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Interested in joining Saturday Morning Runs?

A new year is here, and it's hard to believe it's been over two years since we've instituted our Saturday morning runs.  While our consistency has ebbed and flowed in the past couple of years, with conflicting Saturday morning swim lessons for the kids or pregnancies / births, it seems that we're ramping up again in earnest, running for our lives.  Some of us are getting ready (7 months early) for this year's Hood to Coast, but some of just like to get out for a little joggy-jog to get those juices going on a Saturday morning.  Refreshing!  Do you like to run?

Join the urbanMamasRun yahoo group and get the skinny on where we're running next, usually on Saturday mornings at 8AM.  Bundle up and join us!


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I am not much of a runner. Is there a similar group for walkers, or if not is anyone interested in Saturday morning walks?

I'm not in good enough shape to go running yet, so I definitely like the idea of a Saturday morning walking group.

I'm in, too, for a walking group.

Yeah I would be interested in a slow run/fast walk kind of group. Maybe if we all went together(runners and walkers) we could find a person we were paced with. Can we bring our tots in joggers or packs, or is this group for serious runners only?

I love the idea of walking and would be open to a sunday group. If it is Saturday I can do every other Sat (9:30).

walks that might be nice- mt tabor, waterfront, trails on west side ( forest park?)even the grant HS track?

Anyone up for Sundays?

I set up a yahoo group for walkers at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/urbanMamasWalk/.
I would be up for a Saturday morning walk or Sunday and would have to bring my little one along. I live downtown and am not too familiar with walks around town so if anyone else has ideas, the more the merrier!

I would also be up for a Saturday morning walking/jogging group. We live in close in NE and am rearing to go. Any other mamas in the area wanna start? Maybe meet at Wilshire park and go around the neighborhood. Let's set it up.

I'm up for saturday morning walks too! I am also in NE close to Grant Park. Count me in. Though I would be bringing baby since dad will be out with our 3 yr old saturday mornings already.

Would love to join in for Saturday morning walks. Am also in NE...Wilshire park and neighborhood would be perfect. email me: verma_richa@hotmail.com


Awesome idea to set up the yahoo group! It works great to coordinate walks, times, and meeting places. For those of you who are interested in the walking group, be sure to join urbanMamasWalk: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/urbanMamasWalk/

I just joined the Yahoo group to hopefully get a group walkers together. Please check it out if you're interested.

I was reading the emails from the 'new' runners over the weekend and felt deflated because they seem to be somewhat more experienced. I would love to find a group of NEW runner(s) who want to meet to run and do the run/walk training pace together. I'd also like to bring my jog stroller with my daughter in it. Perhaps the goal could be a 5k that is a bit further out that allows the joggers. I'm NW but willing to meet NE/SW/SE as long as still close-in. I'd even be willing to find the run/walk pace for the group. Thoughts? You can email me at: flyingwoman01 (at) gmail.com

As a correction to my email above, I meant to say I'd like to find a run that allows jogging strollers...

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