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Paragard Woes: Joint Pain, Bloating, Stiffness

If you have been an avid reader since nearly our inception, you may have remembered the discussion on  "What to Do When Two Is Enough" - the search for the perfect birth control.   The Mirena didn't seem to fit the bill and the search continued.  Perhaps you caught the sequel "When Two is Enough, Part II: it ain't all that." - a brief discussion on the Paragard.  It seems we need further experiences of how well the Paraguard has worked for you.  Shannon writes:

I've been having issues with my IUD and came across your "two is enough" post from November '05.  I'm curious how the Paraguard worked out for you.  I've had mine nearly 6 months and I'm beginning to notice muscle and joint pain, bloating, stiffness....it's coming on gradually but I'm becoming suspicious.

Any thoughts?



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I have had the Paraguard twice with no complaints. The first time was pre-pregnancy, and although insertion stung a bit, I did well for the two years before removing it. I also got pregnant the next month, which is what we were hoping for! I have had the current one for almost two years and everything is just fine. I love it.

A couple of months after I decided to go with the Paragard, I posted here: http://urbanmamas.typepad.com/urbanmamas/2006/01/when_two_is_eno.html

I did have the Mirena for about a year, and I did NOT like it, the impetus for the original post on "What to do when two is enough".

I have had the Paragard for over 1.5 years now. My periods have subsided and completely normalized. I have light and few periods, just like the pre-pregnancy, pre-IUD days.

In terms of joint pain, bloating or stiffness, I have not experienced any of those symptoms with the Paragard, but I did experience those same symptoms with the Mirena (ick.), which is why I opted to remove the Mirena and replace with the Paragard.

I say, listen to your body. I got a lot of resistance from doctors who told me the Mirena could not possibly be causing the joint pain, bloating, etc. But, I went against their advice and removed the Mirena. I waited a while and realized that I was happier Mirena-free. I then tried the Paragard and haven't looked back.

If it continues, perhaps you could consider removing the Paragard, using alternative birth control, and then replacing with the Mirena? You never know, the Mirena could work for you, though it didn't for me.

I have had Mirena for about 4 months and I'm really liking it. Spotting for sure in the first 3 months but now that's pretty much done except for right in the middle of my cycle and my periods are almost nothing compared to what they used to be. I haven't had any joint probles or such. I'm wondering what problems other people have had with it. Overall, I thought I would hate it at first but am now loving it. I'm glad I waited for my body to adjust...mol

I've had the paragard since Jan 31'08, around august i ended up pregnant with the paragard in me. this will be my fourth child.

I was seriously concidering and IUD, I have spent weeks studing up on Mirena and Paragard. Guess What? All you chicks scare me and I am sticking with my NuvaRing. Why mess with a good thing.

I have had the Paraguard for 3 years now and Love It! THere was slight discomfort when I first had it placed but since then have had no problems with any spotting or irregular periods. Rarely during sex is it uncomfortable for my husband, so no problem there. I would suggest it to others since it is hormone free. In fact, my sister-in-law recently had one put in. I have not had it taken out to try again but I will soon.

I chuckle when I read the comments, including my own comment from over 2 years ago. I still have the Paraguard, but I am now also expecting our third child sometime in the next 8 days or so. Hopefully s/he is born with the Paraguard in hand.

I have been using the Dr. Max Powers "Joint Support + Vitamin B12" Glucasamine supplements for about 4 years now.
I think it helps me a lot with my joints. I had an injury a number of years ago with my shoulder that prompted me to take it. but now I see an overall effect everywhere, specifically in the knees. I noticed it the most when I stopped taking it for about a month, and noticed stiffness.

I believe this product helps me, maybe it can you too, if you do try it, make sure you give it 60-90 days to get into your system before you judge. I bought online at www.drmaxpowers.com

What happens if you become pregnant with the paraguard? I've heard of this happening a little too frequently. I'm also scared of the increased risk of ectopic pregnancies.

There is no 100% effective method of birth control, and so while pregnancies with IUDs are rare, they happen. When they do, if the IUD can be removed, it should be. The pregnancies have a higher rate of miscarriage and infection, but if these things don't happen, they otherwise tend to progress normally. Ectopic pregnancies can happen with any birth control method. Overall, ectopic pregnancy rates are lower with the IUD compared to other methods, because pregnancy itself is so rare with the IUD. It's just the PROPORTION of the pregnancies that do occur and turn out to be ectopic is higher with the IUD than without. I hope that makes sense. I think the Paragard is a great method of birth control, I've had mine for 6 months. And birth control is my job.

I am thinking about using paragard....I've tried almost every other kind of birth control and have had issues with all....the real appeal to me is no hormones! I have not had a child, wondering if that is going to be a problem pain wise.

I got the paragard after my 5th child 6 mo. ago. I had her when I was 29 and I have felt bloated ever since. I got it at my 6 week check up and from then on my weight loss stopped and I've started a slow climb. Overall, I've gained 7 lbs since it was put in. I excercise 5 times a week and watch what I eat. With any of my other children I lost about 2 lbs per week doing this. My hips have also been aching badly. I called the Dr. to ask about these things today and they said they'd never heard of these side effects and I ended up feeling stupid. Maybe it's just because I'm getting older, but I don't think it's right. I'm trying to decide whether to have it taken out. Ironic because this month I will be making my last payment on the initial procedure.

I am an RN for a women's health clinic and I got a Paragard inserted in August 2009. I too have gained about 5 pounds and I feel bloated, especially around my middle, all of the time. I can hardly wear my wedding band. I also noticed left knee stiffness and pain that I literally woke up with one morning a week or two after the insertion which I am still dealing with. I don't know if it's just the natural hormones of my own body causing all the water retention and the copper is causing some sort of joint inflammation or what. I feel like these are unusual side effects. I sort of miss my Nuva Ring! I am considering using the Nuva Ring in tandem with the Paragard, because I have been lucky and had very few cramps, I don't want to give up on the Paragard yet. Also, if I mess up the Nuva Ring somehow, I've already got a back-up method in my uterus. :) Also, don't forget if you are bleeding and cramping heavily, I cannot stress enough to take Ibuprofen!! 800 mg every 6-8 hours around the clock!!

My 19 year old daughter just found out she's pregnant, she had her Iud (paraguard)
placed almost a year ago when she had her little girl yes this is correct her little girl is almost a year old.. Needless to say were disappointed in the Iud to make the situation worse there telling her that her levels dropped from 1900 to 700 in two days,
they told her she was going to miscarry so thats what were waiting to see, The DR. said she has seen this from time to time, in my daughters case this Iud slipped out of place, took nothing for the Dr. to remove.. Another Dr. told her that when you become pregnant on an Iud the hcg levels do fall and what she is going through is normal with an Iud pregnancy..

Thanks for the amazing post, Now I will follow your instructions...!!

I've had the IUD in for almost a week now and the pain is so bad. It's a poking pain where I usually get cramps, sometimes it's so bad for about 20 seconds that I have to sit down. It feels like alot of pressure on my uterus, and I've had very bad gas to boot which increases the pain. I called my doc and he says this is completely normal(for someone who's never had a child), and to just keep popping Ibprofen. I'm dreading my first period on this thing cuz I hear that first 3-4 are really bad. Anyone else have problems similar to this?

I've had my paragard for a year and a half and i have also noticed bloating and joint pain. My belly feel distended most of the time and I have trouble fitting into my clothes, but I have not gained weight anywhere else! I eat well and exercise and never trouble like this before. I have also been having hip/knee pain. Hormones make me crazy though, so I will stick with it. It makes me feel better to have an idea about what might be causing it, at least.


wow I am reading all these comments about pain in the left knee and hip,, so strange cause I just had my husband pull my hip back in place thinking that I just misstepped to cause this.I have never had an issue with my waist being large in fact I always had an hour glass figure not anymore,I am so bloated in my middle area,It might sound gross but this thing makes me constipated and feels as tho I have a tampon in at all times,,and forget the menstral cycle its horrible I blled heavy for days and never did before 3 days at the most ,,and now like 8.Needless to say I am having it removed tommorow 9 months overdue,should have done it a long time ago. gained a mess of weight..I hope I have helped =)

I have had my paragard for about a year now, I have slowly noticed hair loss. I used to have very thick, healthy brown hair, and now its so thin I look like I'm going bald. I am only 29 and have had every test ran that is possible with normal results. I have asked the Dr. about this with paragard and they say this is not a side effect. however the more i read the more i hear about others with this same problem. If anyone has a story or advise I would love to hear!! HELP!! im thinking of taking it out.

I didn't have the paraguard, but I had the Mirena. I can't tell you those exact side effects of Mirena vs Paraguard, but my Mirena was HELL. Final straw was the spike in my blood pressure to the point I could barely see, and losing 3/4 of my hair. The hair part was the hardest symptom to deal with.
As soon as I took it out, my blood pressure had normalized within 24 hours, but it was a full 6 months before my hair even began to get back on track.
Go with your gut, take it out if you think it might be the problem.
You can always put another one back in! : )

i had paragard inserted about 2.5 weeks ago. i have been experiencing extremely painful cramping on a daily basis since insertion, and the past 3 days have been absolutely debilitating. i am in AGONY. i keep hearing it will go away... 2-3 days... 2-3 weeks... 2-3 mos... a year? i realize we're all different and our bodies react differently, but i am beyond questioning what i've done to myself. i was bed ridden all weekend, but now that the work week is here i am doubled over at my desk. i am also experiencing bloating in my lower abdomen like nothing i've ever experienced either. tell me ladies, does it get better? or did i just spend $700 out-out-of-pocket for no good reason?

Im 24 years old. i've had paraguard for almost 6 months now. i loved it at first(even though my periods were heavier and longer) but after the first 2 months i started feeling tired and bloated, my left knee hurts(i dont know if its associated but i havent hurt it any other way), my hair started falling out and my face is breaking out(i have never had skin issues). then my period was non stop. i had it all month long(not spotting, actual bleeding) i got anemia and my doctor gave me the birth control pill to take along with my iud to regulate the period. It has not worked i have my period everyday! Doctor says i should have ithe iud removed. i am so dissapointed because my body feels like its falling apart and to top it off i payed a huge co-pay for it! is there not something "Paragaurd" can do? i know every womans body will react differently but this is outrageous! i called the company and they just told me i should have it removed. of course i will but im frustrated beacause i feel like i payed to feel like crap, get sick and not be able to have sex.

i got paragard about a week ago and im still bleeding i wanted to know when the bleeding stops.it feels like why get this birth control im bleeding all the time that i cant have sex anyways...its really light but every so often it gets heavy for a bit.i have been geting really bad headaches also only at night..what do u think..

I had the paraguard inserted and love it. I think that when people go on these boards, they should take into account that they are looking for things to get upset over. I know these are all real accounts of misfortunate side effects, but also note that there are many people without any. I am losing weight like a ballerina, my face has completely cleared up, and I have had no intense cramping with my periods. Now I do spot brown sometimes, but for the most part I never feel it unless I am being paranoid and try to find the strings. Otherwise, I would have no idea it was even inserted in me. Was the insertion fun, no. Am I looking forward to getting it pulled out one day, no. I m sorry ladies for all your terrible stories.

I've had Paragard for approx. 11 months now and I also have started experiencing stiff/sore hips!!! I honestly thought it was my bed or age but I'm starting to wonder now if there is any correlation. My cramping & bleeding isn't quite as bad now as it was the 1st 4-5 months after having it inserted, however, I'm still often frustrated about the "accidents" & frequent change of tampons, and the cramping when I'm not even on my period!! I love the convenience of not having to remember to take a pill every day (or having to pay $50/month co-pay) but all these other symptoms are starting to make me reconsider....

I have had Paragard for over a year now. The past 3 months I have had so much bloating it is disgusting. I have had so many tests done and they cannot find anything wrong. My weight has not changed and I have tried adjusting my diet to combat the bloat but nothing seems to work. I am very frustrated!!!

I would like to put in my two cents. I have had both iuds. I wore the Merina for over a year and had no problems on my end. I did bleed for 6 weeks and continued to have irregular periods as I always did. However, my sex partner told me in the beginning he could just feel it and that was ok, like a diaphragm. But as time progressed he started to get these small, painful rug burns on his penis and in the end I removed it for him and several months later we had a child together.
More time and a blighted ovum later, I had the paragard put in and while all the side effects seemed normal to begin with (like cramps and clots that rivaled afterbirth) now that more than a year has gone by my hips hurt at ridiculous levels. I eat ibuprofen like candy when I am at work and I think it is getting worse. I will call my midwife when I have made my peace with whatever choice I make about what will come next but until then I have to say I am comforted by seeing other women with leg pain up here.
It is there that I will go into the details. Mostly it is my right hip socket. When it is bad, like after work (I am a hotel maid) it feels like the pain rides this tendon down the first 6 inches or so of the tendon that is on the front of that hip socket. This makes it excruciating to lift that leg up to, lets say, walk or to lift that leg to cross over the other. Every so often the left joint joins the party along with a little more often the presence of familiar lower back pain from menstruation or early pregnancy.
Has anyone with the leg problem found relief following removal? Did anyone find the problems a coincidence? I would really appreciate anyone's story either way.
Regarding the other symptoms, I was already kind of fat for both iuds and I can't be relied on regarding weight gain because I don't live one of those healthy, active lives everyone else manages to keep up with. I have always had a little acne even though I am now 30 so that was nothing new. However, 7 weeks ago I quit drinking diet and regular soda and I have seen super significant reduction in acne. It did not hurt during sex but I was only having the first three months of my paragard before we broke up over the stress from the miscarriage
In a nut shell, this only overwhelms my mind when I am driving home from work in pain or having a bad day where the right hip joint is acting up. But when I do think about the pain, it freaks me out.

I have had paragard in for 3 months and I hate it im always bloated bad I get heavy heavy periods I can go out pr do nothing my husband can feel it during sex ( always wanting sex which he loves) I want to take it off but I don't want to risk getting pregnant I have 2 toddler girl and infant baby girl so I have my hands full im really questioning Wat to do (he says to take it off)

I have my paragard for almost 3 yrs now. Didn't notice a big discomforts besides more spotting, and more cramps. Untill a few months ago, the last 3 periods go to be precise, I realized, I have this super painful bloating that I didn't know it might be the side effect of Paragard. Told my husband about it also my doctor, but seems like they thought I was making things up. Changing diet, thats what they said. So, here I am, looking online doing my research for side effect about Paragrd that my doctor has not tell me before and thinking about removing it if I can't stop the bloating. Thank you for sharing your stories ladies.

I had the Paraguard for 11 years, this year I decided to try the Mirena, never had I experienced bloating until now. Except for the heavy bleeding with the Paraguard, I can honestly say I liked that one better than the Mirena. I hate being bloated all the time. I prefer Paraguard over Mirena.

I had the paraguard inserted 10/11 and although the procedure was quick it was uncomfortable. Similar to a contraction. First few weeks were ok and was anticipating a horrible 1st period but was not too bad, However, I have been bloated everyday and mild to severe sharp shooting pains intermittently. I have always been slender 102lbs ,4'11" but I have gained 11 lbs. the weight gain is only in my midsection. Coincidence? I don't think so. My periods are very light, hardly soaking a reg. tampon. Spotting for about. 10 days. I am going to give this 6months and then decide what to do. the reason I went on paraguard was so I can enjoy sex with husband and not worry if I get pregnant but now I don't even want sex because I never feel great. Definitely won't get pregnant because I'm not having sex. Tubal ligation.....here we come!!!!

I had paraguard put in about a month ago and Im still not sure if i like it or not. Ive been noticing random cramping (even when period isnt due yet), excess discharge that is pinkish in color, and the latest discovery is my hair is slowly coming out. Now im not sure if the hair loss is a symptom, but i have to say ive never noticed my hair coming out before paraguard was put in. Anyone experiencing the same problems??

I have had my paragard in for about 3 months. I had in inserted immediately following a miscarriage. I knew healing time would be extended and possibly more painful due to the fact I had just had a DC. I had been off of hormonal birth control for 2 years and was excited about using a non hormonal IUD. I was concerned about how the copper would interact with the natural magnetism of my cells and how my bodies natural immune response would react to having a foreign object made of copper in my uterus. The Dr.s assured me the only side effects would be increased cramping and bleeding during menstration and that it was proven safe. The initial recovery involved extreme cramping and bleeding so severe I was almost hospitalized three times. I would call my Dr.s emergency line and was told that this was "normal". Although now, 2.5 months later the heavy bleeding has subsided I still have brown to almost black gooey (apologies for the gross level) discharge every day and pass random dark clots. All of my underwear are ruined due to the constant spotting. My periods are not normal at all anymore and while before I never experience cramps or boosting I now feel like I'm constantly bloated and sporadically have debilitating sharp cramps. My sex drive is gone because I feel so gross. The spotting is not normal either, it has flecked of tissue in it. I too like many other women have noticed my hair thinning since having it inserted. I'm making an apt to have it removed today! I'm so sick of feeling gross, being in pain, and having no sex drive. Let's just say the Dr.s need too better inform patients of the actual side effects. The only reason they don't connect these side effects to the paragard is because when we mention them they dismiss it as unrelated! They need to quit "practicing" medicine and start working with patients' individual needs!!

I just checked my Paraguard strings and the string feels like its almost at the opening of the vagina. I have tried to feel it in the past and couldn't find it but granted I didn't dig around too much. Not sure, but I don't think the string is supposed to be that long and I can only feel one. The cervix feels slightly open too. WORRIED because had sex tonight and hubby and I don't need more kids. Should've checked before sex but didn't think about it, now don't know what to do. I have had IUD in almost a year now and have horrible heavy, long periods. And about a month ago I started having horrible right hip pain and about 5 months ago my hair started falling out. Like everyone else, when I asked my OB/GYN she said that is not a side effect. I'm thinking maybe they need to update their research. Any input on the length of my strings would be appreciated. Plan to have it removed as soon as they can get me in. Time for the hubby to man up and get the snip.

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i have had paragard for two years now and i'm not sure if it is because of paragard or what it is. but i have had problems with my period. such as heavy bleeding. or sometimes i wont bleed at all. i have trouble having sex with my boyfriend. the pain feels like if some one were to punch you in the stomach. i will even bleed after we have sex and i won't be on my period or even close to when i'm ready to start. my stomach is always really sore and i'm always bloated. im thinking about going and getting it taken out.if any one has had the same issues please let me know and if you know what could be causing it pease tell me. thank you

Ladies, The knee pain is not from paragaurd. It's very common for women to have such pain, especially in young adulthood.

I have the Paraguard with zero issues. And I even have a blood condition and take anti-coagulant medication. As a combined effect of the medicine and the IUD, I now have longer more frequent periods, but they are not heavy and it's been 100% a good deal for me with the Paraguard.

I have had the paraguard for 5 years the first 3. Years I was doing well .I then started having unbearable pain in my left hip thighs and leg.I went to my doctor who said I had a torn tendon which is usually found in athletic people which I am totally not so I went and got a second opinion and was told I have arthritis never the less I went with my gut feeling and had the paraguard removed and my pain stopped within a week of the removal and now I feel GREAT with no pain at all.

15 days ago I got the Paraguard inserted = HUGE mistake. not only was it totally awful going in, but the cramps that I was told "would go away" are still TOTALLY here with NO signs of letting up at all. not only are the cramps crippling to the point where I have to grab something until they pass, but I've felt like my uterus/stomach could pop at any moment because of how full and bloated I feel. my lower back is always sore. sometimes my hips/legs start to get tingly and achy...certainly not growing pains, i'm 30 years old (no children). i've been super irritable because of the constant pain it's brought me and can barely concentrate when I teach (i am a yoga teacher) or work during the day. life with the paraguard has been terrible and tomorrow i'm getting it removed. hoping to find relief in the very near future once this evil piece of metal is out of me. glad that some (mostly those who have squeezed out a baby or two) have found it to be fine for them, but for most (as it sounds) i literally feel all of your pain!

I have had two kids. I'm 34. I have no problems at all with the Paraguard. In fact, I forget to check the strings because I can't feel it and have no side effects. I've had it for about 6 months.

My amazing naturopath/midwife inserted it. Even this was not a big deal. I did take a large quantity of Advil to prepare for it though.

The stories of women who get pregnant with IUDs are worrisome to me. Happy with two!

i got paragaurd at age 37 and have experienced several side affects as well... i used to have a very light cycle that lasted about 3 days but it became so out of control and at times it was so heavy it looks like i was a gutted pig and lasted for over a week.
i never experienced cramping nor back pains until then and they would be so bad that i could not function until they subsided and the worst part was i started experiencing a strong/nasty odor (if i could guess what a decaying body smelled like it would be close to that)starting the day before and lasting until the day after my cycle.
as far as the leg and joint pains and stiffness are concerned they would come and go... i got so stiff it was difficult to walk i would look like a duck when i did and when i got flashes of pain it will make my leg jump(it almost felt like i got stung by a wasp from within)

I have had paragard for 7 months, I had the cramps first two weeks, and the pain, I was not too happy with it but I was able to work. I decided to keep it in longer to give it a fair chance, I am 42 and have had 3 kids, this is my first iud. I did have the heavy periods that lasted longer, I am extremely regular so my typical 3-4 day period was now 6-9... Not fun. But after the advised 3-4 months thi gs did settle and now 7 months my periods are back to pre iud with 3-4 days and super regular , almost to the hour I get my period right on time. I have not had any hair loss at all, and no joint pain I can think of. My biggest concern is the gradual weight gain, or the inability to lose ANY weight despite diet and excessive... Bust most upsetting is by big fat belly which I have NEVEER had... I look like the stage of pregnancy that you just look fat, about 5 months along, I hate it. I've always had a small waist and now there's is this side of pig hanging on my belly! I have been power walking 5-7 miles 3-4 times a week for a month now, and no changes in my fatness. I eat healthy very little fat or processed foods, have a protein shake day now and then, so I know it is not my eating habits. This may be what makes me remove this copper iud. I am not so sure the multimillion dollar "Paraguard" company, or the doctors really care to research or investigate these "insignificant" issues we have, remember ladies they are in it as a business, as long as they can sell their product they will. Don't wait for them to tell you it is not for you, that won't happen! I am concerned about the effect of the copper, so I will continue to research that on my one, also taking the magnesium and zinc along with lots of others vitamins I take I think have helped counteract the copper, I had some unrelated surgery on my nose and found that Bromelain and Quercetin are natural homeopathic remedies to reduce inflammation, so I continue to take those along with my probiotics. Truthfully, I refuse to take hormonal pills so this has been the best method of contraception for me thus far... I plan to do more belly fat reducing exercises hoping that will help... For all of you with many other side effects, please take VITAMINS! They help! Vitamin C, Calcium, magnesium, zinc, flax, probiotics, Bromelain and Quercetin are the most important! Hope this helps.

I have the para gaurd iud. I've had mine for almost 2 yrs in August. I am constantly nauseous, with headaches, weak, and fatigued. I've been to the emergency room 3 times and they're all telling me I'm not pregnant. What's the problem?

Hi, I have too have been experiencing problems with my paraguard. I had it inserted in May of 2011. Insertion was find, very little pain and almost no cramping after. I didnt correlate it at first, but shortly after getting the iud my tummy puffed up. I am very active and work out about 5 days a week. I am tall and slim but quickly gained 10 lbs. The funny thing is its all in my belly! Also, about a 2 months ago I stared getting extreme bloating which was painful and uncomfortable. Burbing non stop, which is unusual for me. Also started feeling nauseated after only eating small meals. I also get this fluttering feeling in my tummy. Very strange. Going to get a sonogram done tomorrow to make sure the iud is in the right position! Glad to hear others have had unusual symptons too and that I'm not crazy!

I had mine i inserted about 4 months ago and i have been so badly bloated, gas x works before meals for the pain. but i look three months pregnant, its ridiclous that they dont tell u this might happen. i cant wear dresses because i look pregnant and its embarassing!

Wow. I am so glad I found this and other threads all talking about the same things I've been feeling. My paragard was inserted in early May because I was tired of hormonal birth control. I thought it was the perfect solution and my insurance covered all of it but $15, so why not?

Since then, my knees have ached when I climb stairs, my hips are stiff, I can't lose weight no matter how much I exercise or how little I eat (and I'm on Weight Watchers and have a FitBit, so I have a record of my eating habits and activity - I'm not in denial!) and I feel bloated and disgusting. Around PMS time, I'd get really, really bad gas too.

Funnily enough, the side effects they did warn me about didn't really happen. My periods were slightly heavier and not much crampier.

I went in today to have it taken out. I told my doctor about all of the stuff I've been feeling and how I've found so much supporting information online. All she said was, "That shouldn't be happening. It's not hormonal birth control." It may not be hormonal, but there's something up with the IUD.

She tried to tell me the bloating and joint aches and gas were just part of my normal cycle. Like I don't know myself. I know when something is off with my body - please don't insult my intelligence by trying to tell me that I'm wrong. I know what feels normal and I did not feel normal with the IUD. Something seems wrong to me that so many women are experiencing the EXACT SAME THINGS and the doctors are looking at us like, "I have no idea what you're talking about."

I can't wait to see if I feel better, and I hope it's soon. Even if I wind up not feeling better, I'm glad it's gone and will be moving on to the diaphragm once I get back down to my pre-IUD weight.

Wow I have had my paragaurd 7yrs now. This whole pain in the left leg and hip thing creeps me out. For the past 7 yrs I have been having major problems with my left leg. Just recently I fell and twisted my knee and ankle real bad. I was putting on my shorts when my leg left leg just gave out under me. Happens to me a lot and the twitching and shooting pains. doc says Sciatica but was never tested for it. Now I think I may be pregnant. I have sore breasts and nipples fatigue headaches and pressure but it doesn't make sense. I spotted a few days after my period and then all this started. Took a test came out negative.

I got my paragard IUD inserted in may 2011 at the age of 24. The first few months I had it I loved it. (Before that I was on the pill and had issues with them making me feel dizzy.) My periods were very heavy but by july they had kinda of leveled off and now they are normal. I love having the IUD. But I feel like it is causing my joint pain. The condition in the past month has became worse. The pain is mainly in my knees and when I lay down at night. I also feel bloated most of them time now and I have lower back pain and cramps even when Im not on my period. Also, I have expeirenced weight gain...about 20 pounds.I do work out, not all the time, but enough to stay at my normal weight of about 145, which I had been since my freshman year of college. Now I weigh about 165 to 170 and have been charting what I eat and going to the gym daily for the past three months and I have not lost a single pound. I have an appointment on sept. 17 to get this thing removed.

This is so disheartening :( I just got my Paragard 2 days ago. I'm still cramping lightly here and there and somewhat fatigued. Lightly bleeding (more brownish) as I got this put in on the 6th day of my period. And I've read so much about the Paragard and to expect 3-6 months of my body getting used to this; allowing pretty much whatever to happen. But one thing that is already troubling me is the BLOATED feeling and distended belly! I was fine with it as long as it was going to "go away".. but reading that it may NEVER go away? *I am crushed*!! M mom & I just went shopping the day before I had it inserted, and it was exciting. I am a recovering anorexic. (was 94 pounds early last year, 103 early this year, and finally up to 112 now at 5'3".) But even that has taken some time to digest and "accept". i work out and lift weights.. also jump rope (which i dunno if i can do w/ this paragard??? :/ ) but if it's going to lead to *weight gain & leaves me *bloated.. I cannot do this! :'( #SO UPSETT !!!

Hello, I had the paragard inserted after 2 miscarriages about 3 months ago. It has been no fun because of all the cramping and bleeding, I'm having gallbladder issues and was going to have it removed next month. I say was because I hadn't been feeling well, like I was pregnant so I've taken 2 tests and they were positive, they were taken a week apart so I know it wasn't a false positive, so being pregnant I can't have the surgery as I was told by the Dr. I have an appointment tomorrow and I was told the first thing they'll do is remove it. I'm so not looking forward to it because the insertion was VERY painful and I was almost completely out of commission for a week so I know this is going to hurt, and I'm very worried about the pregnancy. My husband and I thought it would be great as we would t have to worry. I have a very demanding one year old and I thought this would help as I would not have to remember the pill every day. I hope all goes well tomorrow and will update.

I just got the Paraguard put in on Friday and the first couple days were fine but starting on Sunday night and especially Monday I became very bloated and uncomfortable. It did not feel like a premenstrual bloat, but like I ate something that my body did not agree with. And I have to point out that I eat almost entirely organic and whole foods and take very good care of my digestive tract...probiotic kefir, probiotic vitamins, plenty of spinach, blueberries, chia seeds...I am used to having my body feel completely harmonious. This bloat issue is NOT the norm at all. My stomach is visibly distended...and it does not seem to even be in the area of my uterus, but more where my intestines are. On Monday night, every joint in my body ached to the point that it hurt to lift my leg in order to roll over in bed. I was freezing cold and shivering violently. After a while I was extremely warm and then I sweated profusely all night long. The next day I did start my period, which was right on schedule...so I hoped the weird bloating would go away but it has not subsided at all. I usually have a very flat stomach not this distended painful one I have been experiencing and after reading these posts I am convinced that it is a side effect of Paragard and I want it out of me immediately.

I had the Paragard inserted on Tuesday. The bloating started almost immediately and by the time I went to bed I felt like I had just had a cesarean (I've had two) because the gas pains were so heinous. The next day I felt weird nerve pain up in my throat and onto my scalp. Then it started radiating down my arms and legs. It was worse when I was sitting and dissipated when I stood. I mentioned it to some coworkers who all had a bad experience with an IUD and I decided to have it removed. I got it taken out yesterday (Thursday). My NP blew me off. I'm sure she thought I was nuts but oh well. It is now Friday and the bloating is gone, but I still feel achy all over my body. I'm really scared that it won't go away. Can someone comment about how long it took to feel better after having it removed? This is super freaky. By the way, I have Hashimoto's disease and I looked up the symptoms of having too much copper and they were all the same symptoms as Hashimoto's!

Follow up: I went to an acupuncturist on Friday and he pointed out that the IUD works by creating inflammation in the uterus, thus making it an inhospitable environment. He said that the inflammation can permeate through the rest of the body. It has been 4 days since I've had mine taken out, and I still feel weird...but better.

I'm a 36 yo woman and I had the paragard inserted in April of this year. I had significant problems with hormonal BC (sickness, headaches, and messes with my voice - I'm a singer), so opted for this. I experienced the normal discomfort at insertion and my periods went from 3 days to 6. All expected. I did not expect my cycle to go from 28 days to 24, but not unbearable. What concerns me is a dull pain over my right hip and the fatigue. Also issues with recurring yeast infections, which is really bothersome and interrupts my sex life. Could this all stem from copper in the system? I'm 90% happy, but chronic fatigue and dull hip pain worries me....I don't want to poison my system. I've always been extremely healthy and this year I have been to the doctor every month.


25 y/o, 0 children, 1 miscarriage, paragard user since March 2011.

I got the IUD in March of 2011. The first six months or so, I regretted my decision because the cramps were awful. I, then, found out I have PCOS. I had always passed dry, fibery clots, nothing liquidy. I was put on progesterone and the pain became next-to-never. When I forget to take my progesterone during AF, I get a strong, stinging cramp once in a great while.

I got the IUD because my doctor wouldn't do a hysterectomy and I can't do hormonal birth control, and wanted something that would last a long time. I had miscarried a year before, and needed the reassurance that in case other barrier/preventative measures failed, I had a back up. We settled on paragard.

Initially, my body created a lot of CM which caused my ph levels to be off. I had a lot of yeast issues at first. After the initial six months (though I promised myself ONE year to let it settle in because it could potentially last up to 12), everything started to feel normal again.

Also, my doctor told me that while it is supposed to start working right away, to use alternative methods for a month or two to make sure that the IUD stays in place and I get used to how it feels when I check the strings. I wasn't even any where near being sexually active at the time, so I was completely fine with that idea.

I also use alternative menstrual products (moon cup). Many people are wary of this, and my doctor advised against it. I make sure my strings are around my cervix before inserting the cup so they don't (1) cause leakage and (2) cause the IUD to be pulled out. I've only had issues when adjusting to the IUD, but again, everything has a trial/error time.

I don't regret it at all. I love this thing. I LOVE IT

I am 29, have no children, and have had the ParaGard almost two years. I went with this birth control option for ease of use and the fact that it was non-hormonal. The insertion was extremely painful and cramps persisted for days after. I wanted to give it a fair try since all the advertising says the heavier cycles should dissipate after2-3 cycles. Well, after 2 years my period has gotten slightly lighter, and now is in the range of 12 days per month (down from 14 upon initial insertion but up from 5 with no IUD). I have severe cramps and bleeding each month, and given that I am regular, end up with menstruating about half of the time. I have not gained weight but feel the IUD is negatively affecting me. I am tired, have cramps throughout the month, and have to take way more Advil than I would like. In addition, my right foot is bothering me (pain in the arch) and continually getting worse. My reflexologist believes the Paragard is to blame. I have an appointment to have it removed in 2 weeks. I can't stand it anymore. I am not ready to get pregnant but the pain and side effects are not fair to my body.

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I have had my IUD for almost 10 years now - figures i'm just figuring out that it is related to my hip pain (or at least i think it is). Not even sure how I made the connection. Looking back my hip pain probably started right after i had the IUD inserted. I never made the connection, I had gotten a new mattress, thought I pulled something getting into my husbands low profile care, etc. I made an appointment with a bone guy - he gave me an x-ray. He found no arthritis or anything that would contribute to the pain I was having. I have to say I was probably lazy and I have a high tolerance for pain and never pursued finding what was causing my problem. I have lived with on and off hip pain for almost 10 years,besides heavy painful periods. But I must say that the heavy bleeding and cramping are probably worth the no worry birth control - i would have to rethink the hip pain. I still need to make an appointment to have mine removed, it needs to come out this year anyway. Just not sure what to do for birth control going forward. I should mention I'm almost 45 and it would be nice if i just didn't have to think about it anymore . . . I'll update the site after I have it removed and let you know if the hip pain was related.

I got my paragard a few weeks ago and I know I made a big mistake. I am always in pain from the hip and knee and could barely walk. I have to depend on others to help me sit and stand. I am bleeding so much that I have to have to use three pads and have to change them ever 20-30 minutes. I have been in the ER because of the pain and the inability to use my leg. This is so bad that I have fallen a couple of times. I live in an apartment and I need to depend on someone to carry me up the stairs just to get home. I finally got a appointment with the doctor and would have mine remove as soon as possible. Biggest mistake I ever made.

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Had the mirena first. It was HORRIBLE! After my 2nd daughter I had lost ALL the weight by 6 weeks. I was down to 135. Then I had the mirena put in and 2 weeks later I was up to 155! My doctor insisted it wasn't from the mirena. So I kept it in for a year. During that year it was a constant struggle with my weight. I had intense sugar cravings where I would wake up sweating wanting sugar. I had several knock you on your ass migraines a week where I'd lose complete vision and would throw up. Every other month I'd have painful ovarian cysts. I had trouble breathing, couldn't stay awake more than 3-4 hours and became depressed. It almost destroyed my marriage because between migraines, painful cysts, extreme exhaustion and constant pain, I basically lived in bed like a hospice patient. Then one day I found a chat board of all these women with the same complaints. I went to the bathroom, pulled it out myself and last a pound a day for 2 weeks and by 3 weeks was more awake, but it took another year to reverse the damage. I had basically become sedentary and lost all my muscle tone.

NOW I'm on the ParaGard. Not a single complaint. I will say that I've always had very heavy and very painful periods (I have endometriosis) so maybe I can't tell if the ParaGard has an effect, but even though they are still heavy, there is ZERO pain and cramping. It's very strange. I've never had a pain free period my entire life and if it wasn't for the heavy bleeding I wouldn't even know I was on my period. Oh... I also used to have a messed up cycle. Every 21 days and I'd bleed for 10 days straight. Now, my periods are 28-30 days and I only bleed heavily for 4 days then it just stops. Overall, I LOVE the paragard.

I got Paragard inserted 3 days ago ...cramping for the first day but immediately notice my body feeling weak and super tired I have 3 kids and God knows I need my energy...getting mine removed tomorrow... my body is not feeling the same with this thing inside me....

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I have had IUD for 3 weeks so much pain! hip and knee pain is new and I thought it was from my work out! It all makes sense now! I am fatigued and irritable and bloated with horrible gass. Getting it out tomorrow..pills here I come

The mirena made me gain a lot of weight even though I had it for only 4 months. I couldn't lose the weight no matter what. After a lot of research I stumbled upon this video: http://mirenadetox.com/mirena-weight-gain/ which helped me a lot with losing the weight and getting rid of my excessive bleeding, and finally made it clear to me that the mirena was the cause of all my problems.

I have had the paraguard for 4 years. I had 6-7 day periods before and heavy bleeding/cramping. My periods went to 8 days on paraguard and stayed heavy and crampy. Slowly periods have been creeping up to 10+ days and the last 2 months I have had spotting and sometimes bleeding after intercourse. I am very frustrated and considering having it taken out. I don't want any hormonal birth control but also not interested in having my tubes tied. What are the other choices??

Okay... I have had my paraguard for about four months. I've been reading these and now I'm paranoid. I'm sick half the time, no weight gain yet, hair not thinning that i have noticed, but still feel like crap. I'm 20, I've never had kids, or gotten close, and still in college so my husband and I were looking into the paraguard while I get my degree. I was fine at first, just the normal pain for a few weeks. Then for the past month or so I have been bloated a lot, he says there is a different scent for the past month, I've taken a bunch of pepto bismol, and I get shooting pains like really hard cramps. At a month it was checked and in the correct spot, but hoping to make an appointment soon to get it checked again. I really want to give it another month, but if it still feels like this i don't know if i can deal with having it for another two and a half years. Any advice?

I have paragard and my husband keeps telling me it hurts to have intercourse he says it feels like razor blades. What do I do?

I got the paragard nov 24th 2014 when I got It felt cramps still feeling cramps dec 7th 2014 Im also gassy an bloated evry bloated Im tired All the time Im bleeding in between my period an having body pain I dont want to take it out is there anyone with any advice.

I have had mine for over 10 years. Although, it has been effective there are side effects such has hair loss, weight issues, very heavy bleeding and severe bloating.

Just got paragard put in 6 days ago. I'm 29 and have never had children. The insertion was pretty painful and the cramping lasted a few days. Now the pain is sharp but not constant and not overwhelming. I can't decide if the paragard is poking the walls of my uterus and I should get it checked out or if it's just my body getting used to the IUD mixed with some light cramps. Did anyone have a similar experience and if so was the IUD poking or had pierced their uterine wall?

I had the paragaurd inserted over 3 months ago and am going to get it removed. Since it was inserted I had horrible cramps, lower back pain, lots of aches and general feelings of weakness and extreme fatigue. I also have been feeling depressed and emotionally reactive, which is not at all normal for me at all. I know it's hormone free, which is why I got it, but if something is hanging out in your uterus and making you have your period for 2 weeks it IS messing with your hormones.

Have Had the paragard for a year but having it removed next week. My uterus is very tender and it always feels like something is going on in there. I have cramping at all different times of my cycle, a heavy/full feeling, and general tenderness of my uterus. Not to mention the back aching and hip soreness most of the time. For a while I assumed that the back and hip pain were from carrying around my kids, but i don't remember the problem before the paragard. I also have sore joints. Not sure if it's all related to the iud or not but something feels off to me.

Just went for an abdominal ultrasound to have my Paraguard checked after 4 years. Recently have had a persistent although somewhat random lower back pain (feels like pregnancy back pain). Can't pinpoint the movement that causes it, but radiates down my right leg and ibuprofen does absolutely nothing to help it. My doctor couldn't find any indication of a nerve problem- hence the ultrasound. He ordered it specifically to check out the IUD. Been getting tired of the HEAVY extra long periods, spotting in between, and constant cramping...but now with this new back problem and suddenly feeling really bloated all the time, I am seriously considering getting it removed. I think I probably will regardless of what the test results are. Especially when I pointed out to the tech that her pressing on my abdomen where she said the IUD was caused pretty intense cramps like pain. I'm sure it does work wonderfully for some, but I really think this is the cause of my problems...A $500 out of pocket investment down the drain....

I'm having the paragard for 2 years now. I wanted to have a hormone-free and reliable birth control. Immediately after insertion, the advertised side-effects kicked in: heavier and longer periods and cramps. Since my periods used to be very light and cramp-free before, those new symptoms were still tolerable. About a year ago, I started to notice a stiffness in my lower back. Since then, it developed into lower back pain that bothers me mainly at night. Later on, a shooting pain down my left buttock and hamstring joined. I figured that I can curtail the pain by continuing to exercise, in particular yoga, which I've been doing since years. More recently, extreme bloating before and after my period joined. The bloating makes the back pain even worse and makes my hips feel sore. When I lie in bed, I sometime feel like my lower back would break! So, all in all I'm experiencing the exact same symptoms described by many women in this blog.

I'm preparing for the IUD to be taken out. Even though I have no proof that the other symptoms (back pain, hamstring pain, hip soreness, belatedness) are caused by the IUD and, unfortunately, most gynecologists tell you flat-out that those symptoms cannot be cause by the IUD, my body tells me that I need to get rid of it.

What would be helpful to me is to hear back from all those women who said in this post that they're going to take their IUD out and whether their condition has improved since.

Can anyone share her experience after IUD removal?


Sorry I am late to the conversation, but I just wanted to add something about my experiences in case it helps somebody down the road. When I got my first Paragard IUD in 2010, it wasn't easy. The insertion process was extremely painful, I was bloated a lot, my periods were long and heavy, and I would go from having PMS food cravings one day to feeling too nauseated to eat a day or 2 before my period through the first few days of it. I was also feeling really tired.
It turned out that I had become anemic. I didn't learn this until three years later after trying to find out why it was taking me so long to recover from pneumonia. The nausea and fatigue you're feeling could be caused by anemia. It can make your nails brittle, and for the women who experienced hair loss, that may have something to do with it, too. Once I started taking iron, nothing too crazy, actually just Flintstones with iron, my energy levels got better. And so did the nausea. The irony of the nausea and lack of appetite was that my go-to upset stomach meal, chicken dumplings, rice, and ginger ale, made my tummy feel better while not providing enough iron to resolve the real issue. (Probably because of the lack of vegetables, which I find hard to digest when I'm not feeling well.)
As for the cramps and the spotting, they started getting worse after I had the IUD for 5 years. I got an ultrasound and they found out I have four fibroids. Also, my IUD had slipped down toward my cervix. So I had to have it removed. They said either the fibroids pushed it, or when it was placed it slipped. This also may have been because I had it inserted on a heavy flow day. I got a new IUD about a month ago and this time, I had it put in near the end of my period on a much lighter day. It was still painful and I am having some of the old symptoms again, but this time I will be getting an ultrasound at my first follow-up appointment so they can make absolutely certain the IUD is where it's supposed to be. I also made sure to watch my iron levels and will be getting a blood test for anemia at my appointment.
I hope this helps!


I'd like to say to those on paragaurd, mirena or are on any type of BC, Just because your on BC doesn't mean your significant other has the go ahead to leave his "boys" in all the time. BC will help prevent it, in the case that he accidentally leaves it behind, but its not a guarantee. You should always consider the possibility that you might get pregnant on BC.

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