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Seeking Specific Suggestions for classes/instructors

We previously discussed pros and cons on alternative methods childbirth preparation classes, like hypnobirthing and Birthing From Within.  Seeking specific recommendations, Debbie emails:

I am looking for specific recommendations for Childbirth classes/instructors - Bradley and Natural Child birth preferred.


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Susan Moray is a wonderful teacher. She teaches Birthing from Within classes out of her home in Ladds Addition. She and her partner are amazing midwives as well. We loved them.

Carol Gray teaches Birthing From Within and is really great. We took her class at OHSU, but she also teaches private classes in her home.

Hi Plain Jane,
I'm currently a client there (due in November), and would love to hear more about your birthing experience.

My favorite teacher was Ina May Gaskin.... although I never met her personally. Her books, "Ina Mays' Guide to Childbirth" and "Spiritual Midwifery", were full of wonderful information.

PS Shana teaches a great birthing class at YogaShala (the southeast location). She also teaches prenatal yoga, which I found really helpful during pregnancy and labor.

My favorite prenatal yoga instructor, Nicole Sanson-Frey also teaches birthing from within and birthing again and is a doula.
Her yoga classes are the best because she is a mom and is ready to share tips and tricks to make pregancy and labor delivery shat you want it to be
this site lists all her classes

I just finished a Hypnobabies class with Carol Rivers. It was great! I highly recommend Carol...she's a wonderful teacher.

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