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urbanMama book club: The Other Mother

From time to time, I harbor fantasies of having a regular Sunday literary review on urbanMamas, in which we get together virtually and talk about an important book. Sure, I've read a lot of the books I want to include in that review, but I haven't yet found time to give this project its due.

However, I finally got a chance to give Gwendolyn Gross' The Other Mother a nice, thorough review. I recommend this book, with the caveat that (as Mara at Oleoptene pointed out) the main characters, two mothers locked in the "Mommy Wars," aren't that likeable; that it's located in New Jersey, where everyone has more money than they need; and that there is a lot of judgment going on. Still, it's very well-written with lots of moments that would be great for a book group to discuss -- and I'd love to hear others' thoughts about it here.


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yay book group! yay Sundays! I notice no one else has commented--should we start just the 2 of us? let me know what you think, email me at capella_acl@yahoo.com

Hey there! I would love to do a book group. Were you thinking of doing this as part of a Sunday afternoon thing or at another time? I think another time of the week would be best for me, but I could try to figure out Sundays if possible.

Thank you for doing this. I would love to help start/join a book group. Count me in.

I would be interested in a book club ... evenings are better for me but I might be able to make Sunday afternoon work sometimes.
Thanks for organizing!

Count me in. This would be wonderful.

I'd be very interested in a book group!

I would love to join but sadly I work on Sundays. I on;y work on Sunday, so my hubby can watch the baby. Is there any chance you would meet any other time? thanks.


We just moved to Portland and I miss my book group terribly! Is there a book group -- yay or nay? Still interest out there in one?
email: dominiqueniqueatgmail.com

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