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Interested in Starting a Kids Yoga Class Downtown?

Nancy has a wonderful idea of trying to organize a group for a kids yoga class. 

My  4 year old son is, like many, really interested in movement right now. I've been looking for yoga classes for his age group in downtown Portland and am striking out.

So, my first question is, have urbanMAMAS already scouted this out and could you point me in the right direction?  (Note from the urbanMamas: there was a previous thread on Yoga for Kids with a few suggestions).

If such classes do not exist, I'd like to go to Yoga Pearl and ask them if they'd be interested in starting a regular class for kids. Before I do that, however, I'd like to be able to tell them how much demand is out there. And maybe even have a group of kids ready to sign up.

Is there interest out there?  Should Nancy inquire about setting this up?


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It's not downtown, but our neighborhood yoga studio (Prananda in Kenton) has just started a kid's yoga series on Mondays from 4:30 to 5:30PM. We didnt sign up though because it's for older kids--I think 5 and up? I'd be interested in something for the younger set--I've got a soon to be 3 year old...

I'd love it if there were a kid yoga class downtown. My kid's only 2, but I think he'd really dig it.

Funny, I was just looking at this two minutes ago!...Zenana Spa & Wellness Center, located at SE 20th and Clinton, has 'Itsy Bitsy' Yoga, for age 21 months to four years. They also have Itsy Bitsy Yoga for newborn to crawling. It's not downtown but it is close in.

I haven't been, so I can't give you a review.

I don't know how to do a link, but you can also google itsy bitsy yoga, and it will tell you all of the IBY certified teachers and classes near you!

i would love it if there were a yoga class for kids downtown! i'm in.

I am searching for the same type of thing but would like a yoga class for young babes. I've heard there is a yoga class for toddlers in Beaverton (I think it is called Heartsong). Has anyone taken a baby and mama yoga class they'd recommend? Thanks!

Hi, ooh, i've been looking too for a yoga class for my soon to be 4 year old, daughter. She's in preschool M-Th though.

Peninsula park offers a fantastic yoya class for ages 4-6 that actually starts today. The instructor tells great stories about animals that inlude the poses to keep kids attention. Great price too....$25 for 5 classes. Only problem for us was the time, its starts at 6:15pm until 7:00. Right in the middle of our bedtime routine. More than once I would realise half way through dinner that yoga had just started. Maybe next year when hes a bit older (hes almost 4) and can go to bed a little later. Info.....503 823 3620, its called Yoga adventures and the class number is 252058. Another session begins on 11/13 (same time and day) with the class number 252059.

I would be interested as well. My daughter is much younger so one for babies would be nice as well. Maybe weekends or afternoons?

So happy to see all the interest in a downtown kids yoga class!

Interested mamas, please contact me directly at nancy@mergethis.com. I’m starting a spreadsheet with the dates/times that work for people, and the number of children in each age range.

Will circle back to the blog with information on the class once we get it set up.

Thank you urbanmamas for providing this forum.

The woman who teaches the Itsy-Bitsy class at Zanana on Thurs also teaches a similar class on Sat. for 2-4 yo at the Peace full Soul off Alberta. My son and I took it in the spring and it was great. There are so many baby yoga classes and ones for older kids so I was delighted to find this one.

there is a toddler yoga class at the Riverplace Athletic club on Thurs. afternoons for non-members and members.


Thank you for your patience while I've been exploring how to set up yoga classes for kids. Let me preface this post by saying that I deeply wish there had been a date/time that met everyone's needs.

Please write and tell me if the following date/time/situation would work for your child(ren) and how many children you would bring. Getting a critical mass of students is critical to making the class pencil out.

Spread the word to other yoga-loving mamas!


Day/Time: Tuesdays from 3:30 - 4:15
Estimated Start Date: November 6th
Location: TBD but looks like somewhere in the Pearl
Age Range: flexible, but roughly 3 - 6
Number of Students: 10 - 12
Cost: TBD, competitive, determined in part by number of students and how much the teacher has to pay for space.
Method of Payment: prepay for a certain number of weeks (4 -6)
Teacher: Kelly Ponzi (Yoga Pearl and the Movement Center)

Hi Mommies!
We offer a mother and child yoga class for infants to 5yrs old. Pregnant and post-natal moms are welcome, too.

It's a weekly, drop-in class on Mondays at 10:30am in the Hillsdale area with close access to I-5 and downtown. Only $10-15 sliding scale per class (this fee includes mom and kids).

Bring a friend for free all October!
Our webpage has all the detailed information:

As a mother of a toddler myself, I've been struggling to find affordable yoga classes for my child and I that are close by, just like all of you here. Good heavens, I can relate. So I hooked up with an awesome instructor, Hallie Turpin, and began hosting my own classes!

Come join us!

I am so glad that I came across this web site. I am teaching yoga classes with children at amrita: a sanctuary of yoga and at the Wild Oats Wellness Center on NE Fremont and 15th.The Baby and Me class is on Tuesdays from Noon to 1PM. I am open to teach anywhere. I have taken many children's yoga classes and am certified in Yoga for the Child with Special Needs. Please call me with any questions/comments. 503.810.0275. I also teach individual classes.

Hi Moms.

I teach Yoga for prenatal postnatal Mom and baby/toddler classes.

I am certified and have been practicing yoga since 1986 and teaching since1988 to this day. I love to work in peoples homes individually or in small groups.

I will be featured teaching prenatal yoga on Fox 12 show Better that airs 9 to 10 am starting in the month of February 08

Please feel free to contact me.

Kelly Ponzi 503-320-1343


I noticed there's a few instructors on here ... Would any be available / open to coming to someone's home to teach? I'm thinking I might be able to round up 3-4 moms in my neighborhood with their toddlers if that's an option.

The RAC has had kids yoga classes in the past, not sure now. Here's a link to the youth page: http://www.therac.com/programs_youth.htm.

Hi mamas!

I saw your posting and thought some of you might be interested in our Kids and Family Yoga Teacher Training in Portland on April 17-19, 2009 at the Yoga Shala!

You don't have to be a yoga teacher already to do the training, and we'll learn tons of awesome games and poses, as well as meditations and relaxations for kids ages 1.5 - 12.

Check our website for more details and to register!


Have a beautiful week!

Gopala and Katya
Rainbow Kids Yoga

Below are some testimonials from grads:

Take this course to reawaken your inner child, brighten your imagination, go on adventures, build your self confidence and along the way make new friends, get new ideas and laugh yourself silly.

Christina, Yoga Teacher & Artist

I learned so many ways to get the kids excited by yoga and have fun! Rainbow Kids Yoga reminds us what’s important in life—having fun! I can’t wait to bring the joy of yoga to kids using all of the fun, creative tools we learned in this amazing course! WOO-HOO!

Dayle, Yoga teacher

This training was amazing. Gopala, you were so friendly and welcoming and you created a safe environment. I learned a ton and will remember this course always! Thank you!

Lisa B.

A wonderful course and teacher that engages all the senses. A fantastic experience. Gopala’s knowledge and techniques give yoga an incredible new spin!
Caileigh M., Student

I have taken other teacher training classes for Kids yoga. I would recommend this one above the others because there is a certain quality to Gopala’s teaching that works very well for so many different types of people – he is very gentle and accepting but with vibrant energy that is inspiring and encouraging. He has so much to share and he is so generous in sharing his creativity. His enthusiasm and playfulness is contagious.

Lesly W.

I would recommend this course to anyone is trying to create positive change on this planet. Teaching kids in this wonderful playful way will have a great impact on the society they out to.

Gopala, your energy and serenity has a peaceful effect on the group. Thank you so much!

Koushalya J., Documentary Filmmaker

I would recommend that anyone interested in teaching movement to kids take this course. Rainbow Kids Yoga teaches a vast array of techniques, games and activities that can be used with and adapted to any population of students. Gopala is an inspiring and excellent teacher!

Eve S., Elementary School Teacher

The pace of the class was fun and challenging – the variety of techniques learned was incredible. I would highly recommend this course, without reservation. It was creative, playful, fun and highly informative. I believe we will benefit the lives we touch with the knowledge and strategies learned in this class. Gopala is a natural teacher!

Ellen P., Elementary School Social Worker

I was looking for some new inspiration to use in my classroom and provide myself with the opportunity to make children/family yoga a career. The new games are all very inventive and will be fantastic in my classroom. This course was FUN! I learned so many wonderful ways to make yoga into games, learning tools, exercise, stretching, relaxation, but most of all, FUN for children. I cannot wait to put my new ideas to work in my classroom.

Jennifer K., Preschool Teacher

There are lots of professional Summer Camps for girls that recommend effective training programs as well as Yoga classes for the teenage and young girls. Yoga is very important thing that upgrade our living standard and meditation. Camping programs are designed in such a way that can make girls feel to be successful. Challenging academic learning, indoor and outdoor activities, sports, art and craft, cooking as well as technical learning programs are offered under the fun based environment by the skilled trainers and faculties. These courses develop overall personality of the girls. Best girls summer camps offer full attention on the safety and health of the girls. Summer programs are based on the individual choices and needs of teenagers.


When choosing a summer camp for your daughter, make sure to get brochures or check online the different activities that each camp offers. Certified girls camps can be found all over the country, so if you do not want your child to go too far, find a camp that’s closer to where you live. Ensure that the summer camp is one your child would enjoy and learn new things from these camps.


Hi everyone,

This is an old thread but I thought I'd add to it in case anyone is still interested. I teach kids yoga at different locations throughout Portland. My classes are for kids of all ages, and are filled with music, games, stories and silly props. They are a lot of fun, and the first class is always free! You can look at my website for more information at


You can also email me at leslie@yogaplaygrounds.net. I'd be happy to schedule a class for a group at a particular day/time/location if there is a group consensus.

I hope to see some of you!
Leslie Wilda

Here is an article provided by red tricycle about Portland Yoga classes for babies, kids, and families.

Check out Yoga for Kids Portland!

They are now offering Kids Yoga Classes, $5 Storytime Yoga and Tween Yoga! Classes are offered Tuesdays and Thursdays @ 3:30 and 4:30.


and on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Yoga-for-Kids-Portland/329466933856246

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