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Where to donate barely used/new nursing bras?

Donations of lingerie are probably atypical, but what do you do with items that could go to good use?  Jessie asks:

I am wondering if anyone knows of a place where clean, seldom (or never) worn bras can be donated? I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the end of my pregnancy last year and have just finished reconstruction. As a result of this, I have some-never worn nursing bras (that I took out of the package to wash) and a number of seldom worn regular bras that fit only late in pregnancy or while going through reconstruction. I think that donations of lingerie are generally frowned-upon, but gosh, I do hate to through these away. Any suggestions?


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I've given them away to friends, co-workers and through the Free section of Craigslist. Sorry to hear about your cancer. Best wishes to you!

You might ask the Insights Teen Parent Program, www.insightstpp.org, if they would take them.

The Providence St. Vincent Prenatal Clinic provides prenatal care to uninsured women and I'm sure would accept them gratefully. They are at 9340 SW Barnes, across from the hospital. Best wishes to you.

You could also try Catholic Charities' pregnancy support program.

We donate clothing - maternity, nursing, and children's - to Insights, Catholic Charities, and Raphael House. We have donated nursing and maternity bras to these organizations in the past.

All of these groups use the donations directly with clients and serve expectant mothers, new mothers, and families.

You might also try Children's Relief Nursery in St. John's--they serve mothers and children in the area and take both maternity and children's stuff.

NWCO seems to take pretty much everything. They take in items and give them either directly to individuals, or to organizations that they know can use them.

Here's the website for NW Children's Outreach:

Some fantastic sexy nursing bras from HOTmilk are available now with huge discounts at www.hermama.com. Just Google Hermama to find a bargain while stocks last.

I think you should donate them to someone who is in need and have no money to buy it, why not donate it to groups that take care of needful moms!

Mother Child Education Center, at 1515 NE 41st (across from Trader Joes, right at the Max stop) is a great place to donate all things mama and baby. They offer free classes (cooking sewing prenatal parenting breastfeeding, etc) AND donations of all sorts. They are in a cozy little bungalow and are open to the public,

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We must wash them thoroughly. It is often un-hygienic to use second hand underwear.

Donate them to a trans-girl. Or a shelter for battered or homeless women. Somebody would be glad to receive what you don't need.


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