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Book group: Animal, Vegetable, Miracle

Animal_vegetable_miracle_240 Several of us got together a few weeks ago and agreed that a book group was a great idea! Naturally, life took its holiday twists and turns and I've missed the organization I promised. So here it is: we are starting a book group. We'll meet every other Sunday afternoon around 12:30 p.m. and one weekday a month at around 7 (attendance at all meetings definitely not required for participation!). Our first book will be Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver; as I understand, the copies available at the library are in high demand, so you may have to order from Amazon.com or share.

I'm not sure where to meet, partly as I don't know how many will attend; please let me know if you're coming, and leave ideas in the comments about where to meet. Our first evening meeting will be this Thursday night, December 20th; our first Sunday meeting, Dec. 30. Thursday at 7 we'll meet at the Press Club, 2621 SE Clinton. We'll discuss whether we'll read one book each month, or one every two months, when we're face-to-face.

(The support mama meetings will continue starting Dec. 23 on alternate Sundays; I'll update the urbanMamas calendar to reflect that.)


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I have a hard copy to loan if anyone needs it.

Lisa, I would LOVE to borrow it! When you have a moment, please email me kmwad at yahoo dot com. Thanks!! ~kate

Hey, that's what I'm reading right now!! Entirely while locked in the bathroom!!! AND, I'm almost Done!!!!!!!!



Does it count if you listened to it on tape?! Oh the days of finishing a book.....

won't make it this week--posada at my sister-in-laws! but I'll definitely be there on the 30th. how did you know that Barbara Kingsolver is my favorite?! how about the Woodstock library...I think they try to keep their conference room open for occasional meetings & I know another informal book group that meets there. also, Holgate has friendly staff.

It totally counts if you listen to the book on tape! For this Thursday, let's meet at the Press Room on SE 26th/Clinton (partially because I've always wanted to check it out!). I understand that not many people will be able to make it and it *is* ok to just come once a month and still be "in."

Can anyone come? I am new to Portland and am looking to join a book club.

Wah! I've read this! And love it. It was just the salve I needed after reading Plenty, when I decided we were all going to hell. Sorry I missed this. What book are you reading for 12/30? And, jeez, are you all really reading 3 books a month?

Yes! anyone can come. And no, we're not reading three books a month -- we'll continue to discuss Barbara Kingsolver for at least one more meeting. we'll see you both on the 30th?!?

I'd love to join the bookclub, but will be out of town until January. I will look for posts about the next meeting!

Did you end up meeting last night? Mara and I waited until a little after 8pm, but didn't see anyone...so we headed home.

Where is the gathering on Sunday?

this sunday (dec. 30) we're at pix patisserie division, around 1 p.m. hope you all can make it!

I want to come to the next meeting. I'm reading the book and LOVING it! Could you please put let us know where and when the next one will be? Thanks.

Request for updated information on the book group. The posting on the calendar for the book group on Thursday, July 17th at 7pm speaks of meeting to discuss the Kingsolver book in December. Is the group still going? What are you reading now? Thank you.

Hi, I just saw the book club on the calendar for Thurs 2/19 and was hoping I could get more details on the club like what you're reading now, how often you meet, if you're open to new people, etc. I've been wanting an excuse to get back into reading!

Thanks so much,

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