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You Did It! We Raised $662 for the NMC

M_still4Thanks to all you urbanMamas who watched The Business of Being Born at Zenana Spa or Milagros in the past few weeks!  Your $5 donations added up to a good chunk of change for the Nursing Mothers Counsel of Oregon: $662 all told!!  Give yourselves a hand, mamas.  How great that we all came together, watched an inspiring documentary, discussed it online and in-person, and contributed to a local non-profit that helps local mamas. 

And a big thanks to the movie's makers for creating an opportunity to come togehter as a community around this issue and raise funds for a worthy cause.  If the film inspired you to rise up and make some changes in the business of being born in this country, check out the action resources on the movie site.  Might just be a good fit for you!  And if you're itchin' to share your birth story with other uMs, start typing!

As for the tumbnail photo above, this was one of very favorite moments in the film.  The sheer joy of it all.  it makes me smile, and remember, every time I see it.


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