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Vancouver Mamas?

We recently received an email from Abby, who's looking for other Vancouver mamas in da house.  How about meeting up at an accessible spot in Vancouver for a weekend playdate?  Who's in?  Please suggest a time & place!


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I'd be in. Cafe sip n play might be a good place to meet.

Yea!!! We would LOVE to meet some 'Couver area mamas. We are in the process of moving from downtown P-town to the suburban 'couve. We're down for Sip 'n Play any morning next week. Meeting start time sometime between nine and eleven is probably best for us.
I am a 25 year old single mom and Reli is a very talkative 19 mo.
Hope to see a few mamas there!

Hey Vancouver mamas,

I don't live up there but just heard if a cute new kids resale shop that I'm hoping to check out soon: http://www.boombatoomba.com/

Anybody been there? Worth the drive from PDX?

Next week looks workable for me, although I have a feeling that something is about to change that. At the moment, I could do Monday or Wednesday AM, and between 9 & 11 works well for me as well. We can also do weekends, if that works better for more folks. I will have my noisy 19 month old in tow as well. I am excited to meet some folks, and to find fun places to go......any other takers?

One thing worth noting, I think, is that Cafe Sip N Play charges an entrance fee, if I recall correctly. Is that right? Is that OK with all?

Boombatoomba is a great store--the owner is very friendly, and she carries a cool selection of handmade stuff. Check the business hours before you go, cause I made the mistake of stopping by in the morning the other day! Another great resale shop is 'Cradle and All' in Battle Ground, WA...prices are incredibly low, and she carries great quality clothes.

I'm a couve mama of a 4 1/2 yr old and almost 2 yr old. I work part-time, so normally can't meet until after 2:30 weekdays... not sure if anyone else is in the same kind of boat? I'm also heading up an enviromom "green" group in the couve...let me know if interested... merrybeth74@yahoo.com

I'm so happy to see other Vancouver-area mamas on this site! I work full time, so probably can't join in on a group unless it's on a Monday afternoon or weekend, but I'd love to see more commenting about things to do and see with kids north of Portland.

Sounds like a divided morning-afternoon dilemna.....How about a Saturday morning? I know weekends are precious, but it might be a good way to get started.

I am a Vancouver Mama, well Camas. I have 2 boys; 3 1/2 & 14 months....we are always looking for some new play buddies. My email is johnandtana@gmail.com.

Before the week gets totally away from us....is there anyone up for a mid-week get-together, or should we shoot for something on the weekend? Cafe Sip N Play, or elsewhere? This week or a different one?

I am open, willing and ready. Hopefully we'll see you all soon.

Nice to meet up with other 'Couv Mamas. Is there anything else on the site for us?

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