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Laugh til you pop?

Anyone have any hilarious suggestions for Camellia?

I'm currently 37.5 weeks pregnant, and our home birth is (hopefully) quickly approaching. Our midwives recently explained to us that the most common reason women end up needing hospital transfers is that they become too exhausted to continue laboring at home. To avoid that eventuality, they advised me to get as much rest as possible in the early stages of labor (my husband is concerned that when the excitement of labor + the nesting instinct kick in, I'll go crazy doing a million things and wear myself out). To that end, we're talking about watching funny movies together while we're waiting for things to get going. I've also read that laughter can be very conducive to relaxing those pelvic muscles (the same principle as when you nearly pee your pants laughing). So does anyone have any recommendations for funny, light movies that nearly had you bursting at the seams? I'm thinking something mindlessly entertaining with no tense moments.


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There was a study done recently that concluded that laughter was good for breast milk too. :-)

Zoolander is one of my all time favorite funny movies (it's about male modeling - come on). Fish Called Wanda is also a classic, not to mention Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Lots of good kids movies out there too to help get you in the zone. :-)

Congratulations and good luck!

Best in Show is a great one. Totally mindless and hysterical. If you like oldies anything with the Katherine Hepburn/Cary Grant combo is good too.

I was a week late and starting to go really crazy when we watched Brian Regan doing stand-up. I laughed myself right into labor -- my second child was delivered less than 24 hours after watching it. Look for a tape at the video store.

Back when I was a young college graduate, my friends and I couldn't get enough of a movie (that no one else seems to have heard of) called Casual Sex. It has Lea Thompson and a woman from SNL and a guy comic who later got in trouble for saying some horrendous thing (I forget the details). But I don't think I have ever laughed harder at a movie than I did at this. I haven't seen it in years and I'm afraid to, for fear it won't really be as funny, after all. But if you give it a try, I'd love to hear a contemporary report on it!

Two movies I thought I wouldn't like but had me busting up recently: 'Wild Hogs' with William H. Macy and John Travolta (silly, silly, silly -- plus it's free in Comcast's On Demand) and 'Knocked Up' (lots of very real pregnancy and labor silliness that's also hilarious).

and (full disclosure: Camellia's my neighbor) I heard someone yelling yesterday and my first thought was, 'Camellia's in labor!' I rushed to look out the window, but it was just a little kid who didn't want to walk... *sigh*...

Ah, Holy Grail. That and Monty Python's Life of Brian are must-sees.

Right before I went into labor, we went to see The Aristocrats, and were in tears -it was so outrageous and funny, and some of the wilder bits were by comedians who we'd previously thought were so milquetoast. WARNING: There were also a few people who were horribly offended and who left the movie before it was over. Not for the squeamish or the politically correct! Read up on this movie to decide if it's for you first.

Far less controversial but just as funny: Anchorman, including that show-stealing turn by Steve Carell (love him so much) as the clueless-to-the-point-of-DaDa weatherman.

The original Christopher Guest & co. vehicle, THIS IS SPINAL TAP, still makes us laugh after so many years. My husband can recite the entire script verbatim...

You could also always just rent some Dave Chapelle Show -- if there's a "best of," go with that. "Black Bush," Rick James, Li'l Wayne, "The Niggar Family" - positively side-splitting stuff. I would add that some of this stuff may be controversial too, depending on your viewpoint, although "The Niggar Family" was a pointed response to viewers who criticized Dave for allegedly dropping the N-bomb too often.

I thought "Knocked Up" was pretty darn funny.

I love Ben Stiller movies. "Meet the Fockers" especially comes to mind especially since it's a bit related to parenting. "Meet the Parents" and "There's Something About Mary" are pretty funny as well (if you like those types of comedies). I just saw "Knocked Up" and that was hilarious!

It's not a movie, but you can get "Arrested Development" on DVD and you will laugh non-stop. I think there are three seasons. One of the funniest shows to ever be canceled.

There is always The Princess Bride...classic funny.

An under-rated comedy that I really enjoyed (several times) is "Happy, Texas", with Steve Zann (who I also love). Lots of good laughs and some warm fuzzies, too.

Rent the entire 30 Rock series. I'm not a big TV fan, but this came highly recommended and my husband and I are addicted. Very fun. Congratulations on your upcoming home birth!

I have to second knocked up and how about superbad? I just went to the movies at the St. johns teather ( cheap and if you to the matinee it will be you and only you- free to go to the restroom whenever.

OOh, what a great idea! ...My favorite funnies are 'The Magic Christian' (Peter Sellers, Ringo Starr) and 'The Princess Bride'.

I second the Arrested Development DVDs. Ha! The shorter tv shows were always easier for me to sit through pregnant than a full movie.

While I don't have any movie suggestions for you, I have to laugh at the coincidence of this! My name is also Camellia, and I am also 37.5 weeks pregnant with our second. What a small world... good luck with your home birth!

I agree with the "Wild Hogs" suggestion. I was literally screaming with laughter when I saw it.

oh another good one is Bridget Jones Diary.

Borat, all Kathy Griffin, The Colbert Report, Will Ferrell movies, Chris Farley movies... I love a funny movie/show, etc. If the laughing doesn't produce a baby, at least you'll be having fun!

Can't believe I forgot Borat.

Another older movie, but still hilarious, and about parenting/having a baby: RAISING ARIZONA, w/ Nic Cage & Holly Hunter at their cutest. "We figured there was too much happiness here for just the two of us, so we figured the next logical step was to have us a critter."

I second the concept of renting episodes rather than whole movies (though there are some great ones suggested here!)...we've just discovered the BBC series Coupling which is raunchy and hilarious (and totally un-baby related which might be a good thing!)

Best of luck to you!

Though I had to be induced, my plan before the change of plans, was to watch "The Big Lebowski". It has a lot of swearing (so it's good to watch it now before the baby comes) but if you like Cohen Bros. movies (Raising Arizona, Fargo) this is one of the absolute best as far as I'm conerned.

Although I'm a little embarrased to admit it here, one of my favorite so-stupid-it's-funny movies is Dumb and Dumber with Jim Carey. He just makes me laugh. And if you're doing episodes rather than movies, I'd go for any season of Seinfeld.

Good luck with your delivery...I sincerely hope you're not in labor long enough to watch all of our suggestions! :)

My mom LOVES comedies and some of her favorites are Ghostbusters, Planes Trains and Automobiles, and My Cousin Vinny. Some of my favorites are The Jerk, Stripes, Animal House, Old School, Dodge Ball, and The Life Aquatic. Happy watching!

Do you like silent movies at all? I think Charlie Chaplin movies are hilarious, but even better, Buster Keaton movies. That's what I think of when I want to be rolling-on-the-floor laughing.

I second the Monty Python movies. i never got to watch Duck Soup because i brought it home to cheer up my mom after she got her appendix out--I had to turn it off within five minutes because she was in too much pain. My apology "I'm sorry mom, I forgot you're in stitches" didn't help.

Sarah, your post made me laugh out loud (but it didn't send me into labor--too bad). And I'm amazed to hear that there's another Camellia out there at the exact same stage of pregnancy; I've never even met another Camellia!

Lots of movies to consider. Thanks, guys.

This one is pretty tacky and not very pc, but it had me in stitches despite my reluctance to give in to my husband and watch it... Team America (http://www.teamamerica.com/)

here's what you do. rent whatever season of the american version of The Office. rent a few seasons. watch them all.

knocked up is great too.

harold and kumar go to white castle

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