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Where does your family stay?

urbanMamas and their families experience their fair share of guests visiting them in the Rose City.  But, where do they all stay?  Melissa emails:

I live in Sellwood/West Moreland area in a small old house that is filled to the brim with myself, hubby, stepsons, my 13 month old daughter, two dogs and an old cat. We don't have a guest room (the baby doesn't even have a room yet - she sleeps with us) and worse than that we only have one bathroom.

My parents are coming out to visit for a week in October. In the past they've done house swaps with people but it is starting to wear on them and they don't want to do it again. And the one serious drawback in my neighborhood is that there is no hotel, decent motel, or bed & breakfast.

So my question to the urbanMamas - where do you like to put up guests when you don't have the room? Can anyone recommend a decent place to stay that is close to Sellwood/West Moreland?


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I haven't heard much about this B&B but it is in the neighborhood.

Eastmoreland Bed & Breakfast

(503) 775-6724
6507 SE 31st Ave
Portland, OR 97202

We are in the same situation. My parents have tried four options, all with pros and cons. When they came here one summer for a month they searched Craigslist under sublet/temporary and found someone in the neighborhood who was going to be gone for a month and were looking for someone to sublet. It wasn't a great situation as the house had a lot of problems but it was definitely the cheapest.
They've also stayed at Lexie House which is at Lexington and 13th. You can find it by searching Craigslist under the sublet/temporary housing category with the keyword Sellwood. It is a very small but very comfortable little house within walking distance of our house but was the most expensive. The owner also rents out another slightly larger house in the neighborhood called Grace House for short term situations like ours.
One time my parents stayed at the Brooklyn Center Suites(www.brooklyncentersuites.com) on Milwaukie Avenue in the Brooklyn neigborhood. They have studios with kitchenettes. Their only drawback was that in the summer the rooms were not airconditioned and leaving the windows open was somewhat noisy. They are a little cheaper than the private homes mentioned above.
Finally, several times my parents have chosen to stay at the Homestead Studio Suites in Tigard. It has two advantages- it's the cheapest option(especially if you get their weekly rate) and it's very close to where they rent their car. It's also just off the I-5 Haines Street exit and can take as little as 15 minutes to drive to the Sellwood neighborhood. They pretty much only sleep there and eat breakfast there and then are over at our place the rest of the time. The rooms are nothing special but since they only sleep there, it's not a big deal to them.

I haven't used them yet but I heard great things about http://www.vrbo.com/ . If they like the "real house" feeling, it could be a nice way to go.

We're out in NE, and my folks have stayed at the Extended Stay, which has great rates and is a relatively short drive. They like having a clean quiet place to sleep and the kitchenette for breakfast. Dad likes having wi-fi, of course. There's one in Tigard.

You might try out the Bluebird Guest House in the Division/Clinton neighborhood. It's in a craftsman bungalow. I haven't personally stayed there but my neighbors say it's very cozy even though it's on Division. The prices seem really reasonable and they offer a continental breakfast.


Thanks everyone for the great responses! They went ahead and booked a B&B in Irving neighborhood (so much charm, so little time) but we've bookmarked above mentioned places for research for next time! (and having the only grandchild, at least until next spring when my sister steps in with her own little joyous bundle of contribution, means the next visit is only a few months away . . .).


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