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A PDX hotel for in-laws?

It's wonderful that we have so many friends and family coming to visit us in Portland!  Michelle writes:

My in-laws are coming for a stay in November and they have asked me to book them a hotel room. We live in inner SE and I am wondering if any other urbanMamas have any hotels in the $80-$100 price range that they might suggest? I would so appreciate the help!


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We just spent our anniversary downtown at the Holiday Inn Express on NW 23rd and Vaughn. It was a great deal, around $100, and within easy walking distance from all of 23rd plus the streetcar. It had free parking, a great pool, fitness room, Kobos Coffee shop attached, Besaw's Restaurant a couple of blocks away, nice enough room and easy access to the freeway. They could be at inner SE within minutes. It's hard to find a quality hotel in SE, especially for under $100. Maybe a bed and breakfast?

My grandma just came to town and she stayed at A Painted Lady Inn - a grrreat B&B on NE 16th and Tillamook - there are tons of others closer to SE, but I booked late and that was the only one available. I think she has a room that's around $100, and the breakfasts and accommodations were really delightful. Pluse she could walk around Irvington on her downtime, and we could head to Broadway for dinner.

The owner has a website - apaintedladyinn.com - i think. You can also google it.

I found it on this site:


which has great info for all the cute locally owned places. I personally think this is a great route to take, as you can often get way more for your money in comparison to a hotel. Especially because it is now the off-season.

Expedia lists the Jupiter Hotel for $99 -- trendy, smoke-free, east side.

When I lived in NW Portland, we used the Silver Cloud on Thurman for my parents.

Friends have also used the Residence Inn near Lloyd Center for their in-laws.

I'd look at the downtown hotels, which are actually walkable over the Hawthorne bridge for inner SE.

I'm not sure how much it is (depends on the season and the online deals you find - I know they've gotten deals around $100/night) but my parents always stay at the Marriott downtown on Broadway. It's an easy bus ride to us in the inner SE (they can hop on the 4, 10 or 14 and it'll put them within a few blocks of our house) and they like wandering downtown in the evening after they say goodnight to us (Mom goes to Powell's pretty much every night)

I personaly am dying to spend a night at the new Ace Hotel downtown.

And the Jupiter is cool, but the rooms I've seen are *tiny*, which may not matter if you're just using it as a place to crash at night, I guess!

The Jupiter is very hip and trendy and adjacent to the mighty Doug Fir and other great bars and clubs (like Holocene)...

BUT unless your in-laws don't care about noise - which it is - or are looking to "hook-up" (the Jupiter has an after midnight check-in discount and they provide free condoms)...you may want to find something a little more traditional...

My folks have stayed at the Kennedy School a few times and have always enjoyed it. However it is higher than the rate you are looking for ($99 - $125 per night).

I suggest using priceline. On multiple occassions I have been able to get a room at the Benson for under $90+ taxes.

It's not in Southeast, but when we've had friends come to visit who wanted someplace inexpensive to stay, we've suggested the Inn at Northrup Station. The rooms all have kitchenettes and wi-fi. Our friend stayed in one of the smaller suites for $99 a night - that was several months ago though. I don't know what prices are like these days. They have on site parking and are walking distance to the streetcar and NW 23rd Street. Everyone we know who has stayed there has had a good experience. :-)


I just love the Kinley Manor Coach house by the Lloyd Center in Irvington. I have put all my family up there. For the price of a hotel room you get an entire self contained unit, with kitchen. Website is www.kinleymanor.com. The owners will happily show you around before you book, the photos dont do it justice! Its immaculate and great value!

We like Marriott Courtyard on MLK, near Lloyd Center, great value (AAA $98/nt) and relatively quiet. My in- laws have stayed there and they are rich and picky!!!!
Also, Northrup Station and Holiday Inn Express in NW Portland are great too. Unfortunately inner SE does not have a lot of hotels... at least not safe hotels... most SE are up near 82nd.
Hilton downtown has an annex and it can be cheap with AAA.
Good Luck!

The NW youth hostel. Quiet, cheap, nice. They can get a private room with a private bath for like 50 bucks.

There is a place called Bluebird Guest House tucked away on Division and SE 35th (?)across and down a bit from Pix, Hedge House, etc.--it might be worth checking out--not sure about the price range, but it looks "homey" and could be a fun and convenient place for out of town friends/family.

Second the Marriott Courtyard on MLK - we had family from all over the world staying there last December for a family reunion/my son's bar mitzvah, and everyone raved about the accomodations & the hotel staff.

Definitely try priceline. I can usually get a 3 star hotel for 50-60 a night. The last two times I have booked a room for my Mom, she ended up at the Hilton downtown (great indoor pool for the kids). The previous two times I got the Doubletree by the Lloyd Center. You should consider the added expense for parking though, or else do what we did - shuttle the in-laws to the hotel and let them park at your house.

My dad likes to stay at Northrope station on nw northrope and 21st. It's very "portland" centrally located and reasonably priced.

Priceline is the only way I ever purchase hotels. For around $60-80, I always find a decent 2-3 star hotel (Holiday Inn, Red Lion, Radisson).

my parents always stay at the bluebird guesthouse and they love it.

I highly recommend trying hotwire-- you can choose the general location of your hotel (downtown, lloyd center area, west side, etc.) and the star rating of your hotel, and often there are user reviews to go along with the ratings. After you book, you find out the actual hotel. The prices are much, much lower than you would otherwise be quoted-- I have twice gotten the downtown Hilton for 50 bucks! (Very small room, but still.) The only drawback is that once the reservations are made, you can't cancel, but if you're certain of the dates of the visit, it's definitely worth it.

We have all loved Kennedy School on NE 33rd. Quiet, good food, movies and heated soaking pool. Courtyard by Marriott next to Lloyd Center is a favorite for visitors who want their own kitchens.

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