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Daylight Savings and YOU: "Springing Forward" 2008

It was just last November when we talked about "falling back", and now we're springing forward?  So, how is the sleep schedule in your household after Sunday's 23-hour day?  "Springing Forward" - a piece of cake?


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My DH very nicely changed all of the clocks in our house (on his own!) so I completely forgot about daylight savings. Even though I asked him about it last night (the reason I knew he changed the clocks), I'm just now realizing daylight savings must have been the reason DD was such a terror last night! It was an hour after her regular bedtime.

Terror-behavior aside, I think this was a lot easier than last time. Much easier to put down a tired baby than one who thinks it is still time to party.

But wait - isn't it the other way around? Spring forward, so we lost an hour? So it should feel like it's time to party at 7:00, because it feels like 6:00?

We just sort of ignore the whole thing. After a week, everyone's reset. It happens in 15 minute increments, I think.

Ha! Clearly I'm confused. I can't even keep track of whether we're jumping ahead or back. I say we ban daylight savings (=

It's funny, cause my boys woke up this morning at 5-ish, instead of their usual 6-ish. I had been thinking they were going to sleep until 7--I wish someone told them it was Spring Ahead!

My bundle of joy is actually doing pretty well so far, except I have had to wake her up the last 2 days to get ready to go to daycare. 7am, oh joy! I am so used to her getting up any time between 5-6 in the last several months, so I am programmed now to wake up around then...but she is still going to bed when she is supposed to, so I am expecting the early rising behavior to return soon..:( She didn't nap much over the weekend and we were super busy so it was really easy to put her to bed when she should have thought it was really 7:30, but was now 8:30. I imagine it must be harder for older kids when it is still light out at 8-8:30 and mama is saying it's bedtime...I remember going to bed at 8 and it was light out and I could hear the neighborhood kids all out still playing and I felt so cheated. Sometimes I still do! :) Happy Spring!

Sunday night we did just fine. But then Monday night our little guy (17 months) went to bed at his usual time (which was an hour earlier!) He slept 2 1/2 hours and then just couldn't go back to sleep. I think his body thought it was taking a little nap. He was up for about 3 hours until about 2am! All of us were tired the next day. Thankfully he took a good nap.

The next day (and today) my strategy has been to make sure he gets a bunch of exercise in the late afternoon to make sure he's ready for sleeping. Last night I only put him in bed a 1/2 hour earlier and everything went just fine. Today I think I'll do the same thing. I think it'll take us about a week before we have the whole thing together.

kristi- my 18 mo. old boy did the EXACT same thing! how weird. it seems so weird that just because of one measly hour, it made him want to have a fit at midnite and not go back to sleep.

well lets see, no nap today, and after 25 min of crying at going to bed 1 hour earlier because of no nap (which is really like 2 hours because of the time change, he finally went to sleep in our bed at about 9:30 with the nap time tunes play list playing in the hall... so um not good?

I actually used it to readjust my 2.5 year olds bedtime. Instead of her going to bed at 7pm and waking at 5:30-6am, now she is going to bed at 8pm and waking a bit later. I have had little luck in adjusting her stubborn internal clock in the past, but the time change made it easy. And now with a later bedtime, we are actually having real family dinners (before, we ate after she went to bed) and look forward to staying out later as the sunnier, longer days approach. Bring on spring!

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