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Where to walk indoors with baby?

In addition to rainy day outings (take 1, take 2, and Monday suggestions), some mamas need to get out there and enjoy some long walks with their babes.  But, with the weather bound to turn more and more as the days wear on, we need some suggestions on where to get our walk-wiggles out!

Hi! My name is Mary. I have a four month old son, Alejandro.  Since I was pregnant, and after his birth, we have gone for long daily walks at Laurelhurst Park.  I wrap him up in the moby wrap or in the ergo, and I get my exercise, and he gets to look at his new world & take a nap.  Sadly, on very rainy days we won't be able to do our walk outside.  My question to the urbanMamas is: where are their indoor tracks to walk with a baby?  We are a very low income family, and we can't afford a gym membership.  Any suggestions?  Thanks!


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One idea is Lloyd Center Mall -- I've done it many times -- used it to induce labor during a very rainy February and kept going with babies. A couple of laps around all three floors is great to work up a sweat. If it's crowded, the third floor is usually pretty empty except for the food court.

I second the upstairs floor at Lloyd Center. I've also used the Jantzen Beach mall and the airport.

I "third" the lloyd mall. I go there too. you can get a good walk in from one end to the other-it must be about a mile from one end to the other and back both ways!!

Don't rule out going in the rain with a good umbrella. One of those big ones covers baby when he's in the wrap, and keeps mom fairly dry as well. I even have rain pants, which keep my legs dry and go right over my regular clothes. GIJoes has some great ones on sale right now. You could even buy a rain jacket in a big enough size to go over baby in the wrap. My boys are older, and we have to get out walking rain or shine!

Just the other day we went to Lloyd Center at 9 before most stores opened. My two year old was in heaven to run free on the second (carpeted) floor. It was pretty empty and all of the doors were still closed so that was helpful. The bookstore was open and had a train table and seeing the Zamboni driving around the ice rink totally made his day.

I second the rainpants and big umbrella.
Listening to the rain is soothing for me and the little one.
i get to see what my neighborhood looks like in every season, and all the other brave walkers/runners that enjoy our great outdoors!

We've done the lloyd center mall before it opens. Clackamas town center is a good one, too. And they just got a new kiddie play area. Another option is the Kennedy School in NE. My almost 2 year old loves seeing all the cool artwork.

I love the airport idea. You could take MAX right there. There is a play area, a Powells, a coffee shop, and tons of space to watch planes go up and down. I have done many a brisk walk up and down.

I also love the rain pants, umbrella, good parka, and good waterproof shoes idea. The babe can be very cozy under the umbrella. When he's older, a stroller with a rain cover works awesome.

Mary- You read my mind. I was just discussing this topic with some friends. I also got the Lloyd Center but another idea is Mall 205. Chrissy

Another vote for heading outside despite the rain! Get some good gear, and you can stay dry and warm - it takes a little more energy to get yourself out there, but I have found that the fresh air and quiet and critters is so much better than Cinnabon-scented air and muzak and mall rats.

We have taken the tram from the waterfront up to the OHSU hill, and walked all around the hosiptal. There's all kinds of art to look at, a long, glass enclosed bridge with nice views, a couple coffee shops. I thinks the tram is $4 for asdults; kids under 7 are free.

If you are on the Westside I would recommend Washington Square Mall. If you go before the stores open (before 10am) there are a lot of people there walking from moms with babies in strollers to seniors. Since the food court is upstairs you can also get away from the main 'crowd' if you feel like doing some other exercises or stretching. And if you want fresh air with a cover you can do loops in the parking garage!

Another possibility is go to the Central Library and walk up and down the staircase a few times and browse the books in between climbing sessions!

There's a play area at the airport?? Wow, I never knew. Anyone know what is it like? Good for what ages? I assume you can get to it w/o a ticket/going through security... That could be a great option for us since it also involves watching airplanes!

The play area at the airport is just outside the security entrance for the D and E gates - it's where my family meets me, no matter what airline I come in on. There is a play structure with ladder, slide, climbing stuff, and a couple toy tables (one with legos), and there is lots of space to run around. You can also see through the secured walkway to see the airplanes come into the gates. I hadn't really thought of going there when I'm not travling, but now that a Jamba Juice is opening in the main food court, I may get out there this winter with my son!

Please do not go to OHSU with a toddler. The tram idea is cool but not the hospital run around idea. Hospitals are germ infested place. I know I work there. It is a miracle if you are a patient who makes it home without contracting some antibiotic resistant strain. As a nurse I see patients in isolation all the time for various infections and they get transported throughout the hospital for various tests. So stay away and please keep the kids away. And I am not even a germ-aphobe and I say it is germ filled place. Thanks...I vote for Lloyd Center!

Hey ~ those of you with kids that like planes ~ we just discovered that the top floor of the parking ramp has an AMAZING view of the planes landing and taking off. Not to mention the view of Mt. Hood and the Columbia River on a decent day. It was only because the rest of the floors were full that we parked up there but now I know that we'll park up there all the time so that our visitors can get a look at this rare view.
Also - to the original poster ~ I agree with walking outside even in the rain. In addition to the reasons above, it feels so good to get home to your own private coziness after a nice long wet walk with the little one.

I just discovered that Washington Square Mall has a great little breastfeeding room inside their family restroom area. I am not the type that usually enjoys the mall, but it provides a nice warm place to spend a few hours walking and with a cozy and private place to sit and breastfeed there is no reason to rush home.

It's in the middle of the mall on the first floor. I think one entrace was a few stores down (toward Macy's) from See's Candy. Check their map to make sure.

Calling all yoga mamas who enjoy walking with their children. Come join me with your stroller in hand, for some mindful fitness, walking meditation and heartfelt connection. SE yoga mamas will meet at 9:30am in Sellwood Park (at playground) M-W and at Clackamas Town Center (upstairs in front of Nordstrom), if it rains. T-TH we will meet at 9:30am in Laurelhurst Park(playground)or at Lloyd Center Mall (upstairs in front of Nordstrom) in the case of rain. North Portland mamas will meet in Peninsula Park Fridays at 9am. Saturdays are reserved for private group or one on one Yoga Stroll sessions. Please contact Traci Cushnir for information on reserving your space in a Yoga Stroll class, private group session or for payment rates and options. Your first class is free so please come and try it out. #503-888-8335

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