas that they have the same thing and it won't go away no matter how hard they diet and/or exercise. My belly was back to normal in three months with baby #1. I nursed him for 10.5 months until I got pregnant with baby #2 (who I am still nursing).

The joys of the post-pregnancy body... Be patient, I think you will find that things happen naturally over the next 6 months or so but your body will never be the same. My 2nd baby is now 7 months old, and after nursing him around the clock for the last 7 months, I'm 5-10 pounds lighter than my pre-preg weight, but you wouldnt know it by the flabby belly. As he starts to eat more solids and nurse less often, I expect I might gain a few pounds as I did with my 2nd baby. I actually eat a ton more now while nursing than when I was pregnant because I'm more hungry, but it seems ok for now. I dont work out as much as I'd like to, with 2 kids and a baby who's going through separation anxiety, I find that walking is my best exercise right now so I walk a lot. The fresh air is good for everyone and either pushing 2 kids, or pushing one and carrying the other around are the workout I get these days. When the babe gets a little older I'll get back into yoga, which has always done the trick for me, both physically and mentally.

My bigger frustration by far is the hair loss...no one tells you about that! At around 3 months, with both babies, my hair started falling out in droves...yuck! He's now 7 months old, and although he's a hair puller, I think I'm not losing as much anymore. But the new baby hair is about an inch long so it will take a long time for that to grow out and look normal again!

I highly recommend the Baby Boot Camp classes - http://www.babybootcamp.com/ They have locations all over Portland and you can bring your baby along! It's a great workout (lots of ab work at the end) and you'll be in good company with other mamas going through the exact same thing.

Portion control helped me alot, as did cutting back on snacking. As corny as it may sound, I bought a Lindsay Brin Baby Boot camp video, and that really helped me regain some energy, get my heartrate up & lose some weight. Now I'm in a cardio aerobic class @ a gym (w/ childcare), and I have to admit, the cardio really is what burns off that extra fat!

I had the hair loss/regrowth thing, too! It was awful, especially the short baby hairs at my hairline. SOOOO hard not to just bobby pin them all off my face... the good news is that they were gone by about 9-10 months, I think. Not looking forward to that again with baby #2.

Don't have much to add for the weight/pooch loss... I'm about at my pre-preg weight but my stomach still looks a little like a raisin. Very stretchy! Ew! I'm just now getting back out on runs with the time change & better weather so even though I doubt it'll help with the skin elasticity, I'm hopeful. :) Crop tops are not in my near future! Ha!

If you have a little cash to spare, I would totally recommend Baby Boot Camp (babybootcamp.com). There are places all around portland where young moms meet together with a fitness trainer to exercise with their strollers, and it's a good, fun, varied workout! I did it with my first child but didn't have the spare change to continue. If I could, though, I would.

With my first, it was about 6-9 months before I started fitting into my clothes again. I didn't start working out regularly again until about 13 months post-partum. It took me that long to regulate the nursing and schedule.

With my second, I was so much more conscious about returning to active and 'fit' as soon as I could. I was back to light jogs about 3 or 4 weeks post-partum. Again, it took about 6-9 months to fit into pre-pregnancy stuff.

For me, the nursing did a number on shedding the weight. Maybe the babies ate a lot, but I noticed that I was so ravenous when I was nursing (each for 2.5 yrs). Even with the added metabolic boost from nursing then easing into fitness routines, the clothes were still snug in spots (hips, waist). Thank goodness for low-rise pants. I feel so icky and conscious when I have pants with waists that ride all the way up my abdomen. Things just won't ever fit the same and there will always be more flesh around the waist that before my first child.

For fitness routines, though, I think my perfect blend is: healthful eating (but never limiting myself), running or jogging maybe 1-2 times a week, bike-commuting when I can, and yoga at least once a week. The yoga, for me, is a key piece. When I was running and running a ton, I didn't feel as strong as I did when I limited runs to 2-4 times a week supplemented with a good vinyasa yoga class.

If I can't get to a class now, I lock myself in a room and do some good yoga for 30 minutes or so, and my core and arms feel nice and strong. Sometimes I am deluded to think that my core area looks like I haven't had babies, but these are delusional visions.

My husband and I have talked about doing Weight Watchers together, more for learning about intake, moderation, and nutrition. I have many friends who have done it and learned a more even approach to eating.

It's been a long process, but I think I'm finally getting somewhere! I pretty much lost most of the weight by breastfeeding, but boy was I surprised to gain about 10 lbs when I finished breastfeeding. I think I forgot to stop eating so much! About 6 months ago, I hired a personal trainer (I'm not that great at getting out and exercising myself). Eventhough I only exercised once a week on some weeks (I tried for 2 to 4, but it often didn't happen) I lost about 6% of my body fat and 15 lbs. I'm also alot stronger! My tummy is still a bit soft but I'm also an insulin dependent diabetic and putting needles in your stomach several times a day tends to make it soft too (not sure why....probably because all that concentrated insulin is going straight into the belly fat).

I can't say enought good things about Baby Boot Camp. Terrific instructors, all moms themselves, who will challenge you and support you to meet your goals. First class is free and there are classes every day except Sunday all over town. It doesn't matter if you're 100 lbs overweight and have never exercised in your life, or ran a marathon at 7 months pregnant, this class will challenge and accommodate you, plus give you a group of fabulous moms to talk to about kid stuff, and let you work out with your munchkins and model good health for them.

I can so relate to the "raisin stomach"...the rest of the body feels ok, but the ol' tummy will never be quite the same! :) Such is life... :)

So nice to hear people's words here-on another site I visit, there is a post that says something like---"I am the same low weight as I was in high school, but I still want to lose more"---instead of the encouraging, accepting words posted here. It's so important for us mamas try to be comfortable with our bodies and know what an incredible thing they did-carry a child! Our society is plagued with poor body image issues, as per the media, etc. While obesity is a serious problem in the U.S. no doubt, allowing ourselves time to begin to lose the pounds after pregnancy via a sensible exercise routine, good eating habits, etc. is a healthy and gentle approach. I once heard something that I will pass along--9 months up, at least 9 months down. :)

I lost my pg weight really quickly but I only gained 29 pounds to begin with (if I was going to cut out wine, etc for the health of the baby, I figured I'd cut out everything else that wasn't healthy including dessert and high fat foods, which I don't eat all that often anyway).

The other thing that helped me, I think, was being in shape prior to pregnancy.

Post-pregnancy, I got back into the gym at the end of my 5th week. Mostly weight lifting and a lot of abs. I maintained my pregnancy diet (no alcohol, dessert or high fat foods just a healthy diet) until I lost all of the weight. That last 5 pounds was brutal though. I thought they would never come off. Then one day I realized it was gone.

My stomach has never gone back entirely. I've got strong abs but it's like there is a layer of softness that I just can't get rid of even though it's been over a year. There are some things pregnancy changes permanently it seems, no matter how much work you do.

I recommend 24 hour fitness. The childcare hours at the Hollywood facility are plentiful (6 mos and up) and so I could no longer use the excuse "i have the kids"
I am still 5 pounds heavier than my prepregancy(S) weight, but much stronger and more fit. (Do hip bones permanently expand?)
I also became very interested in diet and nutrition for myself and my children and radically increased my raw food and whole food intake and (mostly) eliminated anything processed. Processed food are often the culprit. As we age I understand that to remain the same weight you must eat less and exercise more.
Good luck and love your new and improving body.

Yep, still have the previously mentioned "raisin tummy" after my second (who is almost 2.5)--I feel like my body is is in good shape otherwise as I am and have always been a regular runner/walker and tend to eat fairly well (but am by no means perfect and I do like my wine!), but the tummy is soft and "raisin-esque"...in fact, I think I am beginning to find that term somewhat endearing! :) I have found that as time goes on, I am more and more comfortable with my body and little tummy, especially knowing the amazing feats it has performed.

I did Stroller Strides down in Southern Cal and was able to get down below my pregnancy weight! I was so happy to see that when we moved up here to Portland that Stroller Strides was up here as well.

I can't say enough good things about the program and instructers! It has been a lifesaver for me as the transition from career women to sahm was not easy. Try it out, first week is free.

Best of luck,


mommy to two boys 4 and 11mos.

Hey guys! Looks like the post pregnancy stomach will STAY!!! I am a skinny gal, 33 yrs old, and put on 45 lbs with the birth of my second child. He is now 6 months. I've lost all of my pregnancy weight with a program of nursing, walking (3x a week), elliptical (3x a week) and eating at every opportunity!!! But the raisin flabby stomach remains. I've been doing crunches for the past month, (140 crunches/3 to 5 times a week) but my stomach is still soft. Maybe that is for the baby so he can cuddle with mommy? Who knows, but looks like I won't be sporting any bikini's until my next life!!! But the most important thing is this whole exercise program allows me to sleep better, eat better, and be happier. And although I'm sad... really really sad about not having my 15 yr old flat stomach, the softer yet still somewhat thin tummy with 2 awesome healthy smart kids is worth it. Good luck ladies-- and if anyone has a secret (without surgery) to getting rid of this soft belly flab/stretched skin, please please write!!!

Currently in other societies and in our own in the past, we used to bind women's abdomen's immediately after childbirth for several reasons: 1) to help prevent hemmorrage and expel clots, 2) to increase comfort and mobility, 3) to speed return of organs back to their pre-pregnancy position and function, and 4)to aid in recovery of the figure. Ardyss International has Postpartum Girdle and Body Magic garments that compress, reduce and reshape the body. Many women use them for spot reduction of their abdomen and waist after childbirth. The Postpartum Girdle gives the appearance of an instant tummy tuck and liposuction, the Body Magic adds the look of an instant breast lift without the pain or cost of plastic surgery. The Body Magic reduces the figure up to 3 sizes with the first wearing. It then goes on to permanently reshape, reduce inches and reduce weight when worn consistently over time - an effortless way to lose weight! Ardyss garments are only available through independent distributors.

Binding my abdomen? Uh, can you say CORSETS? Just because something was used in the past doesn't mean it's relevant or healthy to use today. Ouch! No thanks, Jane Foreman.

CrossFit will get you whipped back into shape in a safe, EXTREMELY high-quality-coaching setting((you don't just ride a machine or do the same exact workout every camp session)) & social environment.

It is not for the Undercommitted though~you get a really really good workout in a short amount of time! Don't be scared though. I am 6 months pregnant and I just scale my workouts to keep safe and strong:)

There are a few CrossFit gyms in NE and one in SW Hillsdale in the Portland Metro area.

I really love working with Shannon @ LA Fitness Pearl and highly recommend her to anyone considering a trainer. She has a great, uplifting vibe and has so many different ideas to keep things interesting... That combined with running and I'm starting to feel like myself again 7 months postpartum! I feel strong again and after A crazy long labor culminating in a c-section there was a period of time when I wondered if I'd ever feel okay again. I hink that exercise feels like a great thing to lift my spirits too because it's one thing I'm doing just for me!

I actually also used a compression garment for about 2 weeks after my guy was born, and I didn't have as much of the crampyness or weird feeling of things flopping back in place as my other friends who gave birth when I did. So don't scoff at belly binding! Just don't do it too tight.

Parentables writers Sarah Backhouse, Katie Morton, and Susan Wagner talk about how they tackled the process of getting their bodies back after having a baby.

Getting back in shape is not something you can rush. It's taken about 40 weeks for you to gain your pregnancy weight, so it may take a similar length of time.

A few days ago, I mentioned in reference to something else that after having lost a great deal of weight last year, some of it has been creeping back so I'm being extra diligent now about what goes in my mouth.

I'n breastfeeding my 6 month old baby and am always hungry. I always snack on chocolates and desserts. Today I saw my stomach in the mirror and its gone really flabby and i mean really flabby. Help . I cant help but feel hungry all the time

I can't say enough good things about the program and instructers! It has been a lifesaver for me as the transition from career women to sahm was not easy. Try it out, first week is free.

This website seems to be a legitimate source of information, will share it across my contacts.

This website seems to be a legitimate source of information, will share it across my contacts, thanks man!

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