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How's a mama to find her way?

Thanks to all of you, urbanMamas.com is chock full of information for all of us to share.  Thank you to everyone who continues to make this site a great online community for urbanMamas in Portland.  Now that you're here, how to find what you need?  Here are a few ways to get started:

Navigating the header:  Under the urbanMama header are some links to various parts of our site.  There you can click to the activistas site, calendar, childcare, exchange or school sections of our blog.

Recent Posts:  Most recent entries are listed in the lower part of the right column.  These are links to the last 10 entries made to urbanMamas.

Recent Comments:   I know, it's such a basic thing in the blogosphere, but on the right-hand bar, see what other urbanParents have been talking about recently (the most recent 15 are shown).

Categories:  In the lower-left, we've listed out how we break it out: by geography, by parenting topic, by theme.  The larger the font, the more entries within the category.

Search urbanMamas:  Below "Recent Posts" you will find a search field.  Enter the word or phrase you'd like to search for and click "search".

Sign up for updates:  Below the Search field is a place to sign up for updates in your e-mail.  It's an email-friendly way to catch a peek of what's been going on at urbanMamas for the week.

email us:  We're always happy to hear from you.  Send us questions, comments, suggestions, contribution ideas!  Have a suggestion on a new category or post?  Have an upcoming event and want to invite the urbanMamas?  Email us at urbanmamas@gmail.com.