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Happy Heart Day, Mamas!

Back in the day, I think I hated Valentine's Day.  A day for Hallmark to capitalize on all of America!  A day for overpriced chocolate and roses!  A day that had been bastardized as time had gone by, symbolized by this completely symmetrical figure that had little resemblance to a real human heart.  Did anyone tell Hallmark that a human heart wasn't symmetrical?

That was then, this is now.  My husband and I now have two little people who symbolize our love for one another.  We love to celebrate this holiday of love.

We know that not all of us will be celebrating anything special today.  But, if you are -- We urbanMamas want to know how you are hearting all those loved ones around you.  What does your day entail today?


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I am taking my 1 year old to surprise Daddy at work for lunch. We are bringing him his favorite - pupusas! Oh, and a homemade valentine from her.

We woke up this morning to find wilted flowers on my husbands and my desk. My 5 year old DD picked them yesterday,woke up in the middle of the night and left them there for us.Best valentines day ever!

My son made cards for each of his teachers. It was just an excuse to remind them how much he loves them.

I arrived at work and got a very sweet email Valentine from my husband, I did not expect anything so this was a nice start to my day.
The kids and I made Valentines for each other and Dad so we will exchange them tonight along with a little chocolate. Also my 4 year old has Valentines for her preshcool classmates she will give them tomorrow at school, it is her first time doing this so she is a little excited.

My partner & I have been together over 11 years. Today, I tried something new. Got together with another mama friend and we took sweetly sexy photos of one another for our partners. Yup. Nudey photos. I'm going to email one in a few moments just to keep thoughts of this morning's shower going. I feel a bit risque for being a mama sharing this with you, but - hey - I know you won't judge me. I'm just another mama!

My son's day care is having a "Red" party, which he is very excited about. He picked out his clothes AND mine this morning, which is why I'm wearing a red sweater. What I'm really looking forward to is tomorrow, when the husband and I will celebrate together with a nice lunch out and a trip to the Portland Art Museum to see the Degas/dancer exhibit. It's not a date "night," but it's close enough!

We make each of the kids a giant poster with paper hearts taped to it to make pockets. Each of the hearts says something that we love about them on the outside and has a little treat inside.

I love these ideas! My son trades "friendship cards", as they call them, at preschool. For our friends, he made valentines for his close out-of-school friends and we delivered them along with a mix cd of love songs I make every year.

My girls made a bunch of handmade cards this year to handout after school, since the school doesn't celebrate holidays including Valentine's Day.

For our family, the four of us had a romantic dinner at the restaurant of their choice. We all exchanged cards we made for one another. My husband made a gift for the girls, a decorated cigar box with pictures and cut-outs of the family. It was filled with love notes to the girls. My husband also gifted the whole family with a poster-size collage of "the year in review, 2007". It was a great evening for the four of us.

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