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Will you Bike or Walk to School?

This Wednesday, October 3, is the 2007 Bike & Walk to School Day.  In an effort to get in our faces, grab our attention, and/or shame us into walking or biking, a Willy Week editorial reads, "Driving is Lazy".  With Portland Public Schools offering school choice wherein many families opt for schools beyond their neighborhood schools, it may not be as easy to just walk or bike to school.

There are 37 or so participating schools in Portland, both public and private.  Is your school on the list?  Even if it isn't, will you be able to walk or bike to school?  Carpool or take the bus/MAX? 


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Mila's school, the Portland Village School, is too far to walk and there isn't a great bike route from our home to there either.

Of course if we had stuck with our neighborhood school rather than a public charter school, the walk/bike ride would only be five blocks. So any commute challenges we are facing are of our own making.

The good news is that we are able to take Mila on TriMet to/from school. It is an easy 10 minute ride on the mighty 75. Go TriMet!

Our family is car-free, so we always walk or use Tri-Met to get to school. We walked three out of five days last week from our home in Irvington to our school in the Pearl District.

My son is in daycare, but we will walk and bus. We ride the #44. We have walked/bused one or two days a week (out of four), through the summer. Not sure what we will think when it gets cold(er) and wet(ter). The other days I drive to his school and then bus to work downtown. Good luck to families trying any alternative to the car at any level.

I usually bus & walk or bike to my son's preschool downtown. On Wednesday, we will be taking the #4 or #10 and the #6. I then walk the five blocks or so from his school to work. We've biked the entire way before, as well as biking to my work and then taking the streetcar. We're still trying to figure out the best option since the location of his school is sort of a pain to get to by any mode. If anyone has a great bike route east / west through downtown please do share. SW Jefferson is under construction right now, and is just not safe for riding with a tag-along in tow.

Our neighborhood school is less than a block away, so we always walk! On Wednesday morn, we're having a yoga class for parents after they walk or bike their kids to school. If anyone's at or near Faubion School, join us in the library!

We go to Emerson Charter School and live in N PDX. We will bike to school tomorrow, and hope to get a little bike pool going! If anyone commutes from the N/NE towards downtown let me know!

Last May, on Bike to Work Day, I biked my daughter in with a bike pool coming from the North, and Philly had tons of fun riding alongside other commuters. It was great bikeraderie.

I know not it isn't convenient or safe for every family to walk or bike to school, and I definitely applaud using TriMet as well when we can! We are setting wonderful examples for the kids.

We are also a car-free family, and we only live 3 blocks from Eli's elementary school, so we always walk. (Hi Sharai, we're also a Faubian family!) My 3 year old goes to a playgroup Mondays and Fridays (different houses.) Usually on Mondays we bus it (the good old #75; I think Gideon will know the bus schedule by heart soon), and then walk the remaining 7 blocks. The #33 would get us closer but this kid is a walker! That being said, we walk to and from playgroup on Fridays, which is 22 blocks each way. It takes a long time, but he really loves to walk, so it's worth it!

Yay Kate! It's always nice to hear about other car-free families. People often look at me like I'm an alien when we say we're care-free with kids!

Olivia, we go to Emerson as well. I think we've seen you guys biking over the Broadway Bridge a few times.

We'll be biking from NE to Sunnyside, like we do most everyday- 4 miles each way. Finding a good route (minimal high traffic streets & hills, safe crossing of major streets) makes a huge difference in what seems bikable with a family or not.

Could it have been any wetter for walking and busing today? Geez. This weather is at least 6 weeks too early for me. We did it, but were pretty damp.

Courtney. Word up. What was with the rain? As soon as we started rolling on our bike, it was pouring. Plus, I have the girl who still only wears sundresses and cannot wear boots, tights, pants or jackets. Lucky for her, her big sis held an umbrella over both of them.

I was sad because we planned an impromptu parade from N/NE down to school. I packed maracas and tambourines and hot cocoa. Alas, we were a minute too late with the rain and all, and missed the two others that rolled down together.

The upside is that our school would like to make this a monthly event - every last Friday to coincide with Shift2Bikes Breakfast on the Bridges (Hawthorne & Bwy Bridges). So, YAY! There will be more biking to school yet!

For all those that participated, yahoo!

Sadly enough, my school, Grout, wasn't on the list! But today is picture day -- I wonder if that's a factor. anyway, we always walk and bike Everett to school, about 2/3 of a mile away from our home. what else are rubber boots and umbrellas for? (thankfully everett doesn't have any sundresses :)

I only wish every day were walking & biking day, I'm tired of breathing in the exhaust fumes on Holgate when I start getting close to school *sigh*...

"Today school children around the world joined together to walk, bicycle, scooter, skateboard and even stilt walk and unicycle - see BTA blog for details; http://www.bta4bikes.org/btablog - to school. In Oregon almost 20,000 children and over 88 schools participated, and in the Portland metro area 33 schools participated. All communities celebrated with help from parents, volunteers, key community leaders and elected officials who joined the children on their way to schools."

From: Angela Koch
Safe Routes to Schools Director
Bicycle Transportation Alliance
233 NW 5th Ave., Portland
mail: PO Box 9072, Portland, OR 97207
503.226.0676 x19

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