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The Business of Being Born - Private Screening

M_240x400 So it's been a few years, but I'll never forget.  Not the labors (one excruciatingly long, the other excruciatingly fast), not the stitches (yes, the dreaded 'stage 4' tear).  And definitely not the hospital midwives, dedicated labor nurses, and OB (think forceps) who helped me vaginally deliver two children without drugs - not their norm.

I'm all for natural, but only to a point.  Drugs?  No way.  Bathtub at home?  No thanks.  Hospital?  Absolutely - plus, that's what my insurance covered, right?   But enough about me and my boring births of yesteryear.  We're ready to hear about someone else's births - namely Ricki Lake's - and the birthing "business."

You got it.  urbanMamas, Activistas, and Mother Tree Birth are sponsoring a screening The Business of Being Born right here in Portland before it is released!  And of course there'll be an opportunity afterward to discuss the film and, hopefully, brainstorm ideas for next steps, if that makes sense.  We'll definitely be discussing the film  - and anything related - with some expert input after we watch it (check back for details).  We've all got birth opinions, I just know it. Bring 'em with you.

Planning to come?  Excellent!  We'll be at Zenana Spa on Saturday, 1.26.08 @ 3 PM and again on Sunday 2.10.08 @ 12:30 PM (it's 85 minutes long).  The cost is $5/person; all proceeds will be donated to the Nursing Mothers Counsel of Oregon. Please RSVP in the Activistas comments section of this post, and indicate which day you're coming.  There is space for 30 at each screening, so it's important that we have an accurate count (we don't want to turn mamas away at the door!).  If you need to cancel, do that here, too.  We will not have on-site child care, so please bring only babes in arms.

Wondering if it's your kind of film? Check out the You Tube trailer.  Can't make it but feel like sharing your birth story with the entire world?  Go ahead, do it