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Is anyone traveling?

Have you noticed that many of us here at urbanMamas have been busy?  A few of us are busy getting the families ready for travels to see family over the winter break.  We know quite a few families who are packing up their things, getting ready to go.  We also know quite a few families who are staying local, or perhaps renting a cabin up in the snow for a night or two.

We thought it'd be a good time to highlight a few travel posts that could be handy for the traveling folk:

For those who are staying closer to home, perhaps we can share some snowy fun ideas?

So, will your family be stay close to Portland for the winter break?  Are you heading out of town to visit with family and friends, or have you already gone?  Do share!  We'd love to hear what you are up to....


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Thanks for all the snow info. We are aiming to go sledding/make snowmen, etc... this weekend - any great no-miss places for that? Preferably near a bathroom :-) And an indoor heated place for the kids who fade out more quickly than the others? Dreaming, perhaps, but we're just hoping to make one stop and get it right. Thanks! (kids ranging in age from just under 2 to 5...)

That was a great information on snow and how we can have fun with it. As we are planning to have trip would love to visit some of the places.

That is great! I always want to go and visit family in the west, but I end up having to stick around at Christmas time in order to play at different Christmas functions.There are lots of nice places to stay downtown that are relatively close to the start/finish line.

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