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The responsibilities of Mamahood

The ever expanding field of motherhood has plenty of management opportunities available.  Here is a list of just a few of the many management roles someone pursuing motherhood might find themselves in.

CBO    Chief Bedtime Officer - handling everything from pajamas to teeth brushing to stories and tucking in, one of motherhood's great delights!
CCO    Chief Coat Officer - Managing and Keeping tabs on all the coats in the family, so that one never goes without a warm jacket or coat.  Can also include scarf and glove/mitten responsibilities.
CDO    Chief Discipline Officer - Maintaining acceptable behavior models consistently and repeatedly, sometimes thousands of times over.
CEO    Chief Executive Officer - In charge of getting things done, no matter what difficulties come your way.
CFO    Chief Food Officer - Responsible for ensuring that everyone is fed with healthy food and snacks.
CHO    Chief Hug Officer - Offering hugs for every situation needing a little extra comfort.
CIO    Chief Illness Officer - In charge of gathering symptom information and passing it on to the next expert.
CJO    Chief Joking Officer - Responsible for keeping the mood light and fun even when tempers are short, tummies are empty, and eyes are sleepy.
CKO    Chief Kissing Officer - Both mitigating the emotional impact of bumps, scrapes and bruises and also conveying the mastery of the Chief Loving Officer title.
CLO    Chief Loving Officer - Gifted with the fullness of heart no matter what comes your way.  The mother's love is boundless and comes without any conditions attached.
CNO    Chief Noise Officer - Regulating noise levels appropriate to location and current company.
CPO    Chief Potty Officer - If this one needs explanation then perhaps you're looking in the wrong field ;-)
CQO    Chief Question Officer - The first go-to for all questions from your little workers.
CSO    Chief Shoe Officer - similar to chief coat officer responsibilities.  Added benefit:  Being in charge of purchasing shoes.
CTO    Chief Toy Officer - Managing the flow in and out of toys, both indoor and outdoor.
CUO    Chief Underwear Officer - Making sure there are always clean pairs, even extras, available.
CWO    Chief Wipes Officer - Responsible for keeping wipes available everywhere at any time.  Even for complete strangers, if necessary.
CZO    Chief Zipper Officer - No explanation necessary.


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Phew! No wonder why I'm so tired by the end of the day. These days I feel like my roles as CQO is consuming my day. Asks my 4.5 year old son, "Mama, who are the Cheetah Girls?" "What is fashion?" "How do you get fat?" "What is fog?" and it feels never ending. Even though in the presence of his papa, he defers to me with his questions.

Does anyone else feel like the CNO (Chief Negotiations Officer) in their house? Sometimes I think I'll be able to negotiate a major peace treaty by the time I get this parenting thing figured out!

CLO - chief leftover officer. I seem to eat all the leftovers and manage all their remains.

CCMO-Chief Clothes Management Officer. With three kids (4.5,3, and 3 months), I feel like managing the fit and seasonal appropriateness of the clothes in their closet is a full time job. This includes sorting of the hand-me-downs from friends that come into the house as well as saving the older kids clothes for the younger ones where I can find the 3T swimsuit I know I have so I don't have to buy another one. I swear I could run a consignment shop from our basement. I'm so excited when the baby's clothes FINALLY leave our house for someone else's!

CPO: Chief Playdough Officer. Ever try to separate the pink and blue and orange after they have been globbed together? Not a good scene with an obsessive compulsive mother!

CCO - Chief Childcare Officer -- take the lead on researching and interviewing daycares, babysitters, other care providers. Coordinate babysitting for back-to-school nights, for no-school days, for date-nights, for work-function nights....

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