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Baby's got the bug

In our household, it felt like a little kid infirmary over the weekend.  Both of our children fought fevers and pretty much stuck to sleeping all day long on the couch, sick ask can be.  Fevers have been running between 102 and 104, for which we have been giving chewable Tylenol (since we have no Motrin in the house).  I regretted not giving them some immunity boosters or even a flu shot earlier in the season.  Not too many other symptoms, other than the lethargy and fever.  One daughter has been fighting the fever for almost 6 days now, and the other is on her second day of fever.  On this Monday morning, I expect the trend to continue.

We received an email from Virginia last night, and we're all wondering, is it happening to you, too?

I'm checking in to see if any of your little ones have been really sick over the past couple of weeks.  My two year old woke up from his nap last Tuesday hot as a  lit match. I gave him Motrin.  The second it wore off, his fever went through the roof again and he had a febrile seizure and we ended up in the emergency room with nearly a 104 degree fever out of nowhere.  It was horrible.  He seems to be feeling much better but he's been complaining that his stomach hurts and today he seems to have a little nagging cough.  I've taken him to his doctor too.  On top of it, he's not congested at all.   What's going around???  I'm not one to worry over getting sick but this is a weird bug.  Have any of your kids had similar symptoms and how has
this one played out?  Thanks!


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My kid is a bit older (10.5), but that same thing went around her school/aftercare during February. It's up to a week of pretty high fever, often with little or no congestion or upset tummy or other symptoms. Consistently, everyone's doc has said it's viral, just continue with the Tylenol and Motrin for the fever, and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

I've also heard from a couple of moms that their doctors said that this seems to be a strain that wasn't covered by the flu shot this year.

Our 2 1/2 year old started coughing yesterday afternoon. By 7 pm she was burning up, glossy eyed and lethargic. We also gave her Motrin and I checked her temperature around 8pm and it was down to 101 - luckily no seizures. She had a hard time sleeping last night but seems to be much better this morning - just super congested.

Our story is the same -- our almost 5yr-old spiked a high fever Saturday night and continued through last night but is down to 99.9 this morning and she's feeling a tiny bit better. She has refused food (living on a few crackers and a little juice) although is eating a juice pop right now and is also super congested. She had a flu shot in November.

Her cousins had this last week (still recovering) and their dad was diagnosed with walking pneumonia on Friday. My sister-in-law advises getting checked out right away if a deep cough follows the fever.

Waiting for the other shoe to drop -- the 16mth-old is still asleep, not a good sign. And Dad is out-of-town until Thursday.

Good luck to all us mamas!

We had it the week before last...7 month old came down with it first...fever of 101ish and was clingy and miserable, but no congestion or coughing. On the recommendation of our naturopath, we did not give him Tylenol to reduce the fever (she said not to treat the fever until/unless it got up to 103-04 range) but we kept him very hydrated with some special tea, fired up the humidifier and I nearly broke my back from holding him for 48 hours straight! It lasted less than 48 hours for him. The next morning our 3 year old woke up and started telling us he was sick...we thought he was faking it for a little while, but when he kept gravitating toward the couch we realized he really was sick! He stayed on the couch for a day with a fever and no other symptoms and woke up the next morning fine. It's a weird bug but yes, it seems like it's going around.

We've been doing the warming socks treatment on ourselves and our kids this winter, have any of you tried it? It's amazing.

We had the same situation two weeks ago with our 20 month-old. Fever as high as 104 that went down with Motrin but sky-rocketed back up again when it wore off. I did hear there is a strain going around that is immune to the flu shot-- starts as a stomach virus with vomiting and diarrhea, and then lies dormant for a week or two to only resurface as congestion and cough. Our daughter is still is congested and has a phlegmy cough (mostly in the morning and evening.) I for one don't believe it's one strain, but rather a situation in that a child's immune system is lowered fighting one sickness and is easily susceptible to another. I’m actually wondering if her situation is not seasonal allergies, she is behaving normally and her mucous is runny and clear. On top of all this, the teething doesn’t help…she’s got some upper molars coming in that I know are giving her some grief. Drool and snot everywhere…Ick-- Sorry to talk so much about various bodily fluids. But, I know you all understand! :)

Yep - it's going around, for sure! My 7-yr-old had the whole cough, fever thing. Took her to the ER when it hit 105.3! With Motrin, though, it quickly went down & we left before being seen (the wait was going to be hours). She has had the cough & runny nose for a long while now, but it seems pretty normal (here's hoping the other two don't get it!). Keep everyone hydrated!

How timely. My three year old is down with it today. Why is it that children have to vomit in the car? That has to be the worst. Well, aside from vomiting on mom or dad. Or the book shelf. Need I go on?

I'm too am waiting for the other shoe to drop. There are three more of us in the house to get it.

My son and I both had the "initial fever and then sore throat and coughing" variety last week. Took about a week to get over. So far so good but my 2 yr old did seems bit clingy and out of sorts this morning.

And I will second the vomiting in the car, could they make those covers any more complicated to remove??? Yuk. Stay healthy everyone. :)

Leah!! Do tell about the warming socks treatment!

My 4 year old daughter had the fever (101-105) a couple of weeks ago it lasted 7 days. She also had a little congestion and a rash. Took her to Urgent care they did strep test and xrays but concluded it was just a virus. We treated with motrin and she slep lots and lots. She did have a flu shot in the fall. It went around her preschool so bad they finally closed down for 2 days to disinfect the whole place. I think this is just the illness of this season.

Different Lea here... But my mom always did a warming socks treatment that I swear by as well. Put lukewarm damp cotton sock on and then pull a pair of wool socks on over them.( Is that the same thing that you do, Leah?) This works great for us, except for my 17 month, who old hates to have anything on her feet at night. A vaporizer with eucalyptus oil also helped with the dry cough.
We ended up in the emergency room with a febrile seizure as well. In the end of January, though. It was pretty scary. Our daughter first got sort of 'pink eye' for a day, then got the fever, then the cough. She had congestion later on, but it was drier than normal, almost crusty.
I hadn't given fever reducers, either...Just letting the fever do its job. After the seizure, I set my alarm for every 15 minutes and gave her a lukewarm sponge bath.
I felt horrible for not having given her the fever reducers right off the bat.
However, I spoke with a friend who is a pediatrician. He said that fever reducers do not decrease the risk of febrile seizures.He did extensive research on fevers at John Hopkins. I will contact him and get all my facts straight and get back to you all on this.

Here's the info on warming socks treatment, directly from the handout from our naturopath friend:

Indications: Sore throat or any inflamation of the throat, neck pain, ear infections, headaches, migraines, nasal congestion, upper respiratory infections, coughs, bronchitis and sinus infections.

The warming socks treatment is best if repeated 3 nights in a row at the onset of illness, or as directed by physician.

1. Take a pair of thin cotton socks and soak them completely with cool water. Be sure to wring the socks out thoroughly so that they do not drip.
2. Warm your feet first. This is very important as the treatment will not be as effective and could be harmful if your feet are not warmed first. Warming can be accomplished by soaking your feet in warm water for at least 5-10 minutes or taking a warm bath for 5-10 minutes.
3. Dry off feet and body with a dry towel.
4. Place wet socks on feet. Cover with a pair of thick wool socks and go directly to bed. Avoid getting chilled.
5. Keep the socks on overnight. You will find that the wet cotton socks will be dry in the morning.

Effects of the warming sock treatment: This treatment acts to reflexively increase the circulation and decrease congestion in the upper respiratory passages, head and throat. It has a sedating action and many patients report that they sleep much better during the treatment. This treatment also is effective for pain relief and increases the healing response during acute infections.

Give it a try! I've done it twice this winter and have managed to keep from catching anything (knock on wood!) despite lots of traveling and sick kids. I'm definitely hooked...

Me again, just thought I'd mention that we've done the "special socks" with our kids too--the baby has had it done a few times this winter as we've been battling ear infections and persistent fluid in his ears and he doesnt seem to mind it at all. And we did it last weekend with our 3 year old--he was a little skeptical at first, but he went along with it, and sure enough he woke up fine the next day!

Amazing! I'll tag this post and hope that I won't need the "recipe" for the sock treatment anytime soon!

We've escaped the fever but I felt like February was non-stop cold and cough month and March has transitioned into non-stop runny nose month. My almost 3-yr-old has always been really healthy, but these last couple months have been her worst (landing our first sick-kid appointment at the ped...no complaints, though, since it was her 1st!) My husband and I have been catching or passing the colds back and forth as well so maybe it's just unavoidable illness season. Can't wait for summer to dry us out!

blech. we had it in our house too. my 4 year old got it first - fever for 8 days! we usually dont do a fever reducer either but she was so miserable (actually moaning) - oh and an earache - that we did children's tylenol twice. both times it did it's job - reduced the fever and took the pain away - and both times she got incredibly stroppy. what a sass. i blame the dye. anyway, we did treat naturopathically as well and ALWAYS do the "wet socks" whenever there's congestion in our house. i found warming up my baby's feet was tricky so i put the woolies on him first about 10 mintues before the wet socks and they warmed him up just fine. in fact, i used sis' woolies and they kept the cotton socks on really well.

so fever and earache. then cough that really seized (baby and i got it too - whoopee!) and then 4 year old got a regular cold. oh! and she gets oral herpes (fever blisters) when the immunity is so attacked (high fevers) so some of that too - really fun! try giving anything with vitamin c to a kid with a sore mouth who is already not eating! joy! then little babe got it and threw up twice from the coughing. poor little guy. he recovered much quicker than sis.

oh, and baby was really miserable too and after 8 straight days of no sleep with big sis, we gave him the children's tylenol. he was high as a kite from the corn syrup - zzzzzing! so he felt better (for a while) but was still up for another hour or so!

in the challenge of it all - and this is very dickens - i found amazing lessons. insights into our relationships and blessings hidden in the illness. the best and worst of times...

Wow - I'm certainly not alone on this one! Thanks to all for sharing. The little man has been a super grouch all day but I can't blame him. He was still warm tonight!!! Hopefully we'll turn the corner soon...

I've got an older child battling crud right now. Don't forget to change bed linens, towels and other snot magnet type things fairly often, like every couple of days. Remember not to share glasses or utensils or food when someone in the house is sick. Wipe down counters and shared surfaces with a vinegar spray to keep the germs on the run. If the child is agreeable, bathe them often, too. Yes, it's labor intensive but I find that if I follow these "sickhouse rules" , I can keep everyone else in the house from falling ill.

my son got super sick, too this winter. started with a high fever, ended up in the ER with pneumonia in both lungs. 7 days of fever and alternating tylenol & motrin, 10 days of antibiotics plus the original shot in the ER. totally sucked! he usually beats everything pretty quick, but this time he was totally wiped out for a long time. wishing health and happiness to all the little babes (and families) out there!

My son is 21 months and came down with a horrible fever this weekend out of the blue. He woke up chipper and playful but refused any and all breakfast & lunch. That seemed unusual, but by 2pm he was burning up with a fever: 103.6 degrees. We gave the poor lil guy a of couple luke warm baths to cool him down, a healthy dose of Motrin and couple of dissolvable Tylenol. He skipped dinner, but around bedtime his fever broke and he was ravenous. He ate 2x's the amount of a normal meal around 9pm and then went straight to bed. In the morning he woke up 100% better. That was 3 days ago. I am baffled. No cold or congestion just a rapid, quick high fever. Seems strange to me but I am not complaining that it was short lived. It's been a viral winter for sure!

Finally, our daughter's fever broke on day 7. She was almost back to normal today, but for some residual whining from being a bit tired. Our other daughter had it for a shorter, 2-day stint. I am hoping we are in the clear.

We heard from the school that other children were out with very high fevers for 5-7 days. We have also had friends with ER jaunts. I feel like we've been hearing: "it's a really bad sick season".

OK about the febrile seizures -- According to Dr. Kevin Hatcher-Ross, a pediatrician who practices at the Vancouver Clinic (700 NE 87th),"There are several
chemicals called "cytokines", in particular IL-1 (interleukin 1),
IL-6, and TNF-alpha, that fever (and lots of other changes in response
to an infection); these same cytokines seem to be what triggers
febrile seizures, not the fever itself. Still, sometimes it's worth
given fever reducers just because kids tend to be uncomfortable when
they have fevers (especially high fevers), and they tend not to eat as
well (plus they lose more fluid by sweating more). And really high
fevers (106 or higher) can be dangerous. But if a kid has a fever but
is comfortable, then there's no reason it has to be lowered."

I thought that was interesting.

Great info on the sock treatment and starting from now I'll apply this to whoever is sick in our family. Thanks for sharing

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