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Support for an upcoming uterine biopsy

An urbanMama emailed us recently, seeking support and perspective from other mamas who may have gone through a uterine biopsy:

In a few weeks, I will have a Uterine Biopsy.  I am a pretty tense person by nature and my nerves tend to get the best of me. Going to the dentist for a routine check-up gets me worked up and feels invasive so you can imagine how comfortable I am with this procedure.

The reason I am writing is that I hope other UrbanMamas have some feedback about the procedure itself.  Has anyone had the experience of your cervix not opening easily or being lined up perfectly?  I have two children born vaginally so my understanding is that I should not have any of these unfortunate situations.  But, like I said, it looks like I’m going to freak myself out from now until the time of the procedure so I’m looking for some support. 


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Hi there - I'm sorry to hear you need to have this procedure and I hope that you have the best possible outcome. Feel free to e-mail me at kadydundas@hotmail.com.

There is a lot to be said for Better Living Through Chemistry. Talk to your physician about your marked anxiety around medical procedures and see if you can take some Valium-type medication beforehand. This class of drugs is termed anxiolytics, with the literal meaning that they break down anxiety. Super safe stuff. Good luck with your procedure--it will take only a few minutes.

I'm sorry to hear about your anxiety. I dont have any personal experience with the procedure, but wanted to suggest that you consider learning how to meditate? It sounds corny, but in all of my years of practicing yoga, the biggest benefit I have received is the ability to BREATHE and turn my focus around from something negative to simply becoming aware of my breathe and it really calms me down in stressful situations. I'm not talking about needing to lay down or sit in an uncomfortable yoga pose for 20 minutes to chant and breathe--I never have time, or remember to do that! But a few very focused, deep, rhythmic breathes can work wonders for your mind, and your body. I've found it very helpful in a number of medical situations--delivering babies, MRI's and lots of dental appointments.

And if all else fails, I'm sure a little valium could work wonders! Good luck with your procedure.

I have no experience with your procedure, but I did have lots of anxiety over a ovarian tumor removal a couple years ago. I talked with my acupuncturist about it (Ellen at Pearl Natural Health in SE Portland, she is great!) and she recommended listening to soothing instrumental music before and during the procedure. There is some interesting studies showing this can help both anxiety and healing. You may want to discuss with your doctor and/or anesthesiologist and see if they will allow it. You could also consider some acupuncture to help with the anxiety. And after the procedure, oral arnica and vitamin e are great for speedy healing. Good luck and best wishes!

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