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Exercise DVD recommendations

We all have our different fitness routines, and Erin emails:

I am in the market for a good exercise DVD. More specifically, I'm looking to include free weights and abdominals into my routine (I already run and do yoga, I'm just looking to add some variety). I've tried a gym membership, but I just find it so much easier to get up before the family and get in a quick half an hour before the day starts. I've been on and off doing weights on my own, but I would love to follow more of a program.  What are some of your favorites?


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Okay, don't laugh, but Billy Banks Boot Camp is a spectacular workout. You don't use weights, but you do use resistance bands. And about half of the work-out is abdominals.

The bands come with the DVDs.

I'm using these to get back in shape after baby. My sister-in-law has amazing abs after having a baby, thanks to his DVD.

I have several of these videos since I'm too lazy to get to the gym! Here are some instructors to check out:
Jari Love
Cathe Frederick
Joyce Vedral
any FIRM video
Karen Voight

There is a great site called Collagevideo.com that has hundreds excercise videos with the most detailed reviews/descriptions. Good luck!

I second Billy Blanks bootcamp. Its a great workout!!!

Tae Bo gets the nod twice, huh... I can hear my partner's chiding now... Thanks so much for the suggestions!

Hi. Have you ever heard of Beach Body? Great workout DVD's and it allows you to really follow a routine. You can check out my website where I sell the DVD's. Right now I am doing the Slim Series which run about 58-72 minutes long, but really work all parts of the body. There are several different workouts so if you want to work abs one day and arms the next, you can do that. There is a shorter version which is called the Slim Series Express or the Slim in 6 which are only about 30 minutes long. There is something for everyone at www.getfitwithkim.com.

I just had my 2nd child a few weeks ago and am looking forward to getting back into shape. After the birth of my first child, I led a group of other mamas in a exercise group similar to the baby bootcamps held here and in other cities. I thought, why pay for a class when all I really wanted was a group to help keep me motivated? It worked really well, and was a lot of fun, so I'd like to do it again.

I will be organizing a low-impact walking/calesthenics, 1 hour outdoor exercise routine in Inner NE Portland that can be done with your baby in a stroller. So- if you have a pre-crawling baby and would like to get together with a group a few days a week to help lose the baby weight, I'd love to hear from you. wubledoo@yahoo.com


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