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Seeking Oral Surgeon Recommendations

Fonda has a question for the rest of the urbanMamas community, seeking a specific dental provider:

I need to find a good oral surgeon as well as a good orthodontist (for multiple wisdom teeth removal and following orthodontic work).  We need someone who will be competent, patient, helpful in answering questions in a no-pressure way, and most of all *honest* in telling us whether the teeth really need to come out now versus wait-and-see. Have any of you had good experiences, either with yourselves or with your teenagers?  I live in Beaverton, so west side would be best.


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Bethany Orthodontics is in Bethany Village. I've heard great things. As far as wisdom teeth being pulled, in my experience earlier is better. Good luck.

I recently had a complicated wisdom tooth removed by Dr. Anthony Bouneff of Beaverton Oral Surgeons. He came highly recommended to me by a friend (a nurse who used to work for him). He did a great job at numbing me up first and he was straightforward with me about my options. He took extra time to talk with me about different drugs and breastfeeding. The office was pleasant and they even gave me flowers on the way out, with a follow-up call the next day. I live in NE so it was quite a trek but he was worth it. Good luck!

Hey, happened to see this and thought I'd say that I've had good experiences with Dr. Jay P. Malmquist. He doesn't specialize in Peds that I know of, but he removed my wisdom teeth when I was in my teens, and it was a good experience, as far as that kind of thing goes. He's extremely personable, not at all condescending, and - most of all - very good at what he does. He's right by the zoo, so that's sort of West... His staff has always been very pleasant, and scheduling has never been a problem.

My teen had her wisdom teethed pulled this time last year. She saw Dr Scott Anderson and we were impressed. She was referred by my ex who is a dentist. He also removed mine and all my friends when we were in our late teens.....yikes twenty years ago and it was cheaper now! (No dental insurance in our family) He is located downtown no parking but he validates!

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