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Prenatal Fitness Class

We've talked about prenatal swim and prenatal yoga, but perhaps you could recommend other general prenatal fitness programs or ideas?  Sarah writes:

I am seeking recommendations for a good prenatal fitness or water aerobics class. I just found a great prenatal yoga class, but I am looking for something different to attend maybe one other day a week. If I don't have a scheduled class, I know I won't exercise.  My criteria: It can't be too intense because I am currently a total failure at exercise, having spent the past two years neglecting myself while caring for baby No. 1.  Ideally I would love something in water, but I don't know if water aerobics exists for those under age 65. Probably something for senior citizens would be right up my alley. A non-water prenatal fitness class would be OK, too.  I'm basically looking for some stress relief and also would like to build up some stamina in preparation for another labor.


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Portland Parks and Rec and Park and Rec in Vancouver offer prenatal water aerobics. They also have classes for everyone. I did both when I was pregnant as the prenatal classes were only 2 times a week. In the other classes I was with mostly older women but they welcomed me with open arms and were very sweet. I liked the deep water exercise better than the stuff in shallow water. I felt I got a better workout and enjoyed the weightlessness of it esp. towards the end of my pregnancy. The instructors were the same for both classes so they could alert me to any exercises I should skip or alter in the regular class due to my pregnancy. Have fun.....I was not an exerciser or in shape but found these classes to be perfect.

You might want to check out Wendy Foster's prenatal Pilates class. She also offers a mama & baby class you can take together after the baby arrives: www.divinepilates.com.

I took prenatal water aerobics through Providence on Glisan. About fifteen pregnant women at various stages and watching the women stop (due to birth) all of a sudden and other newly pregnant women join in -- good fun!

Does anyone have any specific information about the prenatal water aerobics class at Providence? I have not be able to find anything. Thank you so much!

Hard to find on their website (health info - health & fitness classes - fitness - Prov. Portland Therapy Pool Community Class...), but they offer "prenatal water exercise" Tuesday and Thursday evenings, 6:00 to 6:55pm. Fees: $60 for 16 classes, $50 for PHP members. It looks like they aren't offering them at the Macadam location anymore.

I should have posted the phone number...


Check out Zenana Spa. They have prenatal/postnatal pilates and yoga. I walked every day for 40 minutes at Laurelhurst Park, and I also did light strengthening weight routines from DVD classics such as Kathy Smith and Denise Austin. Happy and Healthy Pregnancy to you!

Thank you Cheri!

Portland Parks and Rec has various affordable water aerobics classes for young and old alike. I began their deep water aerobics when pregnant and have continued going. You can work as hard or as easy as you like. Check out the Portland Parks and Rec webpage and click on the nearest indoor pool (to you).

Just a 2nd on the Prenatal water aerobics class at Providence Portland. Lisa, the instructor, is great! $4 drop per class is also great for flexible scheduling. They have a locker/change room and the class is really laidback and fun. They also offer a program called "Independent Pool Therapy Time" where you can pay $24 for 8 visits, or $48 for 16 visits, and use the pool, along with the noodles, kickboards, underwater weights, etc at various times throughout the day and do your own workout. Lisa or the other pool staff have more information. Adventist (by Mall 205) also offers pre-natal water aerobics classes (503-251-6888 or http://www.adventisthealthnw.com/search/events/view_record.asp?ID=2802 listed as 'Maternity Water Workout')

It's not a class, but I absolutely loved "The Perfect Pregnancy Workout" by Karyne Steben. It's a DVD I bought from Amazon, and Karyne Steben is from Cirque de Soliel. I really believe that DVD and my yoga class helped me to have a fantastic labor and delivery!

Highly recommend Baby Boot Camp! You can bring your 1st child with you to exercise or you can come solo. Several of the trainers are either pregnant or just back from maternity leave so they're great at advising you when to adapt the exercises. Also, many of the women in class are pregnant with #2 or #3 so you'll have plenty of understanding moms to commiserate and celebrate with! You don't have to have a jogging stroller either. First class is free!

Stroller Strides is another great option. We have a lot of pregnant moms attending classes. All of the instructors are nationally certified and know the proper modifications for the pregnant mom. Plus it is the nation's largest fitness program for moms. This is a great group for new and expecting moms, classes are offered throughout Portland and greater Portland. First week is free.


I am posting a comment out of need for some sort of guidance.
I am about four months pregnant and would desperately like to find an exercise group. I don't have a mother or father to seek guidance from and I think it would be beneficial for both the baby and myself to find some sort of encouraging support group to be a part of.
If you know of anything like this please don't hesitate to send me a message at Laruefantastik19@yahoo.com
thanks alot.

I just found a class offered at the Dishman Community Center in inner NE. They have an Aqua Power Deep Water Aerobics class and a Pregnancy Fitness-Shallow water aerobics class. Classes start April 1. I might drag the husband to the Aqua Power class to check it out, but if anyone else is interested in the Pregnancy one...? Click on my name to see the class information...

Wendy Foster, who teaches prenatal mamalates classes at Zenana Spa, now has a DVD available so you can do prenantal and postpartum Pilates at home. It's available for purchase on her web site: http://www.mamalates.com/products.html

Hi! I do offer prenatal/pregnancy pilates based fitness classes@ Zenana Spa and Wellness. The main focus is on stability, strengthening the proper core muscles, pelvic floor exercises and spinal flexibility. We do lots of standing squats and use resistance bands for added strength building.
Prental/postpartum Pilates based classes are in Portland,OR on Thursday and Sunday pms.
or 503-459-8936 for more info

I am starting a pregnancy exercise class on a fit ball. I am physical therapist who works in women's health. My classes are starting in January, 2012. 30 minutes of cardio and 25 minutes of strengthening. Should be fun! Www.leap4women.com. Angie johnson

I am 5 months pregnant with a friend who is 7 months pregnant, and we are both looking for innovative $$ conscious prenatal workout classes/groups/yoga/water aerobics, whatever. I've been looking through the posts here and have noticed that the most recent ones are from 2011. Hence, programs are no longer offered, and if they are, they now cost more. Anybody out there have any suggestions?

Many thanks!

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