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Soaking night-time diapers

We are positive that there are tons of mamas out there that have grappled with this very situation.  Share some advice, would ya?  Liz emails:

My question relates to diapers and soaking through... We have a very big 2.5 year old who has not shown any interest in the potty yet- but is huge and frequently soaks through his 6 diaper at night. We have tried to cut back on drinking at night but it doesnt' seem to help all that much- it is just not enough oomph for a 11-12 hour night of sleep. Any suggestions? It often wakes him up in the middle of the night-


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Safeway makes a product called Diaper Doublers. I used these with both of my kiddos. They are not sold at every Safeway though....my Mom found them in Gresham at 181st and Glisan. I have also been known to use a large maxi pad when I ran out of doublers. This should help.

We've had great luck with(insert disposable guilt here)Huggies Overnights. Both of our little ones (pre-potty training) were soakers at night until we found these. I've only seen them at Target, but there likely elsewhere as well.

We were also using the Huggies overnights but our daughter just outgrew the size 4. I have not found a larger size yet - anyone else found one.

My son is 2 and a very heavy wetter as well. You may want to try a cloth diaper at night? We use Fuzzi Bunz all the time--but even if you use disposables--you could get a couple just for night time use? We just put an extra liner in there--you could even put 3 liners in if you needed too--although, 2 works for us. My son has never leaked through them. They are very wet in the mornings--but they have never leaked on his bed or pajamas...

We use disposables at night (not overnights, just regular, because we found the overnights leaked for us). As she got older we had the same problem as you do. We bought a handful of cloth diaper doublers, which they sell at places such as Mother Nature's on Clinton. They are absorbant but not-too-thick fleece-and-terry pads - the nice fleecy top next to the baby's skin helps keep her comfortable and dry-feeling. They wick up all the extra pee. In the morning, you can just toss them in the washer or the diaper pail/bag.

I used Huggies overnight with my older daugher, but have had a hard time finding them for my younger. What we've resorted to now: a #6 disposable diaper with a fleece and terry diaper doubler, with a cloth diaper wrap over it all (we get our cloth supplies at Milagros - they were super helpful in figuring out a night time system). We've successfully stopped the leakage, and she doesn't wake up anymore with soaking pajamas.

My daughter used to soak through cloth nearly every night, but she never woke up because she was used to the wet feeling, since cloth doesn't wick. We just kept pants on her, which provided a barrier, and changed the sheets often. She spent a lot of time naked during the day, to prevent diaper rash.

You could also try a wool diaper cover or wool longies. Wool absorbs a lot of moisture.

I swear by Huggies Overnites - the key is
getting the biggest size possible - which I have found a size 5 at Safeway and Albertson's (Freddy's only has size 4).
These have reduced soaking thru and night wakings for us DRAMATICALLY!

Pampers has a size 7! (I think they're the only brand that goes that high.)

I've used g-diaper refills folded lengthwise in regular diapers overnight. They work great. DON'T cut them, the filling will get everywhere. But if you fold them lengthwise, then make sure they don't poke out the front or back, they work great (if they poke out the front or back, you'll get a leak there). The small refill adds just enough extra protection. Plus, you can flush them.

Have you tried visiting with your pediatrician to rule out any medical findings- urinary tract infection, diabetes...?

When we were potty training my oldest son about the same age I used boys' Huggies Goodnites for sleeping. You can buy them anywhere, Fred Meyer has them, and they're designed for older kids who wet the bed, but they worked great for our 2.5 yr old. I got the smallest size, which seemed huge on him (the small/med size is for kids 35-65 pounds, I think), but he's always been thin and they still worked great. No other diapers worked overnight as well as these did. No more leaks and changing bedding!

Our son has always been a night soaker. We used #4 overnights with a #5 or #6 on top for a long time, yes that is right, two diapers. Now we use the huggie overnights (diaper, not pull up), but if he does not pee in the potty before bed, we have a wet bed and pjs in the AM. Good luck

I'm just saying...that is a lot of landfill... it is so easy to try a cloth diaper w/extra inserts and so easy to clean...

My daughter can't sleep with a wet diaper, cloth or otherwise. So I get up & change her.

I just wanted to add that the Diaper Doubles by Safeway is the size of a large maxi pad. The reason I used these is because my boys sleep on their tummies and the Huggies overnights would leak when they were on their tummies. You can position the diaper double where you need it.

I own the new´╗┐ version of the FB and they are very narrow in the crotch and hard to stuff so if that's the kind you have I don't think that the loopy do will fit. As for the gDiapers I think either the pouch needs to be replaced or like you said probably go up a size. If you do decide to get the loopy dos let me know what you think of them. The gCloth m-xl can hold up to 8 oz. of pee and that's before prepping them. I did that little experiment. =)

My son is 2 1/2 and SOAKSthrough a size 7 Pampers almost every night, dripping PJ's and soaked bed. Limiting fluids, potty before bed...doesn't matter. He is a belly sleeper with his legs tucked under him, so I think that exacerbates the issue. I'll bevtrying the cloth and/or liners I think. Thanks!

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