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Seeking Belly Cast Artists!

Sept_oct_2007_109 A belly cast is an oh-so lovely way to remember those fond moments of carrying your child within.  My husband and I happened to meet a woman who was a neighbor and also an artist who did her very first belly cast on us.  The process turned a beautiful autumn afternoon into a time for my husband and I to really celebrate our late pregnancy together.  The result is a piece of work (my partners hands cast on my belly) that will commemorate that moment for years to come.

Has anyone had a belly cast done?  Can you recommend where?  Did you do it on your own at home?  Karli writes:

Where can I have this done?  I'm now 29 weeks pregnant.


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I believe that Zenana Spa (over on SE Clinton) is now doing belly casting.Have fun and lots of congratulations to you.

We bought a kit at New Seasons. Maybe $40? My husband and I did it one morning when I was 35+ weeks. It was easy, but a bit messy. We left it white. It is in my closet now so I see it everyday. I think it would be a nice shower gift.

We did it at home with plaster casting strips that we bought at Art Media, and some non-petroleum vaseline alternative. Make sure to use warm water, and do it in a warm room, because those wet strips can make a (semi-) naked mama cold!

We did both casts at home. We bought plaster strips and other supplies at Georgie's on NE Lombard:


It is a pretty simple process, just vaseline the casting area and plaster away! Mila helped with casting Gael in utero. Here are some basic instructions:


We had Dorion Stanger do the finishing on the belly cast of Mila (the gesso and painting). It is truly an art piece, here is a link to her website:


If Dorian is still in the area, she can also manage the entire process from cast to finish. Feel free to mention Milagros if you contact her, she may give a discount, who knows?

We do belly casts and have a studio for painting it afterwards! Give us a call if you are still interested?


100th Monkey Studio

I had my belly cast done by my doula, who was a student at Birthing Way, and now a full-fledged home birth midwife. Maybe it's something a doula could do if you have one.

I didn't have a belly cast done but I have some amazing photos from my 2nd pregnancy done with Aimee/Bella Divine Photography in Vancouver. It was my baby shower present and we ended up with a CD full of gorgeous pics of me and she even took some with my boyfriend and our daughter included.

looking for a place that does belly casting in portland maine

I am an art therapist in Waterville, Maine and I do belly castings. You could contact me at #(207)453-4068 for more info!

I'm located in Portland, Oregon and have been doing belly castings for pregnant (and non-pregnant!) women since 1992 out of plaster of paris, plaster, concrete, resin, fiber, latex and rosin. I can also provide detailed instructions on how to make your own belly cast along with a kit.

Here sample of my work: http://www.kpetunia.com/bodycasting/index.html


I have done many of my friends belly cast, and I painted my own. I am a local artist as well as a midwifery student. I am considering trying to start a belly cast, and cast painting side business while I am finishing school. If any of you lovely mamas to be are interested in hiring me for this super fun pregnancy project please give me a call/text/email and we can work out the details!

All the best!

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