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Prenatal / Infant Care DVD

Theresa is entering the realm as a health educator.  She was hoping that the greater readership at-large could provide some insight on DVDs or videos that could help her provide support to expecting mothers.  She emails:

I recently moved back to Norcal and miss Portland dearly.  But that's another story.  I still check out the UM website for thought provoking info and advice. My question; I recently got a job as a Health Educator for low income pregnant women.  Most of my clientèle are young mothers.  Does anyone have any effective / helpful Prenatal and Infant Care DVD's/Videos you would recommend? Childbirth is taught by someone else.  Thanks for you help!


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The Injoy videos/dvds are excellent! There is quite a bit that is focused towards teen parents both prenatally and parenting skills.

Good luck.

I thought "The Happiest Baby on the Block" was really helpful. I always give the DVD and a Miracle Blanket (I found it to be the best swaddling blanket) to friends having their first baby.

I haven't seen this one, but it looks compelling--"What Babies Want". As a new mother, I've found lots of information about the superficial stuff like how to bathe your baby, how to change a diaper, when your baby will roll over, etc, but I've had to do a lot more searching for stuff that's really informative in *understanding* that mysterious little creature now in my care. This DVD looks like it might be informative in that respect, but it isn't available at the library so I haven't been able to view it yet.


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