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Support Group for Tween/Teen Parents

Several times, I have thought to myself, "My daughter is seven going on thirteen."  Her responses to me, her verbal chills, her extra-occular movement, her recounting how in Ramona's World the big sister babysat to earn money to have her ears pierced without telling her parents... it's all too much.  It feels like it's happened too fast, too soon.  Alas, this is life, and I can still distinctly recall going through very similar scenarios with my own mother.  It was just yesterday.  While I am sure we can still employ beloved techniques of Love and Logic to get through those tough moments, I know we will need all the support we can get.

How timely was Rebecca's email as I had all these thoughts on the brain:

I wanted to let you know I have just started a new meetup group for moms with big kids (about ages 10 and up) with a focus on NVC/compassionate communication, positive parenting discipline, attachment parenting etc.  I am just learning about these parenting styles/philosophies, and would love to recruit some new members -- especially those who are more skilled or experienced and interested in imparting some of their knowledge to others. The group website is located here http://momsofteens.meetup.com/22 and I would really appreciate your help getting the word out.

Have other mamas & papas gone worked through these issues yet?  Can you offer your best technique on dealing with the challenges of our maturing youth?


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amen sister! I am so so out of my league as a single mon of 4 pre teens! I cant believe how few groups there are for parents like us!

HI ! Would very much like to have a meet up group of parents with tweens/teens. Have been looking high & low for something like this. I have any only child (boy - 14). that i have a super relationship with, but would sometimes very much like to speak with other parents about things happening in their lives with their teens.

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