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Pediatric Orthodontist

Amy is looking for suggestions or recommendations on pediatric orthodontists:

Any recommendations for a pediatric orthodontist?  (We live in NE/ Rose City area...our dentist recommended that we see an orthodontist, as our 6 y.o. daughter has an underbite that he recommends we get taken care of sooner rather than later.  Anyone have any experience with underbite correction?  (or deciding not to...)


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We really like Dr. Jerry Rensch. He is in NE PDX at 47th and Tillamook. Great office, nice staff. We moved to Portland midway through our then 13 year old son's treatment, and were very happy with our experience with Dr. Rensch. I don't think my son had an underbite problem, but he had thumb sucking “issues” and a mouth that was too small. One thing I will warn you about is that often the current treatment is to do ortho work twice. Yes, that’s having braces TWICE! When they are 8-10 I think and then again from 12-15 or so. Orthodondists now try to save teeth by getting the braces on young and stretching out the mouth, not waiting until the jaw is close to finished growing and pulling out perfectly healthy teeth. (I had 4 teeth pulled for my ortho treatment in the 80's.) Anyway, I thought the 2 x treatment was a scam to make more money, but we meet with many doctors and the ones we liked and had the best reviews all recommended this double treatment in our case.

Now, don’t even get me started on trying to get a teenager to wear his retainer!

Good luck!


Our seven year old is headed for a palate expander this summer as his upper jaw is not properly aligned with his lower. And we're told he will probably need a second round later on. This is a fairly common route nowadays according to his orthodontist, but will still be extremely expensive. We plan to set aside some money tax free to pay for this so appreciate knowing ahead of time what we're in for. I don't know if I can be helpful with recommendations as we are in SE, but so far we have really liked Dr. Marie Lathrop on Milwaukie Avenue in Sellwood.

My one year old daugher has started to bite while nursing. Not bite exactly, but chew. She leaves teet marks and has even on a couple of occasions drawn blood! I've checked out the websites and have tried the recommendations, but I'm still not having much luck. She is not doing it intentionally, but clearly something is not right. I don't want to stop nursing,but I just don't know how much longer I (or my nipples) can put up with this. Any mamas with a similar experience?

I can second the recommendation for Dr. Rensch (and it would be right in your neighborhood). He's been in practice a loooong time--he was my orthodontist as a kid, and he dealt with my teeth issues in 2 years after I'd already been seeing another orthodontist for 4 years. I took my son in for a consultation (free) there last year and saw the other orthodontist in the practice--I liked him, too, but his name escapes me. The funny thing is that even after 20 years, some of the same office staff were there and they recognized me.

I think most orthodontists will do a consult for free, so you could shop around to find out if they all agree on treatment approaches and price and see if you're comfortable with the atmosphere in the office. Good luck!

We love Dr. Farzin Turk of Portsmouth Dental. They are in North Portland. He started out as a family friend and has over time become the dentis to to our entire extended familly and multiple friends and their families. I'm not sure if he practices exactly what you need, but he is certainly the best dentist I have ever seen, regardless of our friendship. They always have the latest in technology, a big plus.

I have a great dentist. Dr. Pelley in Sellwood Her office is great and my daughter loves it there. She loves the balloons and toys, but most important she loves going back with the dentist and her wonderful assistant. The front office lady is great too. All arount a 5 star office

I need one in SW Portland. Anyone knows of a good pediatric dentist? thank you.

Check with your insurance provider for a list of orthodontic providers covered by your health insurance. Be aware that not all dental insurance provides orthodontic coverage.

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